1 Of 1,333: 1980 Dodge Omni 024 DeTomaso

The search for a quirky but cool ride from the start of the 80s is over. This running, driving, 150,000 mile 1980 Dodge Omni 024 DeTomaso has a buy it now price of $3,000 with the ability to make an offer. It is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and has a clean title and VIN listed. You can view more on eBay.

Living under the hood is a running 1.7 liter 4 cylinder engine, connected to a 4-speed manual transmission. It continues to rack up miles thanks to a host of new parts like spark plugs, thermostat, piston rings, timing belts, gaskets, ignition wire, and many other items. It almost seems like everything has been replaced, which makes sense as to how this relic is still running around on public roads.

In a loose sense, the interior is immaculate. Aside from some dust and natural looking wear and tear, the car does have a surprisingly appealing interior. The black vinyl seats with black carpeting still have some luster for being so old. The speakers on the doors look aftermarket, as does the stereo, but that seems acceptable for a car like this still driving around with confidence.

There were only 1,333 of the DeTomaso trimmed cars built for 1980. It included special wheels and graphics. For some reason, I see this little ride as a pizza delivery vehicle. As such a reliable ride and ample cargo area in the hatchback, it would look great with pizza company sign on top. It would sip gas, provide a fun ride, and you can spend a lot of time enjoying a strange, manually shifted car.


  1. Del

    I have a set of those wheels if anyone is interested.


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  2. Chuckster

    That front end is plain ugly and the rear has louver overload, no thanks

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    • scottymac

      The front end has a bra on it, so probably has a stock Omni plastic front under that; agree about the louvers.

      Did these early Chrysler front drivers use a VW engine?

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      • Mike

        Yes during the Chrysler engine plant strike.

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  3. LunarDog LunarDog

    @barnfinds: I was just prompted with a message saying I have reached my view count and need to pay to see more listings?!?! I understand that you would love to make some money on this increasingly popular site, but forcing all viewers to pay seems a little ridiculous. I can’t afford to pay as a student and it would be a real shame if I become unable to view this site because of it.

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    • Bobby

      I’m with you I can check out Craigslist and eBay for free. For this car to have the word reliable attached to it is the joke of the week. Very unreliable vehicles.

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    • FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

      That happens to me, too. I close the window and then re-open it. Or go to the Barn Finds site directly. Works for me.

      The front end treatment is just plain ugly, along with the other tacky add-ons. Talk about lipstick on a pig. I’d sooner walk than be seen in that. Three grand for all that ugly and high mileage? Good luck with that.

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  4. rustylink

    DeTomaso floor mats – good for an extra 10 horse.

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  5. Ike Onick

    The bra should be extended over the entire vehicle and said vehicle should then be sent to the nearest recycling facility.

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  6. theGasHole

    I really need something with a bit more rear rear louvers than this.

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  7. James Martin

    Wow a rare dog on mi. Still a dog on mi rare or not, not a good car.

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  8. Eric Rhoads

    And you can slide the pizzas into the slots in the louvers for convenience.

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  9. Del

    Yes rare and not that good of a build.

    Wish it was closer. I would like to see it and maybe buy it. How could you lose at that price ?

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  10. michael h streuly

    More cow bell

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  11. SteVen

    My family had a 1980 Dodge Omni O24. While our white car with spoiler, gold pinstripes, tan vinyl, and 4-sp. looked pretty sharp, it’s penchant for stalling meant having to heel-and-toe it just to keep it running. I learned to drive on that POS and don’t miss it one bit.

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  12. moosie Craig M Bryda

    I had one. It had the 1.7 VW motor, It was a good running little specimen, the body was absolutely cherry ,no rust or rot at all, interior was mint.The only bad part was the rusted rotted strut tower on the driver’s side front, hit a bump and the hood buckled up. I got the car for free cause it needed an alternator and needed to be moved from where it was parked. We put almost 50,000 miles on it with zero problems, cept for that strut tower.

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  13. Danno

    Is it pronounced “Duh TOM aso” or “DEE toe-masso”? Or something else?

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    • Ike Onick

      If someone buys it- “DUH-toemasso”

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      • James

        It’s Dee toe masso thatsa makin mea limp! 😂

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  14. Del

    I still like it.😁😂🤣

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  15. Stevie G

    I had an 024 Omni hatchback as a young college aged kid. It too had the Mitsubishi 1.7 (the VW engine was the 1.6, also had one of those as the 4 door hatch, loved it too). Both were 4 speed base model cars & I LOVED them both. Reliable, economical, & after a couple beers they were like driving a go-cart. Yup, I delivered pizza in them, but neither one had the rear window louvers for holding my customers dinners lol. I want to buy this for sentimental sake but I just bought a new Harley Roadglide & am SO broke lol. Cool car for an old nerd like me though!

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  16. Lenny

    This car was my frist car thats my actual car. I miss it so much. I saw it was sold in auction a few years back for 350 :(. The reason i know its my car is first that car didnt come with stereo speakers. My father and I installed them in the door BUT with caps on the speakers. I also installed the aftermarket ractiv tip and muffler system which was all thrush. I paid 2500 for that car in 1996 with 51k miles on it. ever wanna sell that car working for under 2g let me know. I would love it to be sons first car. Anyone have question or want pics hmu swvaders@gmail.com

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  17. Bob

    A hoarder I know has a Red one sitting in his back yard buried to the floorboards. Has not run since the 80’s

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  18. Arthur

    Too bad I’m not in a position to buy this DeTomaso. If I had the money and means, I could give this car a custom chassis and suspension components along with a custom aerodynamic kit. Then it would be suitable for a Hellcat engine swap.

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