BF Classified: 1980 MG MGB Roadster

Asking Price: $13,500
Location: Middletown
Mileage: 45750
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: 1980 MG-B Roadster – Overdrive

This is a three owner car, that has been in CT for her entire life.

The first owner had her from 1980 until roughly 2010, the second owner about ten years and the current owner bought her as a Covid Escape Pod in 2020, so he and his wife could get out and enjoy the outdoors, top down, wind in their hair.

The previous two owners took very good care of her and when the current owner purchased her, she only had a couple of small spots of rust on the dogleg and lower front fender. She was also all original and had only 44,000 miles on her.

He and his wife drove her quite a bit in the first two years they had her, but then the last two years, she’s hardly been driven and so they’ve decided to move her on to a new owner.

In the time they’ve owned her, the carb has been rebuilt, both doglegs and lower front fenders have been replaced and painted to match the BRG original paint, the fuel pump was replaced, he replaced the carpets, driver seat cushion (he has the passenger seat foam, just never got around to installing it), new stainless exhaust, valve cover gasket and has done an oils and filter change.

The top had been replaced when they purchased the car.

The 1800 series 4 cylinder engine runs a 5 main bearing crank and will spin easily up to 6000+ RPMs, however, with the single Zenith carburetor and air pump, you’re lucky to see 75 HP/90 lb ft or torque. However, with a weight of just over 2000 lbs, the car does feel rather peppy.

The 4 cyl puts the power to the pavement via a 4 speed manual transmission, this one armed with a Laycock electronic overdrive unit, which drops the the rpms by about 20% when in 4th gear. Makes highway travel and speeds over 60 more than tolerable.

The wheels and tires also make quite a difference on these and this B is running 15″ VTO Mini-lites wrapped with Goodyear Eagle Sport radials in a 195/60 R15 size.

Power disc brakes in front and drums out back bring the little B to a halt.

Nothing else is power in the car. All electronics work correctly; the overdrive works, the lights, high beams, blinkers, brake lights, heat/fan, wipers and all the gauges.

The vinyl top is operated by hand.

The car starts right up with two pumps of the gas and runs a drives great. Acceleration is what it should be, and sitting only a few inches off the ground, any kind of spirited driving is exhilarating. Brakes work well and bring the 2300 lb car to a stop easily.

The transmission shifts well and aside from me tickling reverse on a down shift, makes no noises.

Overall condition I’d say is a low 2. Rust free all over, only a few minor paint chips, the interior is in great shape with only a small cut on the upper left driver seat.

She could very well nab a trophy at a local car show.

The MG-B is a great start into the collector car world. They’re inexpensive to purchase, maintain and own. They perform well and are fun to drive, parts are VERY easy to source. There are also numerous MG and British car clubs out there.

With this car being in the upper crust of rubber bumper MG’s, the asking price is $13,500

Any questions, for many more photos and video, to schedule time to see or to make an offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest!

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