BF Classified: 1971 Gilbern Invader Mk II


Asking Price: $14,000
Location: La Vernia, TX
Mileage: 11,000
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 1248

Seller’s Description: Sharp eyed readers will note this vehicle has been featured here before from when it was in a Bring A Trailer auction or perhaps a Craigslist ad. That former link is here:

1971 Gilbern Invader MkII 4-Speed

There are many, many, many photos there as well as some videos and written details that should accurately describe what the car is all about.
Updated information: I have fitted an electric fuel pump which has solved the hot start/vapor lock issues, I have had the u joints replaced and driveshaft balanced which has solved the high speed vibration issue and I have drained and refilled the differential and transmission and have pretty much eliminated fluid leaks. It still drips a little gear oil at the tail shaft of the transmission so may require a new seal there at some point in time. Most of the comments when this was featured here last year seemed to revolve around the car being RHD. It is true it is RHD but I think the fear of this is overblown. I have had several RHD vehicles over the years and have never had an issue with it from a safety concern. Sure, it would be awkward in a drive through or toll booth situation without a passenger but you shouldn’t be going to drive throughs as fast food is bad for you and why would you want to be on a tollway they’re no fun. I suppose being on a two lane country road stuck behind a large semi truck could be a challenge to pass safely without a trusted passenger spotter but how often do you encounter this scenario? Me? Never. Anyway, the US Postal service uses all manner of RHD vehicles and there doesn’t seem to be any complaints from them. There is no trick to driving RHD really, takes maybe 10 minutes to get used to it. I think the other few comments were on price. Sure, I was trying to recover what I had spent on it and importation costs. Looks like that won’t happen. Now I have a project demanding an infusion of cash so I am here giving the selling effort another try. One should consider that this is the only one of this type (to the best of my knowledge) in the US of A. So if you want to be the focus of attention at cars and coffee this is your ride. Yes you could purchase one for about the same price or perhaps a little cheaper in the UK but importation costs will run you somewhere between $3500-$5000 to get it here (I was at the upper end of that range as I lived in Washington state at the time I brought it over). Of course you are welcome to ask any questions you may have. I live about 45 minutes from the San Antonio airport and can easily pick up someone from there if they want to inspect in person or fly in and drive it home.

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