BF Classified: 1974 Fiat 124 Spider

Seller’s Description: After losing my storage spot for my Fiat, I gave myself till the end of the summer to finish restoring it and if it wasn’t done by then I would list it for sale. While I still have some warm weather left this year, I’ve got a baby on the way, so I know I won’t have the necessary time to finish it. Rather than let it rust away, I’d like to see it go to a good home.

It’s a project, but this little Fiat has a lot going for it! I’ll get what it needs out of the way first.

It needs lots of cosmetic work. The exterior needs paint, new rubber gaskets, new turn signal lenses, and the plastic chrome is flaking off the tail light housings. The bumpers and most of the trim is off and need to be reinstalled once it’s painted. It will also need a set of round marker lights installed on the front fenders. I deleted the American spec rectangular markers and found a used set of round markers from an 850, but they aren’t in great shape.

The other area that needs a ton of work is the interior. Everything is present, but the dash needs work or to just be replaced. The carpets are ok and could probably be reused, but a new set would clean the car up a ton. A previous owner cut the stereo console to put a CD player in it. I pulled it out to tighten down the dash and never put the console back in as I don’t need a stereo when I’ve got the twin-cam exhaust note, so I don’t know if the player works now, but it did a few years ago. The gauges all seem to work, except for the clock. The original seats were in poor shape, so I pulled them and put a set of rally-style fixed-back buckets in it. The driver’s side is mounted on new rails and works great, but the passenger side needs to be bolted down. I left it unbolted to make more room for all the parts that I have for it when I relocated it from my house to our office. Both seats are sun faded but are otherwise in great shape. A previous owner cut out the rusty areas in the floors and welded new floors in. The work wasn’t pretty, but they are welded in and sealed, so they seem to have held up well.

Speaking of rust, over the past decade, I’ve made sure to treat any surface rust that I’ve come across. I also cut out the rear fender lips, as they had a few holes in them. I MIG welded in replacements and they are still looking great. There might be rust that I haven’t seen underneath the rocker panels or up in the shock towers, but I haven’t noticed any signs of corrosion in either area.

Now for the good, it runs and drives great! The engine was replaced by the previous owner with a brand new 2.0-liter long block. I have the receipts from the shop that installed the engine, plus lots of other receipts. When they put the engine together, they mounted a 1.8-liter head to the 2.0-liter block. This required a few small modifications to things like the pulley cover but resulted in a higher compression engine. I don’t know exactly how much power it produces, but it’s peppy and has no issue keeping up with modern traffic. In the past year, it’s developed a small oil leak at the oil filter mount, but a new gasket should fix that. Since it’s been parked, I’d recommend replacing the timing belt before putting many miles on it. The engine fires right up, idles great, and sounds amazing. I’ll be sure to upload a video of it running so that you can hear and see it in action.

Prior to moving it outside, I installed a new vinyl top, as the old cloth one was starting to show its age and I didn’t want water getting into the car. It’s not the nicest top out there, but it does the job and it looks good.

I have all of the original parts that are currently off of the car, plus some extras that will come with it. Besides having the original bumpers (split rear!), I have some spare exterior trim and a complete windshield with chrome frame. Transporting the glass might be tricky, but you are welcome to it and I’ll do my best to load the car so nothing gets damaged in transport.

Since I haven’t driven it much in the past year, there might be other issues I’m not aware of, but I will try to drive it a bit and if I discover any new issues, I’ll be sure to update my ad.

I really have enjoyed this little Italian and learned a ton fixing things on it. I’ve owned it for over a decade and it’s traveled with me from Wyoming all the way to Boise, Idaho, but it’s time to move it along to someone who will finish and enjoy it. If you have any questions about it, would like photos of specific areas, or want to make me an offer, send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Price: $2,500
Location: Boise, Idaho
Mileage: 60,740
Title Status: Clean

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