Japanese Survivor: 1968 Toyota Corona Mark II

Toyota Motor Sales USA set up shop in California in 1957. As their network grew slowly in the U.S., the Corona would be introduced eight years later. It was designed with American drivers in mind and would quickly become… more»

No Reserve: 1971 Chang Jiang CJ750

When a seller advertises any classic vehicle and states that it could serve as a project or yard art, you know that you are dealing with something that will require a significant commitment. That is the case with this… more»

Prized Panhead: 1965 Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide

With snow either on the ground or in the forecast for many readers, shouldn’t we be seeing snowmobiles? Well, yes, but why not motorcycles as well? While winter is the prime time to enjoy those SnoRunners, Phazers, and Enticers,… more»

1 of 1: 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback S-Code

The Ford Mustang was in its fifth full year of production in 1969. The car received its most extensive restyle that year, but it was still clearly a Mustang in appearance. Out of 300,000 Mustangs built for 1969, just… more»

Rarest in the World? 1983 Jeep Honcho J10 4×4

This 1983 Jeep J10 Honcho is said to be quite the desirable piece of kit, according to the seller, who pegs it as being one of the rarest trucks in the world at the moment. There are a few… more»

Drives Like New! 1973 Imperial Two-Door Hardtop

The ’73 Imperial boasts “Cigar lighters for everyone,” according to the seller, and owning this Imperial, or any Imperial for that matter, seems like a good reason to take up cigar smoking… regardless of gender. This 1973 Imperial LeBaron… more»

Very Rare 1933 Continental Beacon Hot-Rod

Well, I learn something new every day – which isn’t a bad way to go through life, and today’s knock on the noggin is the discovery of the Continental Beacon such as this 1933 example, who knew? Some of… more»

Twin 998cc Ninja-Power! Crazy 1990 Toyota MR2

And now, for something completely different, an MR2 with two motorcycles on its buttocks. That is correct; wearing a Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R on each hip, the 1990 Toyota MR2 in Roundup, Montana may not be the only such… more»

V8 Powered! 1937 Packard Super Eight Sedan

You can’t always tell a book (or in this case a 1937 Packard) by its cover. Who would’ve thought that underneath that original 85-year-old paint and interior and overall stock appearance lies a small block V8, automatic transmission, and… more»

One-Owner 454 V8: 1973 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Already a popular car, the Chevy Monte Carlo took off with the redesign of 1973. All of GM’s intermediate cars got a new platform that adopted Colonnade styling with a pillared roofline but frameless door glass. Sales shot to… more»

Les Brown’s Renowned 1956 Continental Mark II

OK, who remembers Les Brown and His Band of Renown? Well, not me exactly (I’m old but not that old) but I do remember, as a kid, when Dean Martin’s show was on the tube and Les Brown was… more»

1 of 44: 1992 Panoz Roadster

Panoz is a brand most of us don’t think of often, but they’ve been building some pretty radical cars for the last 30 years. Their first model was this Roadster, introduced in 1992, which means this is a first-year… more»

Lot Of Five Honda CT70s!

When it comes to transportation, we have different tastes and desires. Some of us want to go fast, others want to be seen, then there are those of us that just want to have fun. If you find yourself… more»

350 V8 Survivor: 1972 Buick Skylark

As a mid-size automobile, the Buick Skylark was produced over two generations from 1964-72. It was usually a top-seller for the GM division and was trimmed similarly to Oldsmobile’s Cutlass and Cutlass Supreme. The 1970-72 “notchback” editions are some… more»

High Quality Driver: 1981 Pontiac Trans Am

Too often, vintage muscle car builders obsess over the engine and don’t seemingly pay much attention to the other major systems that can impact actual driving enjoyment. I get it – these are straight line machines – but there’s… more»

Flying Fishbowl! 1980 AMC Pacer

American Motors was an automaker that would think out of the box as needed to stay relevant. A case-in-point is the oddball 1970-77 Gremlin, while another is the 1975-80 Pacer. The latter was an upside-down bathtub-shaped compact that had… more»