BF Classified: 1968 Plymouth Fury

Seller’s Description: This beautiful Mopar has spent its entire life in the Bozeman, Montana area, always garaged and well cared for by the same family. In fact, every 1000 miles it was taken in for an oil change and lube! Comes with the maintenance logbook going back decades. Regular waxings kept the paint in great shape, and the interior is in spectacular condition. The original owners were an older couple, so the back seat wasn’t used (the seat belts are pushed behind the cushion), and for many years it was driven only by the widow. Her garage required her to climb in the passenger door, so ironically, the only wear on the front seat is on the right side. Other than a little wear on the carpet there also (see photo), the interior is a time capsule, as is the trunk – complete with original mat, spare, and tools.

The car comes with a 318 V8 that runs like a top, thanks no doubt to the fact that it’s always benefited from fresh and clean oil, and provides plenty of power (220hp). Needs nothing mechanically: great power brakes, power steering, front end, etc. Flies down the highway effortlessly. Good heater, wipers, lights, etc. Perfect glass and door seals, headliner, and door panels – not even a worn-out armrest.

Outside the car rides on Toyo radials with plenty of tread left. The chrome bumpers have a mirror finish, and the paint has recently been touched up and buffed. There is a dent in the quarter panel on the right rear, which is clean enough of a crease that a trained body man (not me) could easily make it look a lot better. For some reason, that quarter panel also rusted at the bottom edge, but thankfully, it’s a flat panel below the body line so it could be replaced without much metal fabrication. Other than that, there are two small rust spots as shown in the photos.

The gas gauge does not work, and the horn worked recently and then stopped, not sure why. Other than that, the car needs nothing to begin enjoying immediately. This would be a great entry-level classic for someone, especially if they want to pile a ton of kids inside. Still, this is a modern car with safety features and the capability to keep up with traffic no problem or take a trip without being restricted to the right lane.

Phone calls only please, and if you miss me please leave a message, since I get a lot of spam. If the ad is up it’s still available, and I don’t need any help selling it. $5,750 OBO 406-594-3075

Price: $5,750
Location: Belgrade, Montana
Title Status: Clean

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  1. CCFisher

    Looks like a nice, honest cruise night car. It’s a Fury I, correct?

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  2. Jcs

    The gas tank doesn’t work. Hmmmm

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    • Eric

      That was supposed to read, gas gauge does not work. The tank is fine

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      • Dave

        Easy fix. IIRC, the sender unit is mounted on the side of the tank that faces the rear axle. First test is to remove the wire from the sender and check for a pulsating DC voltage. Second test requires a helper to watch the gas gauge while you *briefly* ground the wire. Third test is to remove the sender unit wire and use an ohm meter on it.

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      • Terry Bowman

        I had a fuel gauge a long while ago that did not work. I did all the tests, then put some gas in the tank and it started to work again. LOL

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    • Rob


  3. Quintin Torsen III

    We had a maid that drove one of these when I was a kid. Dad kept telling her to park it out of site when she was at the house. She kept forgetting and my parents got tired of friends seeing it near the house. One day she just wasn’t around anymore. Hers was blue.

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    • John Q Public

      Really? I like the car, I bet that poor woman was proud of her car too.

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    • Joe

      Just because she drove a Plymouth was no reason to have her hide her car!

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      • Quintin Torsen III

        In my neighborhood, well, yes, the car needed hiding. Besides, Dad was her boss, why didn’t she listen to him? Mother said there were other reasons too, but bottom line, we were in charge, she should have listened and kept her pedestrian car around the back of the garage, not out front. That is the way the world works. Some people are in charge, some are not.

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    • Tripp

      Nice parents.

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  4. Arby

    Nice car.

    Passenger was apparently heftier than the driver…

    • Rob

      The widow had to get in on the passenger side, thus the wear on the right

  5. Stephen Miklos

    My father had a 68 Fury 1 ex-hiway patrol car from NJ. It was blue and white with a 383-4 under the hood dual exhaust and it was fast. Got my permit first car I drove. Power brakes used a 4 piston design back then. And yes it stop real good. P/S easy to drive and Fun to drive had the round un-silence air clealner. I miss that car. 🚓

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  6. Comet

    Those “small rust spots” would quickly become softball sized rust holes after a few pokes with a screwdriver, rivaling the rotted out quarter panel.

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  7. Neal

    We had one of those when I was a kid growing up for a bit. It was a hand-me-down from grandparents in the mid seventies. Darker green but so similar to this I think. Smooth car. I think it ate itself when the fan jumped off one day and burrowed into the radiator. Probably a fairly easy fix, but back then it meant that it was probably done.

  8. K. R. V.

    I had one that looked almost exactly like this one, except mine was all green, in an out. That was an ex-State Police Cruiser that a local Commander had for his personal car. I guess it was called. A Fury I Sports Sedan, that had no pilar post like this one also. But instead of a 318, mine had a 440/4 brl with dual exhaust! HD 727, with Posi Trac rear end, I’m not sure of the gear ratio, but at 70 mph the tach I added read only 2,000 rpm’s! But was still able to lay two ten foot black patches down when power braking it. That car was an amazing driver, very comfortable with deep well controlled suspension, especially with the helper springs an torsion bars cranked up, with the HD Monroe Max shocks I added. Because I was in Colorado, with all the snow that falls there at the foot of Pikes Peak, I was sure to have a complete set of four Firestone Town&Country Snow tires, mounted all around in the largest size I could get, that was H70-15 front, but 10.5-15 rear, truck size that fit tight but fit. The car was almost as good in the snow as a Toronado I had later in life! Especially with the studs in the rear tires. My friends and I drove around the mountain roads like the Dukes of Hazzard! It was like a beefed up 4dr RoadRunner! The only drawback was OPEC! When overnight gas went from $.32/$.35/gal—$.50/$.60/gal! At least till dam OPEC II!

  9. Rob

    They use salt in Montana? (rust through)

  10. Phlathead Phil

    Was this make, model and year of car used in the T.V. series “Dragnet.” ???

    It looks familiar.

    “Just the phacts ma’am, just the phacts.”


  11. Phil D

    Back in the day, most Fury I sedans were found parked along expressways — just over a hill or behind a bridge abutment — with a radar unit hanging out the window. Most “civilians” drove the less pedestrian Fury IIs, Fury IIIs, Sport Furys, or VIPs.

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