60 Classics Found In Georgia Barn!

Reader James M just sent over photos of a collect of cars that had been stashed away in this barn in Georgia that he just recently found out about. The owner of the barn managed to collect about 60 cars, ranging from Model Ts to ’40s Ford Coupes and on to ’70s muscle cars. Sadly, the collect was just put up for auction today. James managed to buy the Model T and a VW Beetle, but there are still lots of parts and memorabilia to be auctioned off over the next few days. You can find more details about the auction here at Jeff Dobson Auctions.

Unlike some of the large barn find estates we’ve seen, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of rust here. According to the auction house, many of the cars are missing bits and pieces, but it sounds like there were lots of great deals to be had here.

While the cars might have already sold, it looks like there is still a lot of interesting stuff in this estate and it could be worth stopping by if you live near by. Whoever owned this estate had diverse interests and collected lots of stuff. It would have been fun to explore the barn before it was cleared out, it had to have been a trip back through time. It’s always a bit sad to see estates like this liquidated, but hopefully all the cars will find their way into good homes where they can be preserved and enjoyed! Special thanks to James for this tip, you can see his original Facebook post here.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Poptheclutch

    A step back in time. Yes it would have!
    I would have been A kid in a toy store
    All over again.

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    Makes me wonder how many barns in this country are full of classics

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    • jdjonesdr

      I bet there’s a lot more than most of us can imagine. They’ll keep popping up as long as owners keep hoarding until they pass away.

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    • Little_Cars AlexanderMember

      I went to pick up an animal at a local horse rescue farm yesterday. I noticed a few old cars scattered around the property but most were common vehicles like a postwar Plymouth, a couple of International trucks, and a big 70’s Benz sedan. After “talking cars” with the farmer, he opened two barn doors to reveal a 50’s era rodded 1939 Chevy Coupe, and a 1931 Graham Paige coupe. Dust covered, much debris strewn around. So…. They are out there!

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  3. Dale

    The sad fact is there are way more cars that could be “brought back” to be nice drivers than the fewer and fewer guys that have the ability to do it. I am resigned to the fact that the survivors will be well taken car of.

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    Dang….buyers made deals…how many will be flipped who knows. Good no body knew about it.

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  5. Paul Foley

    are there pics available of what is left?

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  6. GearHead Engineering

    Wow! Probably better that I didn’t know about this sale until it was over.

    I love the Packards and the early ’30s Buick. I want to know how much the Packards went for. Or do I??

    – John

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  7. Gord

    auction is 2 day so still time to go for tomorrow (friday)
    … wish i could go or have a proxy!!

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  8. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    Would love to own that 2-tone green ’34 Buick model 90 Sport Coupe, with a rumble seat & dual side mount spare tires!

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  9. David Barlowe

    For one thing, those cars were not in a barn, they were in a Chicken House. Don’t anyone know the difference between a barn and a Chicken House. If they don’t, how could they know the difference between a 46 or 47 Ford Pickup for example.

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    • Vette 73

      Because it’s called “barn finds,” not “chicken coop finds”.

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    • Rodent

      “Chicken House Find” just doesn’t have a ring to it……

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  10. Jeff

    Finding out a day late, & a dollar short…

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  11. Dean

    Can nits be picked off of chickens?

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  12. 86 Vette Convertible

    Talk about the Mother Lode! Hopefully the vehicles will be fixed up to driving condition and returned to the road.

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  13. joeinthousandoaks

    You had me at the 1st 3 convertibles.

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  14. Big Marine

    I heard that one of the big Hollywood movie houses bought must of the collection for a period movie about WWII years! That of course didn’t happen or did it?! Ed

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  15. KevinR

    Just an hour up the road from me. It’s a good thing I didn’t know about it or I might be shopping for a divorce lawyer today…

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  16. ACZ

    Just about twenty miles away. Wish I had known.

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  17. Gary

    Went, most cars needed work but lot of potential. Over 60 cars was told cars along brought over $600,000.00 parts today and antiques tomorrow. Bet Uncle Sam is smiling plus I believe 10 per buyer fee.

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  18. Jim Benjaminson

    The ’33 Plymouth (black car shown in first photo) is actually a ’34. Looks like a decent car. Howcome this sale wasn’t advertised? Locals don’t realize they have a prize find on their hands????

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  19. Tony

    Fortunately, most of these great estate collections that come up are a good three to four days drive away. Keeps me out of trouble…I am, however, saving up my pennies for another car. Waiting for a western collection to come up.

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  20. Ric Parrish

    I want the 40 Buick coupe, my first car.

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  21. S.P.Stevens

    My God…What an impressive collection of cool.

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  22. Pete

    I believe I would have liked to meet the gentleman who collected all these cars as well as all the other antiques. I bet he could tell some stories about the stuff he had seen and collected over the years. Pretty good chance he had some serious knowledge of all that stuff. I could only tell what some of those parts were hanging up. You would really need to know your stuff to be able to even bid on a lot of them parts. I did notice a beautiful Vicky grill on the wall as well as a corvette drivers door that might be worth a pretty penny. Then all the flat head valve covers and intakes could be a serious find for someone. Yeah I hate I missed that one just to be able to browse through it all would have been a treat.

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