BF Classified: 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Seller’s Description: 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 4 speed. Remarkable survivor discovery – preservation class contender.

Laid up nearly 30 years ago and untouched. Paint refinished over 35 years ago, interior, engine compartment, etc all as built-in July 1979. This is an Ohio built car.

Since discovery in July 2020 the car has been cleaned and remains untouched. The purple velour and check interior, carpets, seatbelts, dash are all finished as new.

Stunning original condition with a 4-speed transmission.

Recently passed Province of Ontario mechanical safety certification with flying colors. Only “discovery” tires changed to brand new and 2 brand new rear shock absorbers. All items have been kept and are with the car. The title still in the first owner’s name. Original key ring and various books and information.

The car is officially ready for the road!

When discovered the ashtray was – and still is – full of cigarette butts and cassettes were in the glove box and still are.
Original jack and space saver spare wheel and gas canister and all road tools. Untouched and unused.

Professionally cleaned and decades-old paint fantastically restored by leading auto detailer who featured the work on their Instagram story.
Very difficult to imagine another preservation class survivor in such condition with so many untouched original features.

Price: $17,000 OBO
Location: Ontario
Mileage: 59,000
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 627438

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  1. Superdessucke

    I suspect that “purple” interior is a black standard cloth interior that has sun faded. Rims were not originally that color but, rather, body color. Grill emblem is missing and rear antenna isn’t original. No under hood or undercarriage shots to tell us what’s going on there.

    Beyond that, looks pretty legit. Interesting time capsule! Not sure if it’s worth 20k but

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    • Superdessucke

      it looks like an interesting survivor! (apologies for the incomplete sentence).

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  2. John

    Many thanks for your input. I will get some engine and chassis shots uploaded. Regards the rims we had them refinshed when the tires were changed and that is exactly how we found then so didnt want to change that part of the cars history. All else as found. I have the grille emblem. Real intereting what you say about the seats!!

    If you check out @buff_daddys on Instagram you can see how it was when we got it.

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    • Superdessucke

      I’ve owned two of these, a 1978 and a 1979, so I know them really well. I’m pretty sure you’ll find that the seats were originally black. They match the pattern of the 1979 standard cloth interior and the package tray on my E36 M3 that I just refinished looked exactly like this, and it was originally black. Black cloth for some reason turns purple over time due to UV light. Strange but true.

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    • bill tebbutt


      Any chance the original owner was a Mark J, from Owen Sound? If so, I have actually been in this car, in the day!

      • John

        Wow – that would have been amazing. alas its a family in the Niagara Falls Ontario region!

        shame eh?

    • David Ulrey

      One odd question for you. Why leave the butts in the ashtray? I’m a loooong time smoker and it seems like that wouldn’t be pretty. I’m sure the smell is long gone or long ago soaked into the upholstery but I’m really curious about that one.

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      • John

        Thanks David. The car was/is such a time warp and had features as it was last driven 30 odd years still intact like the cigaretts and the cassette in the player and 3 in the glove box that we wanted to preserve that moment in time as a real true discovery. That must be almost uniqie in 2020 to find a 41 year old car frozen in time…I want to say King Tut…but to be fair its more Marie Celeste….

  3. 370zpp

    The loaded ashtray is a curious choice for use as a selling point.

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    • Chris M.

      Lol!!! Very unique approach to marketing indeed! Those are ’82 Marlboros!!

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    • Matt G

      Like if you are looking at a house for sale that says “Toilet remains unflushed! Exactly as left by the previous owner!” Nice car otherwise though.

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    • Superdessucke

      Guess I’m one of the weird ones who thinks this is a cool touch. People rarely smoke in cars anymore, and they use their ashtrays even less. Cars don’t even come with cigarette lighters anymore, or at least my last three new cars didn’t. So it indeed highlights the vintage nature of the car.

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    • Hound59

      A pic of cigs but no engine bay……..

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      • John

        Hi Hound59

        I have taken engine pix this AM and contacted the site to get them uploaded.

        Watch this space

    • mjf

      My thoughts as well.

      I think not!!

      • Chris M.

        “Boy that old Chevy really smokes!”

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  4. Jack M.

    “The car has been cleaned and remains untouched.” Wouldn’t the cleaning include the ashtray? I bought a used 1978 Camaro Z28 back in the late ’80’s.It was owned by a heavy smoker. It took many bottles of Spray Nine to get the smell out of the vynil interior. Good luck with the cloth.

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  5. John

    I understand that for sure! We are lucky as no one had smoked or been in the car for 30 years and its smell free totally. As part of the cleaning/detailing they ozoned the interior for 2 days. We left it as it was to outline the “time warp” nature of the discovery. If you look to see @buff_daddys on instagram you can see how they did it. Thx.

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  6. MoePoe

    Looks like this one sat outside for a while during its salad days. Seats faded, dashpad is faded and cracked in the middle. Interesting car, but a bit of a tired girl that needed some TLC. And yes, dump the ashtray, clean it and put some clearcoat on the inside of it.

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  7. Scott

    Seriously, you have my permission to empty the ash tray!!

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  8. Tony R

    Tony R . Downunder OZ
    Great authentic find .
    Geez You Yanks Gripe And Whinge At The Littlest Things

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  9. john hugh

    gutless.. nose heavy…. overpriced

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