BF Classified: 1988 Citroen 2CV

Asking Price: $9,500
Location: Bangor, Maine
Mileage: TMU
Title Status: Missing

Seller’s Description: Due to the purchase of a 1950 MK VI Bentley, “She Who Must Be Obeyed” says that 10 vehicles are too many, something has to go. It pains me to sell this car, it’s cute as a bunny, fun to drive, and scarce as hen’s teeth. It was sold as a 1988 (hence the UK plates) but the local registration folks couldn’t find Citroen, so they said it must be a 1989 Maserati! It’s registered as a 1989 Citroen 2CV, but we paid excise tax at the Maserati rate. It wasn’t worth trying to argue with them for a few bucks!

We imported this car from England 3 years ago, so its Right Hand Drive, which is quite rare on its own. We have had it repainted yellow and black, installed all new seat covers, a completely new exhaust system, a new black rollback roof, new fuel pump, new tires, new brakes, new shocks, and on and on… It’s a car that you can get in and enjoy, it will do highway speeds (60 – 65mph) but is just a blast to drive on winding country roads, and is very comfortable at 55 mph.

These pictures were taken after sitting in the garage since last Fall so she is a little dirty, but you can see from the reflection of the trees and sky that she is pretty shiny. Is it a show car? No. Is it 100% accurate? No. Is it fun to drive? You bet your butt it is! Do you get a lot of looks? Oh yes, and thumbs up, questions, whistles, and people wanting to look in it.

The good:
All the above plus, new fuel sending unit, new coil, new carpets, new battery, and new seatbelts.
The engine (all 2 cylinders), runs like a sewing machine and uses no oil.
It has an original owners manual plus parts and a service manual. And I think we have a sales brochure too.

The bad:
We have not installed the new headliner. It just glues onto the metal framework above the doors, so it isn’t a real headliner, but it’s in the trunk and included.
The rear seat belts have not been installed. I ran out of time and energy last Fall.
The doors have outside hinges on them like the older cars. Not authentic for this car, but it gives it a really cool old fashioned look.
Some minor blemishes here and there, but she’s over 30 years old…..

Mileage: not a clue really. The odometer says 5,500ish, but I doubt it is true. It certainly isn’t 105,500, but who knows what it really is. Maine is not a Title State for older cars, so it’s sold with a Bill Of Sale.

This is a fun car that you can drive home with, but since we are at the end of the world up here, I will throw in a commercially made car dolly if you want to tow it home. Feel free to come inspect it.

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