BF Classified: 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Colonnade Sedan

Asking Price: $10,000
Location: Danbury, CT
Mileage: 24000
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: 1977 oldsmobile cutlass s colonnade 4 door sedan

This 77 Cutlass was purchased brand new from Fair Cadillac – Oldsmobile in Danbury on 10/31/77 by the current owner’s uncle. Armed with the 4 bbl 350 V8, the car put out roughly 170 HP (compared to only 110 HP from the lower level 260 V8) and it drank a bunch of gas.

As 1979 rolled in and gas prices were spiking again, the uncle said, “she’s a bit too thirsty, we’re relegating her to only Sunday drives to church and the grocery store.”

She was driven into the 80’s by the uncle and then parked in the garage she was recovered from.

In 1999, the current owner inherited her and he went over to gaze upon the car he had been in before but had almost forgotten about. She was dirty, dusty and hadn’t been started in many years. He put some new gas in her (back then the gas didn’t have the ethanol and would last much longer), jump started her and she ran like a top. He would start her at least every month, but seeing as the car was located in the next town over, as the years went by, every month waned and it became a couple times a year to a point where over the last 10 years, was only started a few times.

With retirement, the current owner decided to give her a new lease on life and get her up and running, cleaned, detailed and took her out on the town. All the memories came back, but the draw isn’t enough to keep her in the family and he knows that someone other family will enjoy creating new memories with this budding classic car.

The original window sticker and RPO code invoice are still with the car.

In the last 46 years, but primarily in the first ten years, only 24,500 miles have been put on the odometer.

The options she came with are:

Deluxe seat belts (over shoulder), soft-ray tinted windows, side moldings, vinyl roof, power steering, power brakes (discs F-drums R), driver side mirror, floor mats, electric rear window defogger, AC (seemed to be blowing cool .. but, probably will need to be charged with R12), 2:41 axle ratio, deluxe wheel discs (hub caps), TH350 automatic transmission, AM/FM radio with 1 rear speaker, rocker panel and wheel well trim and the convenience package (visor vanity mirror, and lamps under hood, in the trunk, glove box, a courtesy lamp and a map lamp).

This car still has the original tires mounted and they’re in fabulous condition. Tires were made differently back in the day and I’d bet these are fine for local road use.

After her recommissioning, which included a tune up, carb clean, oil change and new gas, she fires right up, runs great and drives like a 70’s era 4 door land yacht. If pushed, she exhibits some minor pinging, but that can probably be cured with some hi test fuel.

The paint (Brown Metallic code 69) is original and was simply cleaned and buffed. There are some unfortunate light scratches and minor chips in the paint from many years sitting uncovered in an active garage. A full color correction would eliminate many of them.

The interior (trim code 18 – Light Buckskin) is practically showroom condition, with some minor wear on a couple of gauge bezels and a crack in the driver door trim. The vinyl still has that new car vinyl smell, I can’t believe it!

As the parameters for a classic car change each year, the once maligned “cars of the mid 70’s” are now gaining popularity and are welcomed and enjoyed at car shows and cruise nights across the country. This 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass S, with 4 barrel V8 power, can become a fun family cruiser and is a very inexpensive entry level car.

Asking price is $10,000, however, that number is negotiable.

Any questions, for many more photos and video, to schedule a time to see her in person or to make an offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for the interest!

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