BF Classified: 1964 Buick Wildcat Electra 225

Seller’s Description: 1964 Buick Wildcat Electra 225 pillarless 4-door, 1 owner from new with only 33,000 original miles. This Buick has been sitting in a barn for about 30 years. It has not been started, or run in that time. We have maintenance receipts documenting the mileage.

Condition report:
Body: Covered in years of dust. The paint is original and where I wiped it off looks very nice. The chrome and stainless is pitted. I see no evidence of rust. The skirts are in the trunk.

Interior: The headliner has disintegrated and has fallen onto the seat. The seats look excellent but are sticky. They will require a major scrubbing. The car features some nice options such as power seats, power windows, and tilt wheel. Dash is in excellent condition.

Chassis: The barn is small so getting under the car is tough. I took the pictures in the gallery from above. I do not see any rust on the chassis with the exception of the 1 pic of the front cross member. I can not tell if its rust or dirt. All 4 tires are flat.

Trunk: Shows like a 5-year-old car. Excellent condition. The spare tire is blown. Jack is complete and looks excellent.

Engine: Looks like there has been some critter nesting. The AC is completely intact. We do know it was not parked due to a mechanical issue, but the buyer will be needing to completely recommission the drive train. On eBay, I mentioned that I was not sure if there are fines due. The owners sent me over the 2019 California Non-Cert and said they have 2020 so there should be no fines.

Location: Santa Ana, California
Mileage: 33,273
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 8K1150710

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

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  1. Skorzeny

    Why are these cars being repeated?

    • Josh Josh Mortensen Staff

      This one was actually written before the seller listed it as a classified, so it went out twice. We will link this one to the write-up, that way you can read our full take on this find.

      • Skorzeny

        Thanks Josh, I understand now…

  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    It looks like the headliner was long gone, and the roof coating (or insulation, or paint) has fallen off and landed on the back seat.

    Here’s another example of a lazy seller, sorry, but it’s true. I would NEVER have posted a photo of that engine bay with all the leaves. It turns off buyers in two ways…first, it looks like rodents have been in there, and maybe they haven’t, and second, there’s no way to see what the engine looks like! AND, clean up the stuff on the seats and vacuum the carpet!! OH, and take an hour to wash the car too.

    The whole as-found barnfind patina dust thing is dumb. This is a 4-door Buick, which I’d be interested in, if I could actually see what I was buying. But it’s not a highly desirable model, so the seller would be smart to take an afternoon and clean the car up, and put the car’s best foot forward. Dare I even mention that an afternoon’s work could get the engine running, and there’s another feather in the seller’s cap. But, it’s not my car to sell. To each, his own.

    • Frank J Capparelle Member

      @Rex Kahrs thank you for your observation, but situations are not all the same. Not everyone has the knowledge and or means to get a car ready to sell. This is a car that will require a very comprehensive re commissioning, and the seller is just not up for that. We feel its best to have a buyer take it out of the barn and do the said recommission from start to finish. The purchase price will reflect the condition.

  3. Maestro1 Member

    There’s no such thing as a Wildcat Electra. Why doesn’t someone on the sell side tow the car out, and put a hose to it? After a photograph as shown so we know the origin. If we can’t know anything it’s a $500.00 piece and very annoying. And I haven’t had my coffee yet.

    • fjcappy Member

      @Maestro1 I think your correct, coffee first, then type response. I’m glad the bidders and the callers disagree with you. answering the name. Its my fault. I went based on the registration and the vin. It looks like it was listed as a Wildcat, and also an Electra 225 depending on the source. Which should it be?

      • john taggart Member

        it is an electra 225 I had one the manual s set up for both the wildcat and the electra the models the totally different crtitters

  4. john taggart Member

    funny to see it billed as a wildcat Electra 225 It had to be either a wildcat or an Electra but there was never a combination o the two models under one name I had a 64 pillar less 225 the were like driving a small apartment and for their size pretty quick I was in college my dads car drove back and forth blew the doors off a lot of cars from the light going outta town on the 4 lane

  5. john taggart Member

    engine shows 445 but that was torque not hp manual shows Wildcat Cat Electra 225 but that was the same manual for both models

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