BF Classified: 1963 Ford Sprint Hardtop

Seller’s Description: My wife and I are selling one of our Falcons and we’ve decided to let our 1963 ½ Sprint Hardtop go. We got this Falcon out of Omaha in 2016 and it’s been a great addition to our collection. She is Sandshell Beige with Black Interior. She was originally had a 260V8 with a 3-speed on the column but now has a 289V8 with a 4-speed on the floor. We have done a lot of work on her since she arrived and she runs great.
Interior Improvements
• Replaced Door & Quarter Panels
• Replaced front & rear seatbelts
• Replaced the floor mats
• Refurbished self-adjusting-electric-clock

Exterior Improvements
• Paint repair and touch up
• Rallye Strip Installed
• NOS 14” Spinner Hubcaps (Not the Repops!))
• (5) 14” steel wheels
• (5) 14” whitewall tires
• Grille touched up

Mechanical Improvements
• Transmission Rebuilt
• Linkage Assembly Refurbished & Installed
• Replaced Driveshaft
• Replaced Inner & Outer Tie Rods
• Replaced Front & Rear Brakes
• Installed Dual Master Cylinder and Proportioning Valve
• Replaced Muffler
• Refurbished Horns
• Replaced Front Coil & Rear Leaf Springs
• Replaced Front & Rear Shocks
• Back-Up Light Switch Installed and Wired
• Installed New Sprint Air Cleaner and Valve Covers
• New top-of-the-line Car Cover

We were planning on converting the front drum brakes to disc brakes so I have all of the parts that you’ll need to do the conversion.

• Refurbished 1980 Granada spindles and calipers
• New Rotors and Brake Pads
• New Bearings and Oil Seals

Over the years, she has won her share of trophies. In 2017, she won a Class Award in the Stock 1963 Hardtop Class at the 2017 Falcon Nationals in Sacramento, CA. In 2018 she won Best OEM Stock at the Capitola Rod and Custom Classic Car Show, which was voted Top 10 Car Shows in America. She was also featured in and on the cover of the August 2017 issue The National Falcon News.

Price: $25000
Location: Morgan Hill, CA
Title Status: Clean

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  1. Winfield S Wilson

    Neat car. Kind of like a Mustang before the Mustang.

  2. Steve R

    Nice car. I hope they get their asking price.

    Steve R

  3. 370zpp

    Nice car and nice photos.

  4. Ted R. Pierson

    I live in Morgan Hill!

  5. Howard A Member

    This is a pretty cool car.It pre-dated the Mustang by almost a year, making it kind of the 1st pony car. Old story, but bears repeating. In HS, I had an older friend that was into Falcons. He had a 63.5, like this, only 6 cylinder, buys a ’65 Sprint, that I remember being pretty solid, and tore the motor and 4 speed out of the ’65 and, cobbled it into the 63, and JUNKED THE ’65 SPRINT! ( and then wrapped the 63 around a tree). That’s how it was then. These were just beaters. Look at them today. Very nice car.

  6. Brakeservo

    I dunno, 27 large for a Falcon?? Maybe it’s just me, but there’s quite a few other cars, including some with appreciation potential that I’d buy for that kind of money before I’d buy a Falcon. But what do I know? All my cars have steering wheels on the right side!

  7. FastEddie/OldEddie: pick one

    Am curious: in a few of the pices, the front wheels appear to be straight, but the RH steering wheel spoke is higher in position than it should be.
    What is the story: optical illusion, I need to get that cataract operation done asap, or is it rotated for some reason?

    Odd story: way back in the day, two elderly ladies were travelling the Queen Elizabeth Way, In Ontario, Canada, in a Falcon convertible, when a gust of wind picked it up, and flipped it off the road: the ladies were thrown out, and it landed upside down. The ladies did not suffer anything other than minor scrapes.

    • Bmac777 Member

      The pics were taken in 2 places
      The ones with the spoke pointing up are when the car’s on grass and in the others it’s on pavement

  8. Peter Hollinshead

    What a great car! Just add a teardrop spotlight on the top, centered over the windshield, and you can be Jo Bonnier whipping around the mountains on the way to Monte Carlo.

  9. tiger66

    Ride height too high with the new springs. Looks like the off-road/SUV edition.

    • Dave

      Nah, that’s the “you can run over roadkill without tearing the oil pan off” spring set. Quite popular here in western Pennsylvania.

  10. Jeremy

    Beautiful car. I didn’t think the Granada came out til 75? Maybe 75 Granada spindles? Always a fan of the ragtops. Why the engine swap? Was it numbers matching? Still a nice car!

    • DON

      Granada/Monarchs were built 1975 -80

  11. TimM

    A nice little car that is a driver that you don’t have to do anything but get in!! Most of the upgrades that I read seem to be practical maintenance!! There is stuff there that are upgrades but in my opinion it was the things you do to keep your car dependable!!!

  12. R.Lee

    Many of these cars were cut up and drag cars they became. I even think Hot Rod mag did a budget race car to see how fast for minimum cash. These cars look great with a tear drop hood scoop on them. Either air shocks in back or front straight axle gasser style skying the front end, no bumper or grill.

    It is amazing that this car has survived this long.

  13. Lawrence Dufresne

    This look like a cool Falcon they are getting rare well done

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