BF Classified: 1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire

Asking Price: $9,000
Location: Mooresville, NC
Mileage: 63,997
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 631C01947

Seller’s Description: This 1963 Oldsmobile F85 Jetfire. This was GM’s early attempt at a turbocharger car with its all-aluminum 215 V8 setup. Unfortunately at some point, the turbo has been removed and the car is a GM converted 2 barrel. This is a running and driving car at this point in time. The car was removed from a Phoenix backyard in late 2017. It has been brought back to life and is ready for the next owner to enjoy. The perfect Arizona sun patina took its toll on the interior and rubber of the car. The fuel system was flushed and cleaned. The engine was lubricated and pre-lubricated before turning it over for the first time since what appears to be 1988. With a good tune-up, coil, water pump, hoses, and belts she came to life with relative ease. The battery is brand new last week so it is good and reliable. The largest issue the car had was that it has a seized axle bearing from sitting in the backyard. You can also see how square the tires were at the time of pick up. The rear end has been rebuild with new bearings and seals. The factory 4 link setup has all new rubber bushings with steel sleeves. The rubber brake lines have been replaced along with the factory under dash Kelsey Hayes power brake booster. The brakes have been gone through along with shocks in the rear. The seats headliner and carpet have all been replaced. I know the era that the interior was disassembled because the stainless from the seats was in the trunk wrapped in newspaper from 1988. The door panels, dash, and console are all original to the car and in reasonable condition. The front bumper is not straight but the chrome is not bad. The brightwork and trim on the car is completely straight and in really good condition. The body is pretty straight and from the patina, you can see there is not a stitch of bodywork or coverup. The car is solid except for the rear quarters behind the wheels. They have some rust likely from how long it sat. The rest of the car is really solid. The wheels are painted with Plasti-dip so you can put the factory hub caps on the car if you would like. The tires are new Goodyear’s. You can drive the car as it is with a little attention, or this car would make a great LS swap car. Get in drive and enjoy with the patina, which everyone loves and always steals the show.

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