BF Classified: 1989 Citroen 2CV

Seller’s Description: Nicely refurbished 2cv. Has a newer chassis and paint. Motor and transmission work and sound like the km are original. Seats were given a nice upgrade in fabric and suspension. Correct older Michelin tires. Original top is faded but still seals well. The 602 cc motor and front disc brake 2cv is the one you want for being able to enjoy on most roads and highways. I am selling for a customer who has a clear title. I am in the NW Chicago suburb of Barrington and feel free to contact me about the car.

Price: $12,000
Location: Barrington, IL
Mileage: 67,000 KM
Title Status: Clean

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  1. SourPwr Member

    It’s got ugly built into the product line. It’s so ugly it’s, it’s almost —- no it isn’t it is just plain ugly.

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  2. Mike

    Roll down windows? Nope, hinged windows. The French gotta do it different…

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Driving one of these is close to an out of body experience. Nothing else like it.

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  4. steve sammut Member

    $15k is a good chunk of money for any used car, but especially for 2CV. Granted, this one appears nice based on the 4 pictures, but couldn’t more pictures be posted? Just a thought….

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    • John Manders

      15K indeed is too much, better deals out there….

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  5. DavidL

    This is beautiful! Did it look this good when it was first sold new??

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  6. John Manders

    Nothing like common sense to get from A to B.
    Forget your hurry and all those horsepowers.
    Just relax and enjoy.
    It’s rather like driving a Magic Carpet.
    Owned 3 of them in the past besides the Dyane upgrade.
    Loved them for around the house and to shop….

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  7. John Manders

    Oh yes, I am also in to Studebakers…..
    anyone out there to sponsor me?
    Lost my last one – a 1960 Lark hardtop to some scoundrals, only the dashboard left, now hanging on the wall.

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  8. Matt G

    I have always found these to be charming little cars. That interior really takes the concept of “no frills” and runs with it- I mean there is plenty of room on that dashboard, and yet it still gets basically a bicycle sized speedometer- love those door hinges- am having trouble seeing the string though for pulling the windshield wipers up and down! Actually kind of refreshingly unpretentious compared to the swaths of carefully chosen plastic textures and touch screens that adorn the interiors of cars these days.

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  9. JoeNYWF64

    This thing made the rest of the cars in “American Grafitti” look even better! Imagine Falfa, Milner or even the Toad trying to cruise in Dreyfus’ car.
    3 lug nuts – r u kidding me?!

  10. Dlegeai

    This is a great example of the 2CV; year before last made, great color and all around solid looking with low kilometers; reasonably priced as well. To the ones who question the 3 lug nuts: why have more if it works with only 3?
    Good luck to buyer and seller

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