BF Classified: 1977 Dodge W-200 Military (M882)

Seller’s Description: I have a former military W20/200 Dodge. 1977 4×4 318/auto. Was originally a military truck (M882), acquired by a police department, and painted white with blue/red stripes. When I bought it a couple of years back, the administrator told me he had been there for over 10 years and it was sitting in the same spot when he got there. To his knowledge, it hadn’t been touched in all that time. The title shows that they didn’t put many miles on it. I suspect the damage to the windshield may have caused them to park it without further investment. I brought it home and parked it with my “projects” and just recently got caught up enough to tinker with it. I pushed it into the barn, pulled the plugs, oiled down the cylinders, and let it set. After several days I repeated the oil-down of the cylinders then attempted to turn the engine over by hand. It turned very freely. I put new plugs in and then recalled that I had bought the truck without a key. I had a local locksmith make me a key. After pouring a bit of gas down the carb, I hit the key and the truck started right up. The engine sounds pretty good. The body is really decent for the year. Both front fenders are bad between the wheel and door but repairable, one small rust hole in floorboard (on both sides, see pictures) near where the seatbelt bolts through the floor. Due to its career as a communications vehicle, there are intentional holes here and there from the antennae mounted during its military service. A heavy-duty pipe bumper and grille guard on the front, heavy-duty step bumper with pintle hitch on the rear. Underbody looks way better than my 2002 Dodge and is built much better with extra strengthening support additions. It moves forward and reverse under its own power. I haven’t attempted to engage the 4-wheel drive. To prevent causing potential problems with old gas and/or debris, I by-passed the gas tank and allow the fuel pump to feed directly from a gas can to ensure clean fuel. It’s on “roll around” tires just for the purpose of moving it around here, no intention of taking it on the road. I view it as the beginning of a decent, solid project for “the next guy” to take whatever direction he chooses. (One of my grandsons wants me to be that “next guy” but I already have more “projects” than I’ll ever get finished.) As a result of factory rust-proofing per government military specification MIL-C-0083933A [MR], the bed and rest of the cab is pretty good (see pictures), in my opinion. When it was demilitarized (and “de-cop-ified”), the front parking lights were removed as they were set-up with some sort of strobe that wasn’t civilian-friendly. The left rear tail light lens is missing. There is an extra antenna mounted on the roof (from police service). The paint job is showing the OD green through some of the areas of the truck, especially the hood (see pictures). The plastic on the dash is brittle and has holes in it from sun damage. The floor of the cab is bare with no covering. The entire inside cab area is OD green. The seat covering is brittle and has typical wear and damage associated with a truck over 40 years old that had sat in the sun for 10 years (see pictures). The glass is good with the exception of the windshield which will need to be replaced (see pictures). The actual mileage is currently under 37,000 miles, verifiable by title. I just backed it out of the barn this past weekend under its own power, no leaks on the barn floor. Moves forward, reverse and stops. The price is negotiable. If interested, please feel free to email or call. If you email, please put DODGE TRUCK in the subject line. (937)524-4274

Price: $4,500 obo
Location: New Madison, OH
Mileage: 36666
Title Status: Clean
VIN: W24BE7S215217

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