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$13,000 1986 Honda Z50RD Christmas Special!

If a regular Honda Z50 monkey bike isn’t valuable enough for you, and you need a gift that would make kids of all ages happy, you could do worse than bidding on this 1986 Honda Z50RD Christmas Special. The… more»

No Reserve: 1986 Honda Z50RD “Christmas Special”

There seems to be a bit of a trend developing here. The 1986 Honda Z50RD was produced as a “Christmas Special” to reward the company’s best-performing dealers. That means that they were made in strictly limited numbers. Surprisingly, we’ve… more»

Late Christmas Present: 1986 Honda Z50RD

While many men are loath to admit it, we all have an inner child that is begging to get out. That probably explains why I have no children, but I do have a large collection of Disney Pixar movies…. more»

Christmas Special: 1986 Honda Z50RD

I wrote about a similar 1986 Honda Z50RD “Christmas Special” motorcycle exactly a year ago, or within a day. That’s quite a coincidence, but maybe they come out of the woodwork in mid/late-December given their festive name. The seller… more»

Christmas Special: 1986 Honda Z50RD

Lately, there seems to be a spike in interest (and values) of vintage mini trails bikes, particularly those made by Honda. I’ve recently gotten neck-deep in a stash of Honda CT70s, CT90s, Z50s and more as part of the… more»

Christmas Special: 1986 Honda Z50RD

Christmas Special isn’t just the title of this one because it’s a small bike and it’s sitting by a Christmas tree and it’s almost that time of year again. Christmas Special is what the 1986 Honda Z50RD was known… more»

Rare Christmas Special: 1986 Honda Z50RDG

It has been said that all that glitters is not gold, and that is certainly true with this little Honda Z50RD. In this case, all that glitters is chrome and plenty of it! Released as a limited edition of… more»