BF Classified: 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero 500 XL

Seller’s Description: 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero 500 XL, 289 small block with a manual 3 Speed (on the floor) transmission. The majority of the body has been lightly sanded and lightly primered to prevent exposed metal from fading original paint.

It has its original bucket seats, radio, and all it’s chrome badges and panel strips (removed to prevent damage to them). Repairs that were done include replacing the front shocks, stabilizer link kit, power steering hoses, front, and rear-wheel cylinders, and axle seals. Small rust spots on the body were treated and primered. The tires were replaced and have very little wear on them, so they are like new.

Mods that were added consist of a dash cover kit (floating – not glued on yet), Flowmaster 40 Series dual mufflers and headers. Also included is an extra hood, a cowl induction fiberglass hood that needs patching (has a crack) that is included with it. Other mods include a Grant steering wheel (still have original for restoration), a racing tach on the steering column, and an aftermarket open air intake.

It needs to be painted, needs a new radio antenna, and a new headliner, as well as very minor bodywork (small dents). The original center console needs replacement also. It was cut by the original owner in an attempt to install AC.

Price: $7,000
Location: Valley Center
Mileage: 78,765
Title Status: Clean

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