BF Classified: 1960 Ford Thunderbird Coupe

Seller’s Description: Ford created an instant classic when it introduced the Thunderbird in 1955, an icon of America’s post-war era of ascendancy. But with the second-generation “Square Bird”, built from 1958 through 1960 with a better ride, four-passenger seating and a selection of powerful engines, sales really took off. In fact, a whole new market segment — the personal luxury car – sprung from the Square Bird. With its gorgeous sculpted body, bold grille, lavish chrome trim, magnificent curved windshield, spacious and luxurious interior, console dashboard, and muscle under the hood, the Square Bird truly soars above the rest.

This particular 1960 Square Bird Coupe — a one-owner-since-new unrestored original in Raven Black acrylic lacquer paint with matching black interior (leather trim option), the 352 “Special” V-8, 300 hp, 395-lbs.ft. engine, original AM radio, power steering and a classic three-on-the-tree manual transmission — is a native of Denver, Colorado. This Bird has had only one home since Dr. Emil Massa purchased it new from Rosen-Novak on Colfax. Dr. Massa, from Cleveland, Ohio, came to Denver in 1960 to establish his orthopedic surgery practice at St. Joseph Hospital – and this car was a young doctor’s dream machine.

As a proper Coloradan of the era, the Massa Square Bird has aged gracefully without cosmetic procedures: while meticulously maintained, it remains unrestored. Accessories include original purchase paperwork, the original owner’s manual, and detailed service records.

The T-Bird was the first car of Dr. Massa’s collection, which came to include a 1968 Corvette and a 1962 Morgan Plus 4, as well as a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Cabriolet Series II. Ferrari built 200 of the 250GTPF Cabriolet Series II models from 1959 -1962. These cars featured the new 128F V12 engine and disc brakes. Dr. Massa’s was originally owned by Temple Buell, Jr., an active Denver car collector who ran the American Maserati racing team. Dr. Massa purchased the Ferrari from Buell in 1967 and drove it for 39 years. One of his favorite cruises was to Sant Fe, NM — 400 miles to the south through the mountains — to attend the opera.

But Dr. Massa’s daughter, Heidi Massa, remembers as a child in the 1960s the road trip through the mountains to attend the opera in Central City – not in the Ferrari, but in the T-Bird. She also recalls that during her father’s last days, one of his main concerns what would happen to the cars. He asked her, “Which is the best car? I think it’s the Ferrari.”

“No,” she replied, “The best car is the T-Bird.”

While Heidi quickly found excellent homes for the ‘Vette, the Morgan and the Ferrari, she kept the T-Bird under her wing. It is fully sorted, well maintained and runs perfectly. Now, the Massa T-Bird needs its second home.

Price: $$70,000
Location: Denver, CO
Title Status: Clean
VIN: MVM7733350262375

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