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About Scotty Gilbertson

I've always been a car nut; probably driving my parents crazy by calling out cars from the backseat of our '56 Pontiac as a kid and I never grew out of that. I still do that when I'm in the car by myself now, which I am for 40,000+ miles a year as an architectural photographer. I gave up on architecture because I love photography even more and it involves travel and we were always in the car or our camper going somewhere. I still love a road trip and I'm usually on one for about 150-200 days a year. I've gravitated towards unusual vehicles in the last decade or so. Even though I absolutely love everything related to all vehicles (old, new, big, small, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats powered by gas, diesel, hybrid, ev, pedal, etc.), anything small and unusual is really what catches my eye lately. Cars like Crosleys, King Midgets, anything AMC or Nash, first-generation Falcons - or vintage Japanese cars and even oddball, vintage EVs like the Comuta-Car or the Elcar Zagato. I'm of the school of thought that any true car guy or gal has room in their heart for any vehicle, even if they personally have no interest in it at all. Just respecting the opinions of others on the vehicles that they like and not assuming that someone else's vehicle choices are somehow inferior; that's my vision of the perfect world. Oh yeah, and I guess I should say, world peace, ending hunger, and things like that, too.. but cool, old cars first!

No Rust And Rebuilt Engine: 1947 Nash 600

Made for nine model years, the Nash 600 was reportedly the first unit-body car that was mass-produced in the US when it debuted in 1941. This 1947 Nash 600 looks like a great project car to drive as you… more»

64k Miles: 1987 Mazda B2600 4×4

It’s rare to see a standard cab pickup these days, it seems like most of them are four-door commuter vehicles now. Even the extra-cab type of pickup seems to have gone by the wayside. Another unusual attribute about this… more»

Horsin’ Around: 1970 International Loadstar

This 1970 International Loadstar horse hauler is one heavy-duty rig just for carrying two horses around. It can be found here on eBay in Boyce, Virginia. There is a $6,500 buy-it-now price and the current bid price is just… more»

Chrysler-Powered Exotic: 1958 Facel Vega FVS

Update 9/20/19 – It’s been almost 4 years since we first featured this Facel Vega and unfortunately it still hasn’t found a good home. After selling in 2016, the car made its way to Portland, Oregon. It has now¬†been… more»

36k Mile 1985 Oldsmobile Calais Indy 500 Pace Car

Finding a one-owner low-mile car from the 1980s doesn’t turn on a lot of people who were raised in the 1960s and 1970s, or earlier, but this 1985 Oldsmobile Calais Indy 500 Pace Car is a rare car no… more»

Rare Woody Horizon: 1978 Plymouth Horizon

There are different levels of excitement than can range from mild giddiness to over-the-top jaw-dropping, with several levels in-between. Then there are levels of excitement that aren’t necessarily excitement-excitement but more of an excited-to-see-something-that-you-haven’t-seen-in-a-long-time type of excitement, if that… more»

Parked For Years: 1977 Pontiac Can Am

In sort of a blurry-lens-1940s-Hollywood-film-noir-portrait-style, the seller of this 1977 Pontiac Can Am has provided photos that are somewhat difficult to decipher. But, these are fairly rare cars to see today and this one is listed for $2,250 here… more»

French Italian Microcar: 1959 Vespa 400

Sometimes, even rough and tough car guys and gals need a hug and this 1959 Vespa 400 has its arms, I mean doors, open waiting for you. This cute little French microcar can be found here on eBay in… more»

Don’t Be Silly, Buy This 1987 Yugo GV

$500 doesn’t get you that much anymore, certainly not in the car world. Let’s see a show of hands for those of you who have spent $500 or more on a plane ticket or a suit, or hair plugs… more»

Gullwing Thing: 1990 Toyota Sera

Two or three years ago when I was in rabid vintage Japanese vehicle buying mode, I wanted a 1990 Toyota Sera like this one but I never jumped on that urge. This gullwing thing can be found here on… more»

EV To Gas Conversion? 1980 HMV Free-Way

Every so often here at Barn Finds, we see vehicles that were originally gas-powered but were converted to battery power. This 1980 HMV Free-Way is the exact opposite, it was originally an EV and was converted to having a… more»

It’s Cool To Be Square: 1972 International Travelall

This 1972 International Travelall has been stored since 2006 when the engine quit running, according to the seller. That’s not the best news, but the rest of it should be a straightforward restoration project. It can be found here… more»

Fair Farm Find? 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

The seller refers to this one as a farm find and it’ll take a major first-year Toronado fan to buy and restore this 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado given its present condition. It can be found here in the field in… more»

What Is This Car’s History? 1951 Henry J Custom

The seller of this 1951 Henry J custom thinks that it may be a prototype of some sort, possibly made for a movie star and another idea is that it may have been made for Walt Disney. Maybe one… more»

Rust-Free 1976 Plymouth Silver Duster

For the record, just to dispell any rumors or fake news that may still be lingering there, yes, this 1976 Plymouth Silver Duster really did come from the factory with white paint, Spinnaker White, to be exact. The name… more»

Chevy Volt Batteries: 1980 Jet Industries ElectraVan

“One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong”, to quote the great sage of our time: Ernie from Sesame Street. Guess which vehicle I’m going to talk about here? Yes, the… more»