BF Classified: 1982 Fiat Spider Turbo

Asking Price: $4,000
Location: Fall City, WA
Mileage: 48,736
Title Status: Clean
VIN: ZFAAS0087C8188495

Seller’s Description: Seller stored indoors on casters since 1991. Turbo-specific rims are in great shape. Rear wheels removed for photos for ease of rolling car into different positions on casters.
At approximately 35-40k miles, the turbo was rebuilt and a one-quart canister added as turbos of the day tended to overheat if not allowed to idle for a while before engine shutdown, which was very impractical. The canister would drip cooling oil through the turbo bearings for cooling.
The body has very little rust. Interior upholstery is in good shape, including the cover used when the top is down.
Mice set up shop in the trunk and glove compartment, but only chewed up the bag used to store the top cover. There is bite damage to the rear window area from early years of storage, most likely from a cat, but they didn’t go beyond that.
Car is understood to be one of 700 turbo models.
Factory service manual (3-ring binder) included.
The factory stereo was replaced with a pull-out unit, speakers, and a motion sensor alarm system installed in the late ’80s.
The rear sway bar is bent from a tow driver’s hook used to move it from one location to another in 2001. The front plastic spoiler is missing a section. The trunk lid is a little wrinkled around the emblem like many are due to the thin metal while closing the lid.
The seller was rear-ended, the car was properly repaired, but trunk lid paint has faded at a different rate than the rest of the body, which needs new paint anyway.
Right rear fender chrome has peeled off but saved.
The seller has preserved the car as a retirement project but has come to realize it’s just not going to happen with another convertible at his disposal.
Open to offers. An old coworker paid $1,000 for a set of Turbo rims about ten years ago, so there is parts car value at a minimum for a buyer. However, the seller will part out only as a last resort.

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