BF Classified: 1993 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

Seller’s Description: This is a loaded (everything but sunroof) 1993 Cadillac, she looks, runs, drives, and feels like the low mileage garage queen she is.
Like the other cars I have been selling here, this one too has been kept at a relatives pole shed in Hayward Wisconsin since I bought it. This one too, I wanted to take with when I relocate to the southwest. But this one too needs to be sold to cover some expenses. She is an absolute cream puff, and this one really breaks my heart to sell.
All features function properly, and it is loaded with features! Everything but the sunroof!
It needs nothing! After being parked for over 20 years, it had some issues. They have all been addressed & she is ready to drive to her next home, even cross country.
Please call or text me at (414)940-1392. Thank you!

Price: $16,900
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mileage: 15,700
Title Status: Clean

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  1. Stevieg Member

    Hey folks, this one has 15,700 original miles, but going up. This is my daily driver until either it sells or until September 3rd, when I go for sentencing for my d.u.i. charge.
    She is a beauty! She needs absolutely nothing! I am sure someone will absolutely enjoy her. Please make me a reasonable offer.
    I do have a standing offer of $8,000 from a vintage car dealer, however I am certain she is worth more than that. He told me what he would advertise it for, and he agrees with me lol.
    Thank you all! Have a great day!

    • Steve

      Is this the car you were out booze cruisin’ in?

      • Stevieg Member

        No. My daily driver is a 2018 Elantra. I was at work that night & stopped off after work for literally 1 beer & 2 shots. I am going away for 1 beer & 2 shots. I shake my head at that every day lol!

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice looking ride Stevieg, and hang in there on the third. Been there myself. Take care, Mike.

    • Stevieg Member

      Thanks Mike. I look forward to my release & returning to normalcy.
      Have a good year to 15 months!

  3. CCFisher

    Lovely car. I’m curious about the two-tone and the seat piping. Is this one of Cadillac’s spring specials, or were these dealer or owner mods?

    Might want to check the value guides before walking away from that $8K offer. That’s above Hagerty’s #1 “best one in the world” value.

    • Stevieg Member

      I have no idea what it is exactly. This is the only one like it I have ever seen. It was like this when my great aunt bought it off the showroom floor. She might have ordered it this way, it might be dealer modifications, it might be some sort of special edition. I have no clue lol.
      I am just going on “comparable” ones I found for pricing. By “comparable”, my criteria is this chassis with either a 4.5 or 4 9 (not a 4.1 lol), with 40,000 miles or less. I can’t find any with similar miles. I saw one on Barn Finds a while back, a red one with even less miles. It was a way plainer looking car. I tried to factor in the “flash” of this car too.
      Reality is, my asking price is a starting number. I will go down. I just don’t think I want to go down that far.
      I drive the car every day on a limited basis, it has been in my family since new, and everything works as designed. It is a really nice, almost new 27 year old Cadillac.

  4. Arnie McLean Member

    Watch the head gaskets in those Cads. They were prone to blow and contribute to other problems.

    • Stevieg Member

      It’s not a Northstar. With those, you are absolutely correct. I would NEVER own one of those lol.

    • Rob Bruining

      Arnie, I have had 3 with not head gasket issues. I currently own a ’93 Spring Edition. Northstar engines have issues.

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