About Scotty Gilbertson

I've always been a car nut, driving my parents crazy by calling out cars from the backseat of our '56 Pontiac as a kid and I never grew out of that. I still do that when I'm in the car by myself now, which I am for 40,000+ miles a year as an architectural photographer. I love a good road trip and I'm usually on one about 150-200 days a year. I've gravitated towards unusual vehicles in the last decade or so. I love everything related to all vehicles old, new, big, small, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, motorhomes, and boats powered by gas, diesel, hybrid, EV, pedal, etc. Any vehicle that's small and unusual catches my eye, like the Comuta-Car or Elcar Zagato, but I've recently switched from cars to motorcycles for the most part. I'm of the school of thought that any real car guy or gal can appreciate any vehicle, even if they personally have no interest in it at all.

BF Auction: 1980 Kawasaki KX250-A6

Formerly a somewhat quiet manufacturer of dirt bikes without a lot of success in that area, Kawasaki made a very loud noise with their new Uni-Trak KX250-A6 which was introduced for the 1980 model year. Rare to see today,… more»

Sports Touring Package: 1979 Ford LTD II

The LTD II was available in three body styles: a four-door sedan, a four-door wagon, and a two-door coupe as shown here. They were based on the earlier Torino and Elite and the seller has this 1979 Ford LTD… more»

Parked For 18 Years: 1983 Dodge Mirada

The personal luxury coupe was a hot item in the late-1970s and 1980s. That wasn’t the only era that they were available but everything came together to bring them to the market at that time. This 37k-mile 1983 Dodge… more»

Cheap Coupe? 1967 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental wasn’t the first car that lost out to the higher profit margin SUV trend that’s been happening for a couple of decades now, if not more. This 1967 Lincoln Continental Coupe can be found posted here… more»

Rare Pivoting Scooter: 1985 Honda Gyro S

Ranking as one of the most unusual designs in all of scooter’dom, Honda’s three-wheel Gyro series of small motorcycles are fun to ride. This 1985 Honda Gyro S TG50 scooter is something that doesn’t come up for sale that… more»

Trail Beast: 1968 Rokon Trail-Breaker 2×2

Sometimes, a person just wants to be alone. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that most of us don’t mind being alone. We don’t mind not working in an office. We like having more free… more»

Update! 11k Mile 1976 Buick Electra 225 Limited

UPDATE – This 1976 Buick Electra 225 Limited has traveled from New Hampshire down to Florida, added 111 to the odometer, gained some skinnier white wall tires, and is listed for sale again – this time here on eBay… more»

Stored 55 Years: 1956 Lincoln Premier

This 1956 Lincoln Premier hardtop coupe has been sitting since 1967 according to the seller. That’s a long time to keep this much beauty away from the public. The fender-mounted mirrors are an unusual touch and this gorgeous project… more»

Surf Wagon? 1982 AMC Concord DL Wagon

It would have been fun to be able to be a passenger on the Concord supersonic airliner that is no longer flying. Until then, although not quite as fast or luxurious, there’s this 1982 AMC Concord DL wagon. The… more»

Muscle Truck? 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota

Dodge would be a real contender for the title of having made the first muscle truck, whether it was the Dodge L’il Red Express or the much earlier 1964 Dodge D-100 Street Wedge. This 1989 Dodge Dakota may not… more»

Cheap Exotic? 1984 Maserati Biturbo 5-Speed

The term “cheap exotic car” may seem like the world’s biggest oxymoron. Maybe it should be “cheap entry to owning an exotic car”, or “a cheap way to end up in the poor house”. Truthfully, this 1984 Maserati Biturbo… more»

Western Survivor: 1974 International Scout II

We don’t normally see an International Scout with the top off for some reason. Maybe because it’s not exactly an easy one-person task to disconnect it, wrestle it off, and then store it someplace while you ride around in… more»

Soft Corinthian Velour! 1979 Chrysler Cordoba

The company that once boasted that there would never be a small Chrysler reluctantly backtracked and gave us the “smaller” 18-foot-long Cordoba. Not to mention having one of the most memorable advertising campaigns of all time. This 1979 Chrysler… more»

Last Year: 1966 Studebaker Daytona 283 V8

The last-year Canadian Daytonas are easy to recognize with the new grille and single headlights. I don’t know about you, but this car is pretty desirable for me being a last-year two-door car with a V8. The seller has… more»

Same Family 45 Years! 1977 Grand Prix

A design homerun in my opinion, this incredible time machine 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix has been in the same family since it was new. I have only owned one vehicle that long, a 1966 Yamaha YL-1 Twin Jet 100… more»

Polish Project Plane: 1953 MiG-15UTI Jet

“No, honey, I told you that I’m not buying any more old motorcycles or cars, I don’t remember mentioning not buying any Russian-built jets used by the Polish military”… The seller has this 1953 Mikoyan-Gurevich, or MiG, 15UTI training… more»