1969 Ford Rustang Mach 1 Q-Code

The seller of this 1969 Mach 1 presents it honestly in “as-is” condition exactly as it appears, and the photos document the extent of the serious rust issues. Is the $14,000 asking price realistic? In today’s market it is hard to say, but to the right buyer, it could be. Restored, this car could bring $50,000 or more, but at that price, it would be lucky for the owner to break even considering the amount of metal replacement this car will need. Check it our for yourself here on Craigslist in Michigan. Thanks to Michael for sending this one in!

This was once a sleek and beautiful muscle car, but boy is it rough now! Somebody enjoyed this car until it simply couldn’t be enjoyed any longer and unfortunately, the drivetrain was sold off along with the interior. Aside from those missing components, this is a largely complete car (if you don’t count what is missing from the rust holes!). It is worth mentioning that this is a Q-Code Mustang, indicating it was originally equipped with a non-Ram Air 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet V8. That engine coupled with the 4-speed manual transmission is what makes this car worth saving, but those two things are long gone. Nonetheless, if restored with date correct components, this car could still be worth a decent chunk of change!

This is what is left of the interior; the front carpet, steering wheel and column, and almost none of the dash. The assortment of missing pieces leads me to believe this car was cannibalized as a parts car for something a little less rough. Because it is a Mustang, all of the missing interior components should be readily available from suppliers, and those pieces that aren’t can be tracked down. Whoever takes this project on is going to have to commit some serious time to it, and more than likely would be restoring it for themselves rather than to turn a profit.

The seller has included multiple pictures of the underside showing rust in both the floors and the trunk floor, and pretty much every “common” rust area. This car might even have rust in some uncommon areas! Were this not a Q-Code car, it would not be worth the cost of a restoration. Good luck to whoever takes this on, and you have my respect for saving this car!

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  1. GA

    Body swap, half the price or less

    • Jerry Brentnell

      look maw one them there rustangs !I saw one just like it go across the block at b-j auction for 60 grand so my heap must be worth 14 grand right? that is if I can get it home with out it falling apart !!!

      • jaybird

        In the late 60’s and early 70’s, Ford used steel imported from Japan. It was low price, low quality steel. Rust was a problem all across the line of Ford products.

      • Wrong Way Member

        News flash : that was a problem all the way across the board! All makes had the same problem! Chevrolet was by far the worst!

      • ACZ

        Michigan didn’t help much either

  2. Adam Clarke Adam T45 Staff

    Having looked at the photos in the ad, all I can say is that $14,000 seems like a lot of money for a set of tags and some carpet. The rust that is visible from the photos indicates that if you sent it off to be soda blasted, all that would come back would be the steering wheel!

    I’m a Ford man and sights like this car break my heart. I think that any restoration would probably require a Dynacorn shell, and would be for love, not money. However, there are times when that’s what a restoration SHOULD be about.

  3. Fred H

    It seems most cars on CL are over priced . They see one like they have at a certain price and they think the one they have is worth the same. Even though it is rusty and does not run. Also most high priced cars do not sell this is evident to seeing the ad up for months or even years. I really like the ads for a rusty ,incomplete car sitting in a field for $1,000 .

  4. Tyler

    Owner probably found a better body to transfer the drivetrain too. Now selling the leftover parts.

  5. Derek

    £140, more like. If that…

  6. Bmac Bmac Member

    What does a new body shell & a 69 coupe parts car cost? I think you would be ahead.
    Bought a 69 fastback body last August for 6k @ a swap meet. Non Mach 1

  7. GP Member

    About four years ago, my buddy sold his 1970 Mach 1 that was just repainted. Had new stripes, headliner, sill plates, etc. Factory 351, 4- speed. It had keystone classic rims and was not yellow from the factory( it was red). They drove it away for 12,000.00. I done have the heart to show him a piece of crap like this and what they want for it. It’s just pitiful.

  8. LAB3

    Yeah that’s a Michigan car without a doubt! Probably took it off the road in 1974, big chunk of change for a VIN tag that’s for sure.

  9. The Chucker

    Spending twice this amount on a good car, will make the good car look cheap.


    What most have said…..the picture that shows the shock….is what un-sold me….

  11. erikj

    What a shame that a lot of the cars are really just put together. That’s why these sellers get that kind of money for TAGS.
    The world is weird now. Real is real only once!

  12. PatrickM

    No drive train, no deal

  13. Jose Delgadillo

    It would be worth saving, but at one tenth that price.

  14. Rube Goldberg Member

    Bottom of the barrel, folks. We have truly run out of nice ones. You know, I chuckle about these at first, and the comments read like a Hollywood movie, which is fun, but this is pixx poor, I’m sorry. This is what the old car hobby has become? Rusty hulks for what I make a year on SS? Something wrong here.

  15. Henry Drake

    I’d give the owner $14 to watch this hunk of junk be crushed. That’s about it.

  16. Ty

    If that car were an R-Code, it would have been sold before the ad made Barn Finds. A good donor body may cost as much; two cars would become one, but then two cars would be saved from the crusher. If done right in the end you end up with 428CJ Car worth $55k and will potentially increase in value. A 69 6-cyl, 302 Sportsroof or even a 351 Mach 1 will top out at $45k ever.

    A good donor car would be the way to go. Goodmark or Dynacorn shell would hinder final value, and there is too much to source that may be available from a good donor car.

    I sold a good, solid Q-Code rolling chassis a couple of years ago for $16.5k. Buyer contacted me later and said there was some quarter panel rust; he fixed it – that car was on CL a few months ago for $17.5k – I seriously considered buying it back.

    • Jason

      Im curious, about your “math ability”! If as you state 2 cars become 1, how does that save two cars??

  17. gaspumpchas

    Hmm everybody thinks they have gold. While the seller seems to be up front about the visible rust, think about the rust that you can’t see. brrr would take a brave bodyman to take this on, shame to see a 69 mach in this condition.

    Good luck to the new owner….

  18. Bernie H.

    This has been on Craigslist for several months in Michigan, and no takers. He can ask any price he wants, getting it is another story. Eventually craigslist will drop it off the listings. Hey, where else can you buy a car and spend $50,000 to have a nice $25,000 restored vehicle?

  19. dan

    What is scrap going for ?

  20. David Miraglia

    Breaks my heart to see a Mustang like that.

  21. Dee

    The price of 14k is ridiculous. It is another example of how bizarre this has become. I remember my son coming home suggesting to buy a similar car with examples of others for sale at these prices. When we went to the owner and had an eye to eye conversation, he did admit the high price was for no other reason than to see if someone was silly enough to actually pay the price for scrap.
    My son learned a lesson, and I still wonder where are all the rich fools are.

  22. Rob

    I don’t get this market. I tried to sell my 73 Firebird, +400 hp stroker motor, 4 speed, suspension upgrades, daily driver, and was told it wasn’t original, my rear bumper wasn’t perfectly aligned, yada, yada, yada.
    This completely rusted out, less than a parts car, is listed for more than I want for a complete, running, upgraded car..
    People are nuts. Anyone want a nice, collectible, fun to drive car”?
    Sure, go ahead, buy it, and spend a fortune to sell it for $50k..

    • Jason

      Rob, do you still have your Firebird for sale??

      • Meledi

        My husband’s car (this firebird) was just relisted this spring. I need it out of the way so we can finish my project.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Hi Meledi, please consider listing it on the site as a classified: https://barnfinds.com/sell/

      • Rob

        Hi Jason,
        Yes, my wife really wants it gone.

  23. Wrong Way Member

    Hello my friends! I have to apologize for not getting those pictures up of my mustangs! I have had a heart attack so I haven’t been able to get out to get those pictures yet! They say that I must slow down and act like I am 77 years old! I say that you only live once so why should I! LMAO, my son and his wife are keeping their eyes on me! They know if pop’s gets a chance I will escape! LOL! My son is going to get some pictures when he can get out there to the barn! Unfortunately we have had 12 inches of snow and more coming Monday! **** Now for the Mustang written up, they are asking way to much money for this car! At the most it might be a good deal at under 5 grand! What they are asking is rediculous!

  24. mike

    Where did this car, (I use that term, loosely) get parked? On top of a pile of rock salt? I’m a fair hand at welding, but you need some of the original steel to start with…

  25. Grumpy

    I scrapped a running 69 Mach 1 in my younger years. It was real rusty, and I bought it to put the 351 in my 68 Fastback. Got the nice hi back buckets seats too and sold the 4 speed for $200. Man I wish I could go back in years and have it back.

  26. Mark

    I’ve made plenty of stupid decisions but seriously separate this highly desirable pony car from its guys; oh and did tell you my stupid mistake: selling my 1970 Nova SS 12 bolt Muncie and busted motor mount for a Fiat 850 spider: DOH!!

  27. ACZ

    Not even a parts car. Just another rusty boat anchor.

  28. Paul

    Dear Wrong way
    News flash…..Just to let you know Ford Metal was a lower grade Metal then GM Metal back in the day. (not by much) but a lower grade indeed.

    • Wrong Way Member

      Back at you! I strongly disagree with you! I watched many many GM vehicles rust away and the ford’s didn’t! I guess that we have to agree to disagree!

  29. Paul

    I have knowledge in Ford the supply chain! I believe we at Ford primed our cars well (in most car lines) not mustang though, However GM bought a better grade of steel from the suppliers. Mustangs were more of an entry level car, we had budgets. I love early Mustangs but they will rust everywhere. They will rust to the point of not being safe to drive faster then a early Camaro. (Not by much though)

  30. David Ulrey

    You meant $1400.00 right?

  31. Yoopermike

    Keep pushing this turd down the road. It’s a rusty Mustang that someone ‘found’ at some scrap yard . Gotta love what people will buy. I remember when these were all worn out and were junk.

  32. Mark

    That’s a lot of rust!!

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