BF Classified: 1972 Saab 96

Seller’s Description: Good basis for a vintage rally car. It has a fly-off handbrake, genuine Cibie fog lights, a wood-rimmed steering wheel, and a shift knob. Accessory gauges have been added. A valve job was performed on the engine which included hard valve seats. The car has all new clutch components and the flywheel machined. The body is straight and dent-free. The interior is fair with the driver’s seat split. The rear seat was removed and a platform installed.
Now for the bad. It has rust. The bottom will need to be replaced. Photos illustrate. The passenger door has some rust on the bottom. There are 3 or 4 small areas that are bubbling. This car was a daily driver until the clutch hydraulics failed. The slave cyl is suspected.

Price: $2,500
Location: Lawrence, KS
Mileage: 51,625 Shown
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 96722015212

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