BF Classified: 1990 Ford E350 Camper Van

Seller’s Description: E350 Ford/Airstream camper van- low miles and well maintained- all systems in good working order- giddy-up and go camping- cross country or in the backyard – this Camper has been lovingly used and cared for – no rust – good rubber – cushy electric captains chairs – full galley kitchen – hot water w/outdoor shower – this is the deluxe model & tricked out – not many made!

Price: $22,500
Location: Southwest Harbor, ME
Mileage: 55,000
Title Status: Clean

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    If the hitch is that rusty and not had a wash job in years?? 1/2 the price is way too much — I have owned 2 of the Falcon model that were showroom condition sad to see lack of care here —–

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  2. WaltL

    I’ve looked at several of these over the last few years. They’re pretty cool for a Class B RV and the Airstream layout and appointments are very nice, but I agree with Mark- even with 55k mile, $12K would be steep for this one. Personally, not a big fan of the 460 motor in these early B190’s. Later models (’97 on, I think) came with a Triton V10.

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    • bevis

      Agree it;s way overpriced; in September 2015, I bought a Ford E250, XL, 5.8L engine for $6500 with just over 70K on the speedo. The man who owned it in Florida, apparently used it for backing hois boat/whatever into the ocean. After removing the rear bumper, I couldn’t believe the amount of pitting from the salt(used my air needle descaler to get a lot of the rust off). Fortunately, the frame consdstruction of these is so MASSIVE, that afetr POR15, Mastercoat, Rust reformer and balck paint, it is still fine(redoing the rear brake lines–unscrewing one fitting Broke the rusted line!!). Wound up replacing(by myself) the entire front suspension parts except for the rotors and tehir bearings. Used red neoprene bushings for everything and MOOG U-joint, ball joints, as the originals do not have zerk fittings!(could bore you for hours with all the repairing I did).
      Due too COVID 19 and no pro sports on, I was able to get everything done in just over 2 months(it was a “blessing” in disguise.
      I imagine many of my fellow gearheads also got more accomplished due to the pandemic.

  3. Jay Guthridge

    please check the frame horns,,the front have a tendency to get tender,,the RUST worms ….in Maine,,Salty air Salty roads,,humm,, could make a Nice camper though…

  4. Erik

    Way over priced. Airstream name or “not many made” does not automatically triple or quadruple value of this. 55k on most motorhomes is high miles or shows frequent use during its life and with added weight stressing out seals and bushings that are now 30 years old.

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  5. pacekid

    I highly acknowledged you guys who have the experience and knowledge to enable your well communicated responses.

    In today’s, RV crazy world it is great to learn the easy way, without having to learn the hard way, in this case that would be an expensive $22,500 dollar lesson.

    Thank and thank Barn finds for this site!

  6. Francisco

    I own one of these. After looking at the pictures of this, I’d like to know what happened to the toilet, tub, and shower. These are very important accessories while I travel since I don’t like to use gas station johns. Also, why the Reese hitch? Mine has factory hitch with brake controller.

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  7. Claudio

    A canadian marketplace user just sold one in june for $12,000 canadian dollars and this was in the high demand period due to covid/summer peak
    This is wayyyy overpriced

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  8. djkenny

    This must be a Joke.
    Maybe $7000? That even seems Steep.
    Its even missing the bath and is not Mint.

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  9. Beenthere

    I can guarantee the seller is not mechanically inclined and has no idea what this is worth. It was just a random number they “think” it’s worth. I’m sure theres water damage/intrusion they just dont know it

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