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Zero Emissions Hauler: 1912 C-T A10 Electric Truck

In the early days of self-powered vehicles, electricity emerged as a potential default power source over gasoline or steam. An early electric-powered heavy hauler is up for auction on here on eBay in Winfield, West Virginia with a current… more»

It’s Electric! 1912 C-T Electric Truck

There seems to be an overwhelming misunderstanding within the general public that hybrid and electric vehicle technology is a brand new, never before seen science. While industry leaders such as Elon Musk are revolutionizing the way we see and… more»

Early Electric: 1928 Walker Truck

Have you ever seen or heard of Walker Trucks? I do not recall ever seeing a Walker before this really great looking example for sale here on craigslist in sunny Palm Springs, California caught my attention. Presumably this was a… more»

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