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About Scotty Gilbertson

I've always been a car nut; probably driving my parents crazy by calling out cars from the backseat of our '56 Pontiac as a kid and I never grew out of that. I still do that when I'm in the car by myself now, which I am for 40,000+ miles a year as an architectural photographer. I gave up on architecture because I love photography even more and it involves travel and we were always in the car or our camper going somewhere. I still love a road trip and I'm usually on one for about 150-200 days a year. I've gravitated towards unusual vehicles in the last decade or so. Even though I absolutely love everything related to all vehicles (old, new, big, small, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats powered by gas, diesel, hybrid, ev, pedal, etc.), anything small and unusual is really what catches my eye lately. Cars like Crosleys, King Midgets, anything AMC or Nash, first-generation Falcons - or vintage Japanese cars and even oddball, vintage EVs like the Comuta-Car or the Elcar Zagato. I'm of the school of thought that any true car guy or gal has room in their heart for any vehicle, even if they personally have no interest in it at all. Just respecting the opinions of others on the vehicles that they like and not assuming that someone else's vehicle choices are somehow inferior; that's my vision of the perfect world. Oh yeah, and I guess I should say, world peace, ending hunger, and things like that, too.. but cool, old cars first!

1-Owner Rust-Free: 1979 Mazda 626

Those of us in the Midwest can only dream about finding rust-free cars like this 1979 Mazda 626. This car won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for me the fact that it even survives after… more»

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Rust-Free Wideside: 1980 GMC Sierra Short Bed

I’m always saying what a big fan I am of small trucks. That same sentiment holds true for short-box full-sized trucks like this 1980 GMC Sierra. It’s hard to believe the prices of these trucks lately,… more»

$5,500 Project Pontiac: 1974 Pontiac GTO

Get out the buffing wheel and before you know it.. er.. um.. Well, actually this 1974 Pontiac GTO hopefully isn’t as rough as it looks in the photos – both photos, as in there are only… more»

Triple Threat: 1963 Mercury Comet

Four door sedans often times get a lukewarm reception here at best. Especially meek-looking little cars such as this 1963 Mercury Comet. This one has a surprise lurking under the hood, however. And no, it’s not… more»

Sweet Stretch: 1972 Volkswagen Beetle Limo

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams are yours when you’re driving, or riding in, this champagne gold 1972 Volkswagen Beetle Limousine! This is one cool car and it’s listed on Hemmings with a $17,900 or best offer… more»

Choo-Choo SS: 1986 Chevrolet El Camino

When you say that you’re bringing home a choo-choo project to tinker with on the weekends your spouse won’t be any the wiser, at least until this 1986 Chevrolet El Camino Choo-Choo SS arrives on the… more»

$1,900 Motorhome: 1969 Travel Queen

Spring is almost here, at least visually, in the upper-Midwest where we’ve been hammered by recent snowstorms. I always get the travel bug at this time of year and this 1969 Travel Queen motorhome would be… more»

Grandma’s Car: 1981 AMC Concord

A luxury AMC seems almost like jumbo shrimp when we look back on the company and its offerings. This 1981 AMC Concord was meant to be at least somewhat luxurious, certainly much more than the Hornet… more»

Mighty Mike: 1977 Chevrolet LUV Mikado

We have seen a few Chevy LUVs here over the last few years but I have never seen this model. This is a 1977 Chevrolet LUV with both the Mikado and Mighty Mike packages. This one… more»

Evolutionary Custom: 1980 Mercury Zephyr Z7

I have always wanted to buy a car and then fly to where it’s located and drive it home. Just imagine the looks that a person would get driving this 1980 Mercury Zephyr Z7 custom home… more»

Classifieds Find: 1968 Datsun 2000

Barn Finds reader Rick H. found this 1968 Datsun 2000 in storage where it had been sitting for a year and a half following an estate sale in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – not in a flood… more»

Rust-Free 4×4: 1966 International Scout 800

I think that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that we all like Scouts, or most of us do. The rust issue always comes up when they’re shown, but how about a rust-free 1966 International… more»

Incredible Original: 1986 Mazda B2000 LX

Vehicles shown here on Barn Finds run the gamut from, well, actual barn finds, to vehicles that have been restored, restomods, crazy customs and so on. I think that one of the most popular categories would… more»