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About Scotty Gilbertson

I've always been a car nut; probably driving my parents crazy by calling out cars from the backseat of our '56 Pontiac as a kid and I never grew out of that. I still do that when I'm in the car by myself now, which I am for 40,000+ miles a year as an architectural photographer. I gave up on architecture because I love photography even more and it involves travel and we were always in the car or our camper going somewhere. I still love a road trip and I'm usually on one for about 150-200 days a year. I've gravitated towards unusual vehicles in the last decade or so. Even though I absolutely love everything related to all vehicles (old, new, big, small, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats powered by gas, diesel, hybrid, ev, pedal, etc.), anything small and unusual is really what catches my eye lately. Cars like Crosleys, King Midgets, anything AMC or Nash, first-generation Falcons - or vintage Japanese cars and even oddball, vintage EVs like the Comuta-Car or the Elcar Zagato. I'm of the school of thought that any true car guy or gal has room in their heart for any vehicle, even if they personally have no interest in it at all. Just respecting the opinions of others on the vehicles that they like and not assuming that someone else's vehicle choices are somehow inferior; that's my vision of the perfect world. Oh yeah, and I guess I should say, world peace, ending hunger, and things like that, too.. but cool, old cars first!

Stored For 31 Years: 1976 Dodge Colt Wagon

Looking literally like a captive instead of just a captive import, this 1976 Dodge Colt wagon is a barn find according to the seller. It has been parked since 1989 and that 31 years of being out of the… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

Desert Survivor: 1973 AMC Hornet

As one of a handful of somewhat unusual designs for AMC, this 1973 AMC Hornet is more on the normal side than some of their other offerings. It’s certainly less of an eye-popper than a Pacer or Gremlin, or… more»

1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon Barn Find

We don’t see a lot of Pintos that are actual barn finds but this is one of them, despite being fairly “new”. This 1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon was in a barn for 25 years and has been with… more»

Cheap Swinger? 1970 Dodge Dart For $2,800

Looking like a very nice project car, this 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger has a few issues related to the dreaded rust scourge that so many of us have dealt with our whole lives. It sure looks good in the… more»

Barn Find Flareside: 1967 Ford F-100 Pickup

This 1971 Ford F-100 Stepside, or Flareside, vacillates between trendy patina, old school surface rust, and just plain ol’ rust. It’s a barn find that the seller just cleaned up, refinished the wheels and that’s about it. This shortbox… more»

Desert Classic: 1971 AMC Gremlin

I can’t see this one lasting too long, as in being for sale too long. It’s certainly lasted a long time, 49 years so far with no end in sight. This 1971 AMC Gremlin can be found here on… more»

One-Owner! 1978 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT

How many of you have owned a vehicle for 42 years? I have but it’s a Yamaha, not a car, or a truck like this 1978 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT. This is a one-owner vehicle with just 45,000 miles… more»

1968 International 4×4 With Alaskan Camper

This is another one for Scotty G’s “Good Buy or Good-Bye” series. This truck has a lot going for it in my world. It has all four wheels scratchin’ it out for traction on or off-road, it also has… more»

Dream Bike: 1966 Honda CA77 305 Dream

As kids, we all had that one friend who always had nicer things than we did. They had nicer clothes, a nicer house, a nicer bicycle, and even more painful, a nicer motorcycle. This 1966 Honda CA77 305 Dream… more»

The Champ: 1962 Studebaker Champ Spaceside

Certainly ranking as one of the most unusual-looking pickups to come from a US manufacturer since even before Tesla’s Cybertruck, this 1962 Studebaker Champ Spaceside pickup looks like a winner. And it’s a fraction of the price as the… more»

Stored 24 Years: 1971 Mercury Comet

Having already made Comets for a dozen years through four generations, not to mention several totally different body styles and sizes, this 1971 Mercury Comet is what a lot of us automatically think of when we think of the… more»

Groovy Six-Wheeler: 1978 Dodge B200 Custom Van

Sometimes, four wheels just aren’t enough, especially in the vanning world, the world in which this 1978 Dodge B200 six-wheel van fits squarely into. It’s more than a hobby for some of these folks, it’s a culture and a… more»

23K Miles! 1939 Chevrolet Master 85 Town Sedan

I can’t help but think of the 1939 World’s Fair whenever I see a car from that year. It was such a time of looking towards the future and the anticipation of better times ahead after a horrendous financial… more»

40k Mile 1980 Renault Le Car

Even though they haven’t been made in 25 years, the Renault R5 has to be one of the most recognizable shapes and designs at least in the last half-century. It’s hard to believe that they actually could be had… more»

All-Original 5K Mile 1972 Honda CB350

There are certain vehicles that are just the right size, not too small, not too big. Ones that aren’t too slow, and aren’t too fast. They aren’t too… well, you get the point. This 1972 Honda CB350 is one… more»

Good Buy or Good-Bye? 1978 Ford Pinto Wagon

While this isn’t a woodgrain-encrusted Squire model, this 1978 Ford Pinto wagon looks like a nice one. For anyone looking for something unusual to drive to the natural foods store and park next to some random, Work-Towards-World-Peace bumpersticker’d gigantic… more»