427 And A 4-Speed! 1969 Chevrolet Impala SS

There’s a good chance what I’m about to suggest will make a few people upset, but bear with me on this! The initial thought with a find like this Impala SS is to give it a top to bottom restoration as soon as you get it, it’s a 427 V8 4-speed car after all, but I’d suggest that the next owner just do what’s necessary to make it safe to drive. It took mother-nature decades to give this rare machine it’s current look, so why erase all that history right away? Start by fixing the areas of decay in the floors and rockers, sort the engine, redo the interior and show off it’s natural patina. Then, when you are tired of the shocked spectators, oohs and aahs, and constantly hearing the question of “when you going to paint this thing?”, you can give it a proper paint job. Or you could just give it a full restoration right away and get right to enjoying all 425 ponies! Either way, you can find this rare Impala here on eBay in Calhoun, Georgia with a current bid of $6,100.

Any time we bring up patina, there’s an outcry of comments and we get it, this look isn’t for everyone. At the same time, there’s no denying that this half rusty half original paint look is incredibly shocking and creates lots of conversation. I’m not particularly fond of faux-patina and would take a fresh paintjob over the fake stuff any day. Heck, if I could have my way this Impala’s original paint would still be intact and looking great, but when nature give you lemons you might as well make some lemonade!

The 425 horsepower 427 V8 is what makes this car so desirable, yet no photos of it are included in the ad. The seller claims that it runs and that they have driven it around the yard. Given all the rust, I don’t know if I’d even want to risk driving it around the yard. It is nice to know that the engine runs though. The seller also notes that the 4-speed is from a 1968, so you will want to do some research to see if it left the factory with a 4-speed or if it was converted by a previous owner. They also state that it is one of only 546 optioned with the L72 and my research backs that number up.

No matter how what route you take, this Impala is going to be a huge project. The seller states that “it has a good bit of rust”, which might be an understatement. Which brings me back to my preservation idea, would it even be possible to fix the structural rust without media blasting the entire car? Given the rust on the top, I can’t help but wonder what the underside looks like. If it isn’t too rusty underneath, perhaps my idea would work?


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WANTED 66 or 67 Chevrolet chevelle would like a strong big block and 4 speed Contact

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  1. Mark S.

    The first thing the new owner should get is a tetanus shot.

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      I had the same thought… if you kept the patina, car show attendees would need to sign a waiver!

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  2. Crazyhawk

    Eeeew… This is the kind of car that sits at your next door neighbor’s house. You call the cops or try to grow bushes along the property line(or put up a privacy fence) so you don’t have to see it, but it never leaves. “Honey, call the realtor. I can’t take it anymore”. UGLY.

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    • Miguel

      OH, you are one of those.

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      • Crazyhawk

        I only call the cops if it’s a kind of car I don’t like…

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  3. Classic Steel

    Just because it’s a big block car and rare didn’t mean one has to jump at a big boat car that is s step child in looks and shape!

    It’s the comparison of taking your fat cousin to prom while your thin good looking
    slendergirl friend stays home!

    (Ugly car or hot Camaro comparison too)

    Yes nice buckets, console and shifter snd engine but this impala model is not stylish ever !

    I would like the drive train and interior and shifter only!

    I bet this cars frame and floors are shot but who cares as it’s ugly anyway!

    Keep your body for a future camper or smash up derby 🐎😅

    I am sure the reserve is 12000 dollars for the junkyard find put in a barn last week 😗

    • Miguel

      You may not be able to see it on this car but this model is a very stylish car.

      This red one shows the style off very well.

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      • Miguel

        This blue one is nice too and closer to what the featured car can look like.

        I don’t see how you can say this car is not stylish.

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      • TriPowerVette

        @Miguel – Once again, you are so right! That’s my thumbs up.

      • Miguel

        Thank you TPV.

        I have a 1969 Kingswood in green and you can’t see the body design on the side in that color.

        The red and blue set if off nicely.

      • Buick Fan

        Not ugly!

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      • 68custom

        Both of these cars are Customs!

    • Logan

      Just because it’s not to you’re liking doesn’t mean you have to bash it. I’d take nice ‘69 Impala coupe over an all too common bogus big block Camaro or Chevelle any day of the week.

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  4. Metoo

    Wow! And it comes with all that free “patina” as well.

  5. Duffy Member

    Hey, It’s a big block with a four speed? Big deal. The vehicle was found in a junk yard for $300.00 now it’s for sale for $12000.00. But after all it’s a big block, with a four speed. In my opinion which doesn’t matter much, the car is JUNK.

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    • jdjonesdr

      Wassamaddahwityou? It’s 6k for each “S” ! Obviously a bargain. lol

      I’m with you – I don’t think these will ever be collectible.

      • ACZ

        It’s doubtful that it will ever be a car again. It would be nice to save it, but at what cost? A losing proposition.

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    • Logan

      @ Duffy Quit talking like you know something about these cars before you embarrass yourself. Stick to your chevette or Geo you imbecile.

  6. JRP

    That’s some pretty nasty looking lemonade Josh. I wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing. If you took it to a show looking like that you’d have to park it and run away. If there is that much rust visible externally you know there is so much more not visible. Old phrase from body shop estimating…”cost of repairs would exceed value of the vehicle”. Unless you could do it all yourself you would be way upside down doing a complete restoration,which this car needs…..Patina be damned.

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  7. William Sanders

    68 was the last attractive impala imo. Pass on this one.

    • Dan in Texas

      I beg to differ! :)

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      • TriPowerVette

        @Dan in Texas – I gave you a thumbs up, because your Impala is beautiful. But honest to gosh, why didn’t you just turn the camera completely upside down, that way we would all think it was weightless, too.

        It isn’t ‘arty’, it’s ANNOYING.

      • Sanity Factor

        Yeah mines a 73…i love it…

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      • TriPowerVette

        @Sanity Factor – Sweet. Thumbs up.

      • Miguel

        How do you sit in that car with it on it’s side like that?

    • On and On On and On Member

      No, 69 convertibles were.

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  8. Rock On

    Change all the fluids. Tune it up and cruise it to a Lebonese car show.

    • Metoo

      Even Maxwell Klinger would pass on this car.

  9. Troy s

    Baldwin/Motion street racers special! Seriously, the drivetrain is all that interests me here, high winding solid lifter 427 with a four speed would be excellent in a Chevelle, Camaro, or even(gulp) a Nova, or even an older full size chevy. This body style never did it for me, don’t know why really, but it is a definite turn off.😐

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    • Miguel

      There are already too many Chevelles, Camaros, and Novas around.

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  10. John M.

    A little over 4 days to go before the hammer drops and 13 people have already bidded. The number right now stands at $7,300.

    • Ricks1986SS

      I think 5,000 is a good price can’t justify any more than that it’s a shame to see a big SS goes like that but there’s a lot of painstaking work ahead hope someone has alot of time and money

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  11. glen

    I guess I’m the only one who likes this, reduces the competition!

    • gbvette62

      You’re not the only one here, because I like it too. I can’t say there was any Impala built between 58 and 70, that I don’t like, and one with a big block and a 4 speed, I consider to be very special.

      The picture of the stamp pad shows the suffix code “LD”, which is a 69 427/425 with a manual trans. Unfortunately, there is no picture of the VIN stamp, which I think on these cars was stamped on the left rear of the block, above the oil filter.

      As a buyer, before investing any serious money in that car, you’d really want to know if that engine came in that car.

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  12. Superdessucke

    Problem if you media blast is you might end up with a very expensive pile of 427 Impala SS magic dust. It’ll take a lot and I’m sure someone will pay a lot – both to get it and, especially, during the harrowing restoration that’ll follow. People nowadays generally seem less cautious about money, especially with respect to rare muscle cars.

  13. Jack M.

    Hey, I see the connection there Rock On. If you are lucky you can check out Alan’s collection while you are over there.

  14. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    I wouldn’t want to be seen dead within 100 yards of this POC.

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    • Logan

      And I am sure nobody would want to be caught dead with you if you are dumb as you sound.

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  15. Derek

    I’m with you on this one Josh, the minute you take an obviously original car and make it completely new inside and out, from bumper to bumper, top to bottom, it’s no longer a 1969 Impala, what you’ve done is to create a copy, a replica of a 1969 Impala based on some original parts but if you’re happy driving a replica rather than a genuine car, go ahead.

  16. Derek

    P.S. I think it’s a damn good looking car no matter what.

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  17. Rube Goldberg Member

    This was a pretty cool car. Kind of for the guy who couldn’t justify going the Monte Carlo route, but still didn’t want to give up the muscle car for the family. This car was clearly stored outside near the ocean. ( Calhoun is not near the ocean) Very typical of cars there, they rust from the top down. I’d say, if there ever was a great candidate for a total restoration, this car is it.

  18. Matt G

    Would this be a situation where you are just buying a drive train, VIN number and fender badges, or are these cars just not worth enough to bother?

  19. PatrickM

    Sorry. Looks like a flood car to me. Not enough pics here. Patina doesn’t have pits all the way through it, IMO. Frame? New one.
    Too much work/money as I see it. $$$

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    • ACZ

      Calhoun is on I-75. About 500 miles due South of Michigan. The early life of this car was probably spent in the rust belt. Not uncommon in the South.

  20. JamestownMike

    I’d like to have the 427 big block and the 4 speed…….but not at $7k plus! It may be rare but I don’t think it’s that desirable and valuable, is it?

  21. Jeff

    The reason why this is worth big money is that someone with a mint 69 Impala is going to swap the tags and drivetrain from this car. No one will ever know the difference.

  22. 68custom

    69 custom or caprice was a better looking car. Yes it’s rare but not necessarily valuable?

  23. gaspumpchas

    IMHO, restore with the beautiful original metallic blue and you would have a neat and beautiful car. Driver’s ed car Iearned to drive in was a 69 impala.To me this is a worthwhile car to bring back.Good luck to the new owner! No discouraging words here!!!

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    • Jim

      Why do you say it’s original color was metallic blue? I couldn’t find a reference to the original color.

      This car’s full of contradictions: there’s some [probably] ruby red paint on the dash but that never came with a red interior. Red interiors came with, black, meissen blue [light blue], ivory, silver metallic, aquamarine blue [blue grey], or stone grey [light olive] paint.

      It also has an ivory steering wheel but beige light switch and hand throttle. I have to assume the black wiper switch, cigar lighter and foglight switch are non-original although there were a very, very few 356As with black knobs (and matching black steering wheels).

      The foglight switch doesn’t look original but those *might* be correct foglights for a 356A with “reinforced” [towel bar] bumpers. If so they’re super rare–so rare I’m not confident I’d know real ones.

      Finally, those are incorrect front turn signals: they’re 1959 only and they’re also very rare.

      • KevinR

        @Jim: what car are you talking about? This is a ’69 Impala, not a 356.

      • Jim

        Yea, that’s a 356 comment. I must have gotten lost in the webpage scrolling.

  24. Utes

    Contact Graveyard Cars & ask Mark if he’d make an exception & bring a Chevy “back to life”.

  25. Jim

    Am I the only person left who believes that patina is not the same as decay?

    • ACZ

      Maybe it was “acid-dipped”.

  26. Utes

    @ PatrickM….
    I concur w/your flood car analysis. The whitened-rubber of all 4 tires is indicative of submerged history. Those aren’t “put on” tires, evidenced by all 4 festooned w/trim rings & derby caps, which each look nasty. Who would mount 4 tires to move the car then bother to reinstall each cap & trim ring? I’d wager this was “@ sea” for a while.


    I bought a brand new one like this only it was a rare 3 speed 350cu. Same color and interior. I have had a lot of new cars since including 3 Vettes but I still miss “The Blue Goose.

  28. Pete Phillips

    All I can say is, “Go find another one. Go ahead; I’ll wait.” (it’ll be a LONG wait)

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  29. Rick Pyle

    For the rite money I would buy it for the drivetrain definitely not a car I would cruise around in put it in a nice Chevelle Camaro or Monte Carlo and let the fun begin I’m thinking around 3,500 is a descent asking price who let’s an old SS sit like this anyways she deserves to rest in peace

    • Paul Cheshire

      Right price I’d put the drive train in a mid 60’s Impala wagon.

  30. Richard Gaskill

    What makes anyone think the engine was maintained any better than the exterior or interior?
    Nothing of value here.

  31. Mountainwoodie

    Yup this thing went swimming at some point for an extended period. Dont know there be much left after you dip it. I’m not crazy about the post ’64 big Ch and 4 speeed.evies but if there was one in orginal shape with the big block….you could burn a lot of gas and rubber….

  32. ‘67barcud

    Ugliest rear end of ‘69! For a car anyway….

  33. Craig

    The VIN says this car began life as an Impala SS Sport Coupe born in Flint, Michigan. All 69 Impala SS cars came with a 427. There were 546 (as the seller says) cars with the L72 425 horsepower 427. But some of those engines may have found their way into non SS cars. The remainder of 69 Impala SS cars came with the L36 390 horsepower 427. Either way a rare car. Unfortunately the VIN doesn’t distinguish between the two engines. So more research is needed. If a car is badged as a 69 Impala SS has a VIN that doesn’t start with 16467 (a convertible), 16437 (a sport coupe) or 16447 (a custom coupe) it’s a clone. The 3925660 number I have found listed as 1968 to 1970 Muncie with a 1 inch cluster. Unless I’m wrong, that wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last, the transmission seems to be date correct even if not original to the car.

  34. Smitty Dan Smith

    I found a 69 Impala in the early 80’s in an alley in Manson, WA Bought it for $125.00, no motor, 307 sport coupe, 4 speed, bench seat. I miss that car

  35. david

    what a great car these were and are, this one should be picked-away at; way too much money is spent on restorations…you can’t ever loose money on this one, if you focus on the basics. Knew a HS buddy who totaled his 69 impala SS 427 auto , shortly after purchase. That’s too much car for a kid

  36. Smitty Dan Smith

    I miss mine , I want to build one from a convert, BB, 6 speed tremec, bench seat, not a clone, just what I would have wanted

  37. bob lynam

    What would worry me, would be the underside, frame and,etc, it looks mighty rough, BUT, looks to be all there?????? don’t know who would let it become this way!!! BUT saying that I would still BE INTERESTED.
    ps…. had a similar 69 but a custom, taken a few yrs ago………

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  38. Rick Pyle

    I don’t understand what is wrong a big impala I love them cars why’s everyone bickering

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  39. Keith Lapis

    I love that car and wouldn’t hesitate bring it back to its earlier glory. I have an original triple black 1969 Impala Custom 427 with a TH400 that has been our family for almost 40 years. I took my driving test in it when I was 16yrs old and now I’m 53yrs old. Mine looks great and I get plenty of compliments on it. If someone likes the car, sees the potential in it, and money isn’t a concern, who is one to judge.

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