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Piles Of Parts: 1966 Mustang Coupe

The seller’s choice for the first photo in their ad seems rather strange, as it’s just a pile of parts. There’s actually a lot more here than just a random pile of Mustang parts. The auction, here on eBay in Henderson, Maryland, includes everything to build a complete car. The seller claims to have found this Mustang parked in a barn in 2005, bought it, pulled it apart for restoration and then never got it put back together. It’s a bit of a mess, but this could be a great project if you aren’t scared of piecing the car back together.

After getting the car pulled apart, the seller had the body soda blasted and primed, but that’s about as far as they made it. It looks like there’s been some rust repairs made and still more to be repaired. The cowl is said to be rusted out and has already been removed. While it looks like there are lots of spare parts included, there’s no word on whether a replacement cowl is included.

This car started life with an inline six, but the seller was going to install a 302 V8 in it. The car comes with the original 200 cui inline six, as well as the 302 V8 the seller found for it. The V8 is said to have less than 500 miles on it since being rebuilt and that it came out of a 1971 Mustang.

Finishing this project will be a big task, but it looks like a fair amount of work has already been done. With the 302 installed, it would be a blast and you have infinite customization options. So would you put this pile of parts together or is it just a parts donor at this point?


  1. sir mike

    Way beyond my ability and wallet….good look to the buyer

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  2. Dan

    Replacement cowl is listed in the new parts…a big project, but the price is right (at least as long as the reserve is reasonable). Wish there was a title.

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  3. Madmatt

    I have had my 65 Mustang in a lot of pieces
    over the years,but wow…!Rusted out cowls
    on these is a real pain to deal with,and it even
    happened in dryer climates..-a poor design,
    has made fixing up an older Mustang/Cougar
    more time consuming and expensive.If this was a
    factory v8,with v8 suspension-5 lug,and
    pony interior,it might bring good money.
    Lotsa 6cyl Mustangs,Camaros,…ect have been
    converted to “muscle car” status, with owners expecting
    “muscle car” prices,sadly this happens more and more.
    This will be great for a young teen,
    with time,..some money,….and a dream!

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    • whmracer99

      Looks like the parts are all there for the 5 lug conversion. The problem with something like this is you really don’t know what condition any of the mechanicals are in or if any of the chassis is still straight. Nice dream but a ton of work for someone who knows what they are doing and probably an impossible task for an amateur unless they want to invest more than the car is worth.

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  4. Pete

    I hate seeing a car end up like this. I only remove one thing at a time when I am working on one. Granted it has been a while since I have had to completely strip one to redo a body. This though is just being wreckless in my view. How are you going to even remove this thing from his garage? Your going to have to slap the front axles and steering back in just so you can roll it out the door. In the winter even. GD it. I might would be a player on the 3 speed for the 6 banger if someone here buys all that stuff.

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    • Geri

      in the 80’s I looked at a north American Navion for sale close to my home, it was partially disassembled in a hanger and offered at 6 K. the owner had “friends” who helped take the old bird apart in the prospect of restoring and upgrading it. there it sat -engine out- lying on the floor -Magneto’s removed and spark plugs missing in a sandy dirt environment.this means total overhaul, the instrument panel was removed and all instruments lying on a table the short story -every piece that could be removed -including the canopy had been removed to a bare bones fuselage still on its landing gear.- then the “friends had no more time to assist. when I looked at it with the owner I told him I’d be afraid to offer him 2 K for it-because he might take it. as stated above taking something down to the bare bones without being able to or having the money to reassemble results in cars/boats/ planes like this. sad.

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  5. Scott

    The bidding is a little over $100 now. Anything around $1k would be appropriate.

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  6. chad

    they’re all ‘a labor of luv’ less ur in the trades’n then U get some cash for that labor.
    This 1s like my bronk 33 yrs ago BUT I hadda disassemble it AND get 2 others to complete the job.

    I’m with the 2 comments above – sell the 302, do an era correct hop up w/3 Holley glass bowls (well may B a T5 & discs up frnt would B the only other mods offa oem).

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  7. Tom

    Lotsa work ahead of next owner.l have a 6 cyl. 3 spd. Im not using

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  8. JW

    I did one similar to this one in the 80’s for the wife, was way upside down but it was for love. The only thing worth any money to me is the 302 if he’s truthful on it.

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  9. Beatnik Bedouin

    Yup, was ‘running when parked’…

    Basket cases are not for everyone – I used to charge customers double my hourly rate if they were insistent that they wanted me to do the work. My excuse is that neither the client or me knew what was missing and it was going to take a lot longer to sort out exactly what was or wasn’t there. Needless to say, I worked on very few basket cases.

    Bidding’s up to $1500 now – best of luck to the buyer and hope they can finish it and get it back on the road.

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  10. mike

    That’s a couple years of Sundays there…I’m out

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  11. Classic Steel

    I have did too many basket cases in past and always amazed how some can dive in the pool with out water!

    Just go in knowing all small pieces are missing for preparedness 😢

    It’s to me more of a part out car now!

    Engine and body pieces to sell sadly as fave comment of lost title😉

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  12. Randy

    Junk. Just junk. Damn it, I hate it when this happens to a car.

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    Thank god there are still some car guys out there that know how to build cars. Anyone that knows early mustangs knows they are easy to work on and parts are plentiful. Judging buy the pictures this is a pretty solid car. You could make your money back and then some just in the parts alone. Hopefully a smart car guy scoops this one and makes himself a sweet ride on the cheap. Put the time in yourself don’t pay shop rates and you can win on these cars!

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