BF Classified: 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special

Seller’s Description: If you are reading this ad you already know that Cadillac is another way to say style and luxury. And you also know a ‘65 Fleetwood is going to turn heads wherever it goes. I won’t waste your time with the history of the company or evolution of their design style (although it’s a good story)… You want to know about this gem for sale, so here goes:

I was told that I was the 3rd owner of this car when I bought it in 2012. It looked about like it does now and that was due to the previous owner leaving it parked in a hay barn for the previous 30 years. It was a time capsule. The original 429 cubic inch 340 hp engine did not run and the Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission didn’t have much oil left in it. The front seats and carpet were frayed and worn, the brakes were shit, and where the paint wasn’t sun-bleached it was worn down to the red-oxide primer. But, none-the-less it was an imposing monster of a car and I wanted to own it and be seen driving it.

So, I towed it over to my shop. Rebuilt the carburetor, changed all the fluids, adjusted the valves, put some new gaskets on the engine, new wheel cylinders on the brakes, and probably a few other things I can’t remember. Then I threw a blanket over the front seat and within a week I was cruzin. Since then I also replaced every, brake component (wheel cylinders, master cylinder, vacuum booster, hard lines, soft lines, shoes, springs, everything but the pedal)

The roof was the worst looking part of the car back then, due to all the red-oxide primer showing through. It looked rusted even though it wasn’t. A friend of mine offered to do free custom lace paint job. How could I say no? It’s as good a lace job as I’ve ever seen, and should have cost me thousands, it’s not my style but it may be yours. If not, it’d be easy enough to remove.
I have driven the car a little over 5,000 miles the last 8 years. It has been a great car for me. I just have too many other projects so I am never going to get around to finishing this one. I also have too many other cars and motorcycles so I don’t drive this one like it should be driven. It deserves better.

Brass tacks on what it needs:
Tires (these still hold air but they are old)
Battery is very old
Alternator is on its way out
I noticed a noisy exhaust when I drove it around for pictures, (probably some gaskets)
Oil change, transmission flush, rear end oil, lube the chassis, coolant flush, just change all the fluids
Valve cover gaskets are seeping a little bit of oil, transmission pan leaks if it sits too long

New paint
New carpet, seat covers, wind lace and rubber seals, door panel recovering and other little interior trim repair. The interior is ugly.
Detailing and painting under the hood
Electrical repairs to the A/C and blower motor. That’s right, factory A/C in 1965. It’s a Cadillac!
The right electric wing window doesn’t sit proper in the rubber frame
The electric windows are touchy and usually work, but not always from every switch
The steering wheel is not horrible but not great either.

The great thing is this car is a blank canvas (minus the lace job on the roof). It is close enough to go back completely original, but far enough away to customize completely. Color change the interior and/or exterior. Why not, all needs redone anyway right? Thinking factory original restoration? Lots of the original paint and cloth left to match. Drive it as is. Hell with a few good hours of work this beast would be ready for the road again. But with restored cars bringing $20k-$45k and well-done customs and lowriders bringing even more, why not put a few bucks into her?

If you want more info than this book, more pictures, want to know the best way to give me money, or want to make me a not scam related cash offer, just call, text, or e-mail; I’m Mike.

Price: $7,000 OBO
Location: Lebanon, Missouri
Mileage: 47,017
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Listing: Here on craigslist

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