BF Classified: 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Seller’s Description: This is a one-owner car bought new in San Antonio in 1977. I bought it from the original owner back in January and it had been sitting in their garage since 2009. It took very little work to get this Monte Carlo running and driving. New tires, brakes, fuel pump, fuel filter, oil, and filter, etc. it runs and drives fine.

The major complaints would be the transmission, paint and bodywork, and interior. The transmission shifts fine although it does leak when sitting and it will shutter under load at higher RPMs. The dash pad needs replacing and the upholstery is in fair but usable condition. There are some areas of rust that need attention, but nothing major.

Price: $4,500
Location: San Antonio, TX
Mileage: 77148
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 1H57U7R464731

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  1. nlpnt

    The rear quarter window looks super awkward, like it needs some chrome trim. I guess Chevy was really expecting an astronomically high take rate for vinyl tops and only offered them without to advertise an artificially low price.

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  2. Stevieg

    This would gave had chrome around the back window, with the word chrome being taken with a grain of salt. It was a cheap piece of plastic with chrome look tin foil glued to it. The tin foil wore away & the plastic fell off. Very cheap but looked okay while still on the showroom floor.

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  3. Chuck

    I owned one of these back in 1978. Very spacious backseat.

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  4. Vince H

    I had a 77 with the Landau top. It only had the 305 but was ok for normal use.

  5. Dick Thompson

    I see cars listed as one owners but the listing if from the 2nd owner. How can you say it is a one owner when you admit it is not?

  6. S

    This car, particularly because it has the stacked headlights, and is burgundy red with a burgundy red cloth interior – reminds me EXACTLY of the car that Jamie Lee Curtis and her friend rode around in in the movie “Halloween”. The only difference is that car had a white vinyl half-roof. It was almost exactly the same car!!

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  7. Charlie H

    My 1st wife and I bought a 76 here in Maine that was purchased originally from Courtesy Motors in El Paso. We had it repainted and insisted that the dealer plate on the trunk stay on the car. It had 160K on the 305 when I sold it in the divorce liquidation. Loved the swivel buckets! Great car but now since I’m a Pontiac guy I’d have to go with a Grand Prix.

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  8. JoeNYWF64

    Non centered/too short front seat headrests are 1 of the dumbest things ever, considering they have to do with safety.

  9. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Not a one owner car if the seller bought it in January. No premium pricing just because you snuck it away from them. We want to hear from the original owner about the history of the car and that is why “one owner” means so much. Price way out of line for this in the condition it’s in. These still appear in the back lots of tote the note car dealers in 2020 for thousands less. A faded flower.

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    • Ted Mathis

      From owner: Hagerty has an average price for this vehicle at $10,500. Admittedly this car is in fair condition. Even if fair condition required 50% off of average then I am still well within a very reasonable asking price. And your concern about the one owner claim has been duly noted.

      • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

        Best of luck with the sale. Another nit to pick would be the definition of “fair.” It was sitting for eleven years, but I see no mention of suspension work, or replacement of soft parts that degrade over ten years. The transmission leaks when sitting and shutters under load — so not a trustworthy turnkey car. That could be fixed and you might be able to double your asking price. Like many on this site who have been buying used cars for half a century, I scrutinize ad claims with a fine comb before laying down the cabbage. Granted, the Monte Carlo name is no more, and these are a classic (but dated) design so there will be someone who just has to have this last of the full grown Montes.

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  10. SteveK

    Loved these cars. Parents had a 1974 and then a 1977. Both Landaus. The 1974 had the 350 and the 1977 had the 305. For what they were – at the time, very stylish and spacious cars. Pretty good drivers too.

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