Wooden Wonder: 1949 International Station Wagon

Seems like wood is everywhere these days. I have found wood-sided, or woodies, from Pontiac, Ford, Buick, Chrysler (both wagon and sedan) and now International. And this 1949 International KB-1 woodie wagon has been a bit of everywhere too,… more»

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Barn Resurrected! 1971 Dodge Challenger

I haven’t been following the old (original) Dodge Challenger all that closely, especially since Dodge has put up such a media blitz on the endless variations that possess the current Challenger. And since the current Challenger (and every copy… more»

Last One Remaining? 1959 Commer Wagon

Well, this review is going to be a bit like a, “Who done it?” as we review an unusual vehicle today. Real barn finds are always a hit, especially when it is a vaunted, valuable car, something well known,… more»

Black Beauty! 1973 AMC Pierre Cardin AMX

When I think of the name Pierre Cardin I think of either Haute Couture, you know the kind of threads no normal, mortal individual can actually squeeze into, or existential, minimalist design. When I learned that there was a… more»

Driveway Find: 1971 Buick Riviera

The year 1971 was a big one for GM. The full-sized “B” body cars became even fuller-sized, the Vega (and its on-going saga) was introduced and power started to trend downwards in compliance with the newly legislated Clean-Air Act…. more»

Survivor Driver: 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II

Styling is always subjective. What one likes, another will consider ugly. Some say It’s stately! while others say It’s Goofy! It’s tough to be absolute in the matter of appearance. With that thought in mind, I find that Plymouth… more»

Real Barn Find! 1967 Ford Ranchero With 390 Engine

Sometimes the words “Barn Find” mean something old, a car usually, that has been found stored away in some forgotten place. We have uncovered finds in chicken coupes, pig barns, pole barns, carports, lean-tos, garages of every imaginable nature… more»

1963 Chevrolet Impala SS Barn Find

When I was about fifteen, I wanted to own a ’63 Impala SS just like this, even in this color. I imagined all sorts of things that could be done to it to make it seriously cool for street… more»

Rare Retractable Roof: 1959 Ford Skyliner

Talk about being ahead of the curve, Ford with its Hide-Away-Hardtop was pretty much standing alone with the 1957 introduction of its retractable steel top “Skyliner” convertible. Produced for three years, here’s a 1959 example, the final year of… more»

Workshop Find: 1959 Fiat 600

I’ll admit it, I don’t know my Fiats. Sure, I recall them from the past, but I am not intimately familiar with their details. I remember the 128 and 850 Spyder and I was a bit surprised when the… more»

One Of 119! 1956 Crown Imperial Limousine

What looks like a cross between a Presidential parade vehicle and a mob staff car? An eight-passenger Crown Imperial, C70, four-door limousine like this 1956 example. One of only 119 produced, I believe this is the first one that… more»

Original Paint? 1935 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

The second I saw this ’35 Chevrolet Master Deluxe sedan, I wanted to find a double-breasted, pinstripe suit; grab a violin case for a Tommy Gun and head to some remote bank in Oklahoma. This Chevy just oozes the… more»

Pocket Rocket: 1991 Honda CRX Si

We review a lot of performance themed/oriented cars on Barn Finds and one marque that doesn’t make the list too often is Honda. Other than the NSX from upscale Honda brand, Acura, Honda and the term “muscle” don’t really… more»

Well-Documented: 1971 Chevrolet Nova V8

An old car with a little documentation around its origins is always exciting to find. It doesn’t need to be a rare or high-value performance model and it doesn’t need to be celebrity-owned either. Just a little evidence regarding… more»

Lightly Modified: 1971 Ford Torino 500

I really liked the ’66 and ’67 Ford Fairlane until I saw the ’68 and ’69 versions which I liked even better. I thought it interesting that Ford saw fit, as with the Mustang, to build both a notchback… more»

Barn Find Exhibit! 1957 Ford Thunderbird

When one thinks of first-generation (’55-’57) Ford Thunderbirds, an image reminiscent of a furtive Suzanne Somers piloting a white ’56 in the movie American Graffiti comes to mind or perhaps one of Amos Minter’s magnificent restorations placed under the… more»