BF Classified: 1963 Dodge Polara


Seller’s Description: This is an excellent driving auto. It goes down the road just as cool as it looks. It has a push-button transmission, AM radio, power brakes & power steering.
This car was found a few years ago in a 4 car garage that was parked and forgotten about when parked inside in 1989 or thereabouts. I was hired to clean the property out and there was the car buried by lots of stuff.
When I towed it home & put a battery in & some gas it fired up. The car has lots of replaced parts so it is safe to drive. Parts are as follows: There is a new 2 barrel carburetor, new brake hoses & wheel cylinders-all 4. Also some new steel brake lines with a new gas tank & float & new sound deadener. Also replaced are plugs, wires, cap, rotor, Pertronix Ignitor Ignition Electronic Distributor, coil, master cylinder, alternator, 5 tires, oil filter, muffler, tailpipe, Battery, Leaf springs, water pump, in trunk volt regulator.
On the inside of the car on the front seat, there is a spot where the bench seat was sewn which has separated. The rest of the front is in great shape. In the rear on the top of back seat, the sun has destroyed it and the rest of the seat is excellent. The foam inside the visors have dried up & the headliner is gone. A crack in the dash and original carpet still remains as well as floor mats with some fading and a few holes. Also under the car is no rot. The Mechanic put it up on the lift and we both saw it is solid.
I believe it to be a true great survivor & when I roll all 4 windows down it looks & feels the best as I cruise on down the road.
This is a 2 owner car with me being the 2nd. I have the original bill of sale from the new car dealer where the previous owner bought it as well as other paperwork & Booklets.
The car is equipped with an AM radio, 383 Engine, power steering push button torque flight automatic transmission, seat belts & undercoating.
There is 1 rubber or plastic plug in the trunk where there is rust and I left it for the next owner to address.
I love driving this one around town. Its a lot of fun, tons of looks, thumbs up and so on the paint is up to you. I love it the way it is original. However, it is time to sell and move on to another automobile that I have.

Price: $5,800
Location: Springfield, MA
Mileage: 53,000 +
Title Status: Clean
VIN: G332152792

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