BF Classified: 1971 Dodge Challenger With 20k Miles!

Seller’s Description: Original Paint Challenger

Price: $38,000
Location: Alto, Georgia
Mileage: 20,000
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

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  1. 370zpp

    Years ago I briefly had one identical to this as a loaner from the dealer for a couple of days while my mothers’ Coronet was being serviced.

    I beat the crap out of it, loved it, and hated to give it back to the dealer.

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  2. irocrobb

    It seems everyone wants a hemi or 440 but to me this would be a really cool summer driver. I probably would want a set of ralley wheels or magnum 500s though .Otherwise just leave it alone .
    Everything back then was green including the grass.

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  3. Jcs

    A/C “may just need a recharge.” Give me a friggin break. This phrase should be outright banned for eternity. Shows a seller with zero integrity in my book, proclomations of “I never tried it”, “I never had it looked at” and/or “I never needed it” notwithstanding. All total B.S., especially when dealing with a car as nice as this one.

    “A/C inoperative, problems unknown” pretty much covers it – provided that it is obvious that the basic equipment itself has not been removed.

    Rant over. Sorry, pet peeve.

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    • Ricky Matthews

      I agree. I hate when someone says this. Im in the A/C business and hear this all the time. The a.c does not “burn” refrigerant like agasoline does. If its low, it has a leak.

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      • Ken Jennings

        Yeah, but sometimes it is just a slow leak and a little Freon would hold her for quite a while. I had a buddy who back in the day of 79 cent Freon cans, used a few cans a summer, much cheaper than a shop like yours. I really miss those days.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      No apologies needed. If it just needs a recharge, then recharge the system. Simple as that.
      Right now, I have a mid 70’s GM that probably needs a new or rebuilt A6 compresser. There are several options from several places. Cost will be $600-$950 depending on what route, and that is with labor. I converted to 134A and it worked well for several years.
      If I sold it, I would tell you be prepared to spend money, or drive as is, it is a convertible
      Licensed dealers have to inspect a car – brakes, etc.
      A realtor has to do some legwork before a showing. Flipping a house, well, there are whole channels devoted to that practice, and that always involves work.
      So…to do nothing to a vehicle but adjust the price and being vague about the item for sale – never mind any due diligence- well, that insults our intelligence.

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    • TimM

      Jcs I know where your coming from!! It’s never that easy either! When you loose the charge the low pressure switch opens and needs to be replaced!! They do not reset and close again so it has to be replaced!! Before charging a vacuum should be pulled on the system and it should hold in a vacuum for at least a half hour!! If not the receiver/dryer needs to be changed as well along with finding and repairing the leak!! With all of this being done now comes the real fun!! The A/C in this car is an R-12 refrigerant system and you can’t get it anymore!! So now you need a drop in replacement or the system needs to be retrofitted and the expansion valve needs to be changed along with the oil in the compressor!! R-12 takes mineral oil all new refrigeration systems take polyester oil!! Not an easy fix by any means!!!

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  4. Bryqn

    As soon as I see “A/C recharge” I know the seller is sketchy.

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    • CJinSD

      The lack of a declaration of engine displacement is also a bit sketchy. My father actually purchased a 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 2-door hardtop new and thought it had a 318 ci engine for the dozen years that he owned it. He then gave it to my cousin, who put 265,000 miles on it before fixing it stopped making sense. It was some time during my cousin’s ownership that we learned it actually had a 273 ci LA V8. Somehow none of the places that worked on it ever brought up that it wasn’t a 318 and all the parts my father installed himself worked just fine. I’m still not sure exactly why that was considering that a 1966 318 V8 would have been an A-series with polyspheric heads, the 318 LA similar to the 273 not arriving until 1967.

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    • Cav427

      They actually removed a seat to reveal the build sheet yet do not know if the air works?

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      • Cav427

        For 38K I can get a new Mustang GT, faster, handles better and the air would work (but not as much pinache argueably.) Nice car, probably needs a little work, new cam and UTG (Uncle Tony’s Garage) treatment on the heads and block of the 318 Mopar and be a little fun, not at 38K though…

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Cav, if you get a new stang, 2 of your 3 friends will have to stay home or follow u in another car! Never seen 2 adults (fit) in the back seat of a modern stang or camaro.
        Like the ’71 chally & 1st & 2nd gen camaros & birds & javelin, the ’65 stang did have room for 4, else it would not have been a part of Ford’s Magic Skyway ride.

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      • Cav427

        Hey JoeNYWF64, you are right, I have a new one. Also, a lot more room in the backseat of Challenger, 65 Mustang or any 1960’s era care for that matter. Perhaps that is why the birth rate is approaching 0 or below in the US?

  5. Mark

    Great car. Love green cars….better yet green cars with green interiors.
    Fantastic car. No resto-mod, late model Hemi, Air-ride, oversized wheels or the ridiculous “murdered out” look (kids were doing that decades ago with model cars when all they had was 1 can of Testors).
    Just swap out the wheelcovers with a period correct same size set of wheels and drive it as is.

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  6. Connor

    Oh neat, this was posted on Craigslist about a week or two ago for $22k and sold pretty quickly. Might make the negotiation easier for a potential buyer :)

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Thanks for telling us that, Connor. If I may ask, did that Craigslist post have the engine size listed?
      Thanks again for the heads up.

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  7. mIKE

    oh my god… its . g r e e n ..

  8. JCA

    Nice car but for $38K you can get an RT that you can actually drive instead of have to look at it in the garage for fear of adding miles. Seems more like a $25k car to me

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  9. Ron

    Yeah, it’s low mileage but nothing special enough to make most anybody want to part with $38k. Whoever gave $22k for it a couple of weeks ago paid about all it’s worth.

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  10. Karl

    Boy that is a plain Jane one, since no engine specs I would guess it is a 318? Did cars like ever have a 6 cyl in them? Is that is another possibility.

    • Mike C

      A good friend in high school drove a slant 6/3 speed 1970 Challenger. He still has it almost forty years later.

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  11. Hans

    It is funny reading these comments. What is the engine displacement? You seriously don’t know by looking at VIN, sticker and Broadcast sheet, pictures… that this is a 318? How can any group of car enthusiasts get so hung up on the fact that the AC on a 50 year old car does not work and a charge may not be all it needs 🤔? Someone commenting that 22k is all this car is worth apparently has never worked on surely never owned an Ebody, probably does not know what Ebody even means. Just interested to jump on the bandwagon and talking trash about something they have no idea about. Show me a rust free, original paint and interior Mopar for sale for 22K and I will buy it in a heart beat. Wonder why this one sold so quick on Craigslist… My very first and last post on this site.

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    • JCA

      Bye Felicia

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    • TimM

      See ya!!

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  12. Doug F.

    Can’t believe I’m the only one to comment that he took the time to decode the fender tag, V5F: Body Side Stripes, Green. If it is original paint, then where are the body side stripes, Green?

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  13. George Mattar

    Hey Cav427. Guess what. New Mustang ac compressors last about 3 years. I work at Ford. Total junk. And new butt ugly Mustang GTA cost far more than $38,000. Average is mid 40s to $52.000. Horrible to work on as well.

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    • Cav427

      My last GT, a 2014 Lasted 88,000 miles before I traded it in, no major issues and it was not babied. Basic maintenance was easy, however when you add headers it is a royal pain (most Ford’s are.) A New Mustang GT with a 6 speed can be had now for arround 38,000, order one and don’t load it up with options, or look around (You get X plan or A so it is even less for you and 0 percent.) Although the automatic is faster, and more convenient I prefer Manual. Love a variety of cars, just don’t see the point of a 220 HP challenger with automatic for almost the same money, no warranty and needs the air fixed. Never thought I woulkd get razzed for owning a Mustang by a Ford Employee on a classic car forum talking about a Dodge in need of minor repairs and overpriced!

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