BF Classified: 1983 Ford Ranger

Seller’s Description: I purchased this truck in 2006 from the son of the original owner. At the time the truck had about 51,000 miles and I was told that this was the true mileage because the truck never left town. However because of its age, DMV issued the title saying true mileage unknown I spent the next year or so fixing and restoring it, and then I drove it regularly for a few years. The truck has been parked inside for many years now. I put 2 new batteries in it last year when I first listed it for sale. At that time I did a test drive a short distance, the truck ran, drove, and stoped fine.
The truck has the 2.2L 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine, 4-speed manual transmission, and is rear-wheel drive. The truck has power steering, manual windows, and does not have a/c
when I got this truck the tail housing of the transmission was broken, I found another used broken transmission and was able to make one good one from the two. I had the seat reupholstered, new carpet,
the truck was originally blue and I kept it blue when I painted it. Also, I put new wheels and tires on it. The tires are still good but the wheels have started to rust.
Issues with the interior are the cracked dashboard, one piece of trim missing from one of the door handles, and the radio I put in it quit. on the exterior there is a small dent in the passenger side of the bed above the wheel well, there are a few nicks and bubbles in the paint. the bed liner I sprayed on got scratched off in a few spots. The engine temperature gauge stopped working, I put an after-market one in but it does the same thing, gage will peg all the way hot right after you start the truck like there is a short somewhere.
I installed a grease car kit in this truck but never really used it, I ran 5 gallons of canola oil I purchased at the store to try it out and it worked fine, but never found a good source of used vegetable oil.
when I installed the grease car kit I also put an electric cooling fan in to replace the original one
Right now the grease car kit is still in the truck but the wiring harness is unhooked from the battery and the truck is set up to only draw fuel from the diesel tank
I built a custom exhaust header that started out as a turbo project that ended up as just a plain 3” exhaust. The truck comes with 2 shop manuals, a grease car kit book, extra transmission parts, and an original 2” exhaust manifold

Price: $6,500
Location: Winchester, CT
Mileage: 81,071
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 1FTCR10P2DUB90744

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