Cool Survivor: 1962 Morris J2

It seems like panel trucks and vans are becoming more popular as restoration projects over the last year or so.  Many businesses like them because they draw lots of attention and aren’t too hard or expensive to maintain.  Even… more»

Last Of The Giants: 1977 Chrysler Town and Country

My memory of road trips in a great big wagon is a huge part of my childhood. My parents car was a green Caprice wagon with the wood paneling along the side. It was big but not quite as… more»

Three Canadian Acadians Plus A Nova

There are three Acadians in this picture and another one still in the barn. This listing is fantastic for many reasons, only one of which is the collection of vehicles and parts. It is a must read for the… more»

Librarian Driven: 1973 Grand Am 7.4L V8

I am always fascinated by the giant 2 door cars from the 60’s and 70’s. This 1973 Pontiac Grand Am isn’t as big as the Lincoln Mark V or Cadillac Eldorado from the same era but it is still a serious… more»

Milkman Special: 1965 Divco Delivery

These days the trucks used for household delivery are big and square and IMHO boring. This classic shorty multi-stop delivery truck built by the Detroit Industrial Vehicles Company (Divco) is the opposite. So much style and class, you can… more»

Big Rear Window: 1958 GMC 100

Classic trucks are hot and getting hotter by the day. I find myself drawn more and more towards picking up a 1950’s pickup and turning it into a modern street machine. The style is just so fantastic and the… more»

Needs Some TLC: 1960 Hillman Minx

This “recently discovered” 1960 Hillman Minx sits in Lindsay, Ontario Canada and must have been stored in a vacuum based on the lack of rust usually found in Canadian barn finds (I can say that, I’m Canadian). It is… more»

V8 Power: 1979 AMC Spirit AMX

I’ve always quietly liked these unique looking American beasts. There is just something about them that looks heavy, comfortable and powerful. This “true barn find” can be found here on craigslist located in Beacon Falls, CT with an asking… more»