Would You Daily Drive A 46K Mile Car? 1975 Camaro LT

The second-generation Camaro could be all things from all people.  From a six-cylinder pussycat to a sporty Z28, these cars could be ordered exactly how the customer wanted.  It would be nice to have a vehicle like this 1975… more»

Lots Of New Parts! 1969 Ford Thunderbird

One American automobile model that has been through a significant number of body-style iterations has to be Ford’s Thunderbird. Today’s find, a 1969 coupe, represents the fifth generation (’67-’71) and a time when the ‘Bird had the audacity to… more»

7-Up Limited Edition 1990 Ford Mustang 5.0 LX Convertible

The idea of a car manufacturer teaming up with an outsider to produce a promotional vehicle certainly isn’t a fresh concept in the auto industry, with some creations turning out better than others.  One in particular that seemed like… more»

1 of 1580: 1973 Lotus Europa TC (Twin Cam)

The Lotus Europa was an English-built, GT-style, mid-engine sports car produced from 1966 to 1975. It found some limited success in the U.S. until it became too difficult to meet changing U.S. safety standards. This variant from 1975 is… more»

Sliding Roof! 1964 Studebaker Wagonaire

As Studebaker grasped for a survival strategy in the mid-1960s, it turned to its best-seller, the Lark, and the company’s star designer, Brooke Stevens. Stevens was given carte blanche to overhaul the Lark, and his answer was the Wagonaire…. more»

Three Original Miles! 1977 Chevrolet Nova

We’ve seen numerous low mileage claims over the years. but single-digit readings on the odometer are still fairly uncommon. They are even more unusual when attached to a bargain basement model that, ironically, appears to be in a basement… more»

Best One Left? 1978 AMC Pacer D/L Station Wagon

Some cars slip easily from public consciousness once production ends. Others are saved from obscurity by fortunate circumstances. The AMC Pacer enjoys a devoted following, but it could have been ignored by the broader community if it weren’t for… more»

Stroh’s Tour Pace Car: 1983 Pontiac Trans Am

While we’re accustomed to seeing a wide variety of pace car tributes and replicas some up for sale and marketed as collector vehicles, there’s occasionally a curve ball that’s harder to place value-wise. We all know about the various… more»

258 Miles in 25 Years! 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

We’re no strangers to low-mile classics at Barn Finds, but some deserve greater recognition than others. This 1972 Corvette is a perfect example because the seller recently purchased it from the previous owner, who clocked a mere 258 miles… more»

Hideaway Hardtop Project: 1958 Ford Fairlane Skyliner

One of the most interesting cars of the late 1950s was the Ford Skyliner. It was the first mass-produced, U.S.-built automobile to have a retractable roof which Ford marketed as the “Hideaway Hardtop.” It was technically complicated but sold… more»

No Reserve: 1988 Mercury Cougar LS

The pages of automotive history books overflow with brands that are no longer with us. Some went out in a blaze of glory, while others created barely a ripple when they disappeared. Sadly, Mercury falls into the second category… more»

Update: Price Reduced On a Very Original 1960 Ford Thunderbird.

UPDATE – This Black Bird has returned. We featured this highly original 1960 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop about 18 months ago with an asking price of $21,500. Now it’s back and for sale again but with a much lower asking… more»

Well Documented Driver: 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

A known ownership history and comprehensive documentation can separate a good classic from a great one when considering investment potential. This 1969 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 ticks those boxes and underwent a light cosmetic restoration in the 1980s. It… more»

Droptop Project: 1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible

Technically a Dodge Dakota Sport, reportedly only 909 examples of this unique convertible pickup were made for the 1990 model year. We’ve seen a few examples here on Barn Finds over the years and this may be the one… more»

Stupendous Silver Spur: 1985 Rolls-Royce

Now this is a dignified automobile! When I spy a new Rolls-Royce I see a brick with headlights and refrigerator door handles – hardly the case with this 1985 Silver Spur. Nope, I see understated, non-pretensious elegance. Unfortunately, the… more»

Better On The Top Side: 1967 Mustang Coupe

Want a Bullitt (or replica thereof) but can’t quite afford the cheese to snag a 1967 or 1968 Mustang Fastback? You might be able to get the feeling, just kinda-sorta, by grabbing this 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe in a… more»