BF Classified: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

Location: Kankakee, Illinois
Mileage: 32,000
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: This car was featured on October 23rd here on Barn Finds and had several errors caused by a lack of description in the auction listing. The car sat over 30 years in a barn in central Illinois with 4 other vehicles. The deceased owner for over 30 years was working on the car to give to his daughter, as was told by the neighbor as we spent 9 hours extracting vehicles from 2 buildings. The interior was eaten by raccoons that took up residence in the barn. The barn appeared to have been looted several times. IMO if you start at the back end and stop at the front bumper everything on the car needs to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. The matching numbers 327 engine does not run. I put 3 tires on the vehicle to load it on the trailer. In the one photo, the rear end sits high because the tires are tucked under because the car was jacked up to change tires. The car was last titled in 1973, but was wrecked later. Going by the age of the tires on the car when I got it would say the miles are probably correct. The spare tire in the hanger under the rear of the car is new and appears never to have been down. The frame looks to be solid. Have included a photo of the title to show it matches the engine. Have included several new photos from your original posting to choose from.

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