Adventures in Babysitting: 1989 Buick Electra/LeSabre Estate

Though this car conjures up memories of a movie that truly terrified young me of getting lost in the city, I can’t help but love it. While the car in the move Adventures in Babysitting is a 1987, they are very similar and are the same body style. The naming designation for these cars was based on trim level, so depending on the level they were designated as either a LeSabre or Electra Estate. This wagon has 56,211 original miles and can be found here on eBay in Missouri with bidding at $9,000 and no reserve. 

The seller is a collector of Buicks of this era, and this wagon has spent much of its life in the hands of collectors. This accounts for the excellent condition and low miles. Because it is low-mile and has been taken care of, the interior seems to be in like-new condition and the current owner seems to be keeping it that way. Though not pictured, the third row and cargo area are said to be in like-new condition, and I believe it. Thanks to the three rows of seats and the large cargo area, this Buick would undoubtedly be a great family hauler.



Though it is a little hard to tell in the pictures, this Buick has the iconic faux woodgrain that is almost a requirement on a GM wagon of this era. While I think I would prefer it in a more contrasting paint color, it doesn’t get much more “Buick wagon” than this! Though the factory available alloy wheels are more flattering to these cars, the wire wheel covers and white stripe tires really suit it quite well. The seller seems to like this car a lot, and I agree that even this color scheme stands out against the neutral colors of today’s vehicles!

A summary of the ad would be to say that everything that can be nice, is nice. Everything you expect to be bad, such as bumper fillers, isn’t. The original owner returned this Buick to the dealer from which it was purchased, who happened to be owned by a collector who realized what a gem this old wagon was and kept it in his collection until the current owner was able to purchase it. Hopefully, this example of a once-common car will find its way into the hands of yet another collector who will enjoy and maintain it as it deserves.


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  1. hank

    It’s a nice long car. But I was selling buicks in 84, and we had NO long cars with faux wood trim–and no Lesabres either. just Electra Estate Wagons.

  2. Billy

    Adventures in Babysitting, Elizabeth Shue! A young and stunning girl of the era. She rocked my world. Cars okay, but lets discuss Lizzie!

    • z28th1s

      True statement!

  3. rdc

    We had the Olds version of this body style. On eo f my wife/s favorite cars.

  4. rdc

    We had the Olds version of this body style. One of my wife’s favorite cars.

  5. Stu

    I really miss the big wagons. They had style unlike today’s Subservient Utilitarian Vehicles. You could haul the entire family or a truckload of lumber. If only you could mount a plow…hmm

  6. Paul Lanting

    Very nice wagon but I believe the price it a little too much. About $5000 too much. Probably because it’s being sold by a dealer.

  7. CMARV

    I would bet it has a 307 Olds motor . Ewwwe.. I’ll stick with a 94-96 Roadmaster . I won’t say LS swap , nope , won’t say it .

    • Dan

      Agreed. I had one of these with the 307. Fuel economy of an 8 with the power of a 4. Absolutely hated that engine.

    • Charlie Giggles

      And that’s why my 1979 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham rocks an LQ4, bored .030″ over with fully worked aluminum heads and a big fat cam.

  8. Ron

    “Beautiful leather interior”, so why the towels over the driver’s seat and the back seats?

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Based on the condition of the car as a whole, low mileage, and condition of the uncovered seats, it is a pretty safe guess that the seats are nice under the towels. Have you ever known someone who keeps the furniture in their house covered with a durable cloth cover because they would rather keep it nice than enjoy it? Same idea at work here!

  9. Utes

    @ hank…….
    Though this is from the ’88 brochure, ’89 model’s were similarly available…..

  10. Tommy

    I had three of these all with the Olds motor. each one the intake gasket rotted out dis-similar metals, all three in different corners. good thing was to remove the intake you do not need to remove the distributor.

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