BF Classified: 1980 Lotus Series ll Esprit

Seller’s Description: I have owned for 32 yrs and always garaged. I am 76 and don’t have the strength,Arthurites, to keep it up and appreciate the fun and uniqueness. Last run 8 years ago following a carborator rebuild. Car is all original except previous owner repainted. It needs brake cylinder, slave and master cylinder rebuild plus fabric brake lines. Dunlap tires look good but wouldn’t trust. Interior looks all original and all instruments functioned 8 yrs ago as did all lights and electric windows. No rips or tears in or of interior. No rips or tears in the body. No broken glass. Engine ran very strong.

Price: $10,000
Location: Mystic, CT
Mileage: 42,278
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 0248S

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  1. Chinga-Trailer

    Sorry, but nothing in this listing or photos inspires any sort of confidence or even desire to check it out further.

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  2. Bruce

    I agree, I wonder why the person painting this car spent the effort of using a spray system when the results look like it was painted with a brush. Painting the black rubber bumpers is a sin. Especially as they expand so much that the paint will wrinkle or crack.

    There is mold in the interior. The price is way to high. This is a total or near total restoration case. Anything over $5000 is too much. This is also one of the slower ones. Handling is just as good but they do not have the power to match the looks.

    Before you tell me I do not know what I am talking about I am working on my S2 Europa that sits next to my 1989 Esprit in the garage. I have worked on many Lotus in the past. Even if the engine is good and the transmission is good I be the clutch is frozen onto the flywheel, the gas tanks (yes 2 gas tanks) are rusted and the interior might be able to be saved but from the photos I do not think so. Just because it is inside does not mean it is away from the damp.

    This is a total restoration.

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    • Steve Bush Member

      No, Kyle, I’ve tons of pics of Esprits and even a few in person, although I’ve never driven one. I was making light of the seller having about 25 pics in his ad, yet not one shows more than a small section of the car. I was taught that when writing a news article or an advertisment, you always assume people don’t know anything about your subject, so you at least give them the basics such as a few pics of the entire car you’re selling.

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  3. Steve Bush Member

    Seller wants $10k yet tells us very little about the car and includes perhaps the most useless set of pics ever. I had to goggle the car to see what one looks like.

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    • Kyle Allen

      You seriously didn’t need Google to know what a Lotus Esprit looks like right?

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      • Fletch

        If the seller had taken a few halfway decent pics we wouldn’t need to resort to Google to see what this particular year looks like. I like the Esprit, but I don’t know what the model year changes were over the course of their production run.

        Given the photos I am seeing here, I certainly wouldn’t consider laying out $10k. The seller would be well served if s/he could get someone to help them roll it out of the garage to get a few decent pics. This looks neglected, which is not inspiring for an old, low volume, British car.

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    Maybe pull the pictures off into a printer and tape them all together to make a car picture….?

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  5. John Walsh

    If this were a right hand drive and in the UK, it would have been snapped up by now. And at 10k. Thats a steel.

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