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I've always been a car nut; probably driving my parents crazy by calling out cars from the backseat of our '56 Pontiac as a kid and I never grew out of that. I still do that when I'm in the car by myself now, which I am for 40,000+ miles a year as an architectural photographer. I gave up on architecture because I love photography even more and it involves travel and we were always in the car or our camper going somewhere. I still love a road trip and I'm usually on one for about 150-200 days a year. I've gravitated towards unusual vehicles in the last decade or so. Even though I absolutely love everything related to all vehicles (old, new, big, small, cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats powered by gas, diesel, hybrid, ev, pedal, etc.), anything small and unusual is really what catches my eye lately. Cars like Crosleys, King Midgets, anything AMC or Nash, first-generation Falcons - or vintage Japanese cars and even oddball, vintage EVs like the Comuta-Car or the Elcar Zagato. I'm of the school of thought that any true car guy or gal has room in their heart for any vehicle, even if they personally have no interest in it at all. Just respecting the opinions of others on the vehicles that they like and not assuming that someone else's vehicle choices are somehow inferior; that's my vision of the perfect world. Oh yeah, and I guess I should say, world peace, ending hunger, and things like that, too.. but cool, old cars first!

Stored 34 Years: 1975 Audi 100 LS Barn Find

It’s hard to argue with the current success of Volkswagon Group’s Audi division. They’re a finely-tailored, crisply-designed line of cars and SUVs, but I’m biased as a long-time Audi owner. A car that’s always been on my wish list… more»

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4Runner Granddaddy: 1983 Toyota Trekker 4×4

We have seen a ton of Toyotas and many, many Winnebagos here on Barn Finds over the last decade, but we haven’t seen too many mashups between those two companies. One such vehicle is this 1983 Toyota Trekker, the… more»

Super Low Gear: 1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon

A lot of folks would question the wisdom of showing a car like this 1987 Honda Civic Wagon – a 4WD 6-speed cross between a van and a station wagon – here at Barn Finds, but I think it’s… more»

Stored 30 Years: 1970 Siata Spring

Certainly one of the most unusual vehicles that I have seen over the years, the Siata Spring has always looked like a kit of parts to me. I like some of the details and some don’t really work at… more»

Fastback Survivor: 1951 Dodge Wayfarer

People are funny animals. We all have different ideas of what we like and when it comes to vehicles, all bets are off. You’ll see a big, bearded burly guy driving an electric car and a short-statured person driving… more»

732 Mile Mini Trail: 1974 Honda CT70

A lot of us knew someone when we were growing up, that one spoiled kid who seemed to have everything. They had all of the newest and best snowmobiles, bikes, minibikes, and yes, they went on to get a… more»

Barn Wedge: 1980 Triumph TR7 Convertible

It would be eye-opening, to say the least, to come across a 30th Anniversary Edition 1980 Triumph TR7 convertible sitting in a barn, unused for 33 years. That’s what happened when the current owner found this one back in… more»

Pasture Find: 1970 Plymouth Duster

The seller calls this 1970 Plymouth Duster a pasture find and they say that it was sitting for 25 years, but it looks far too nice for that. It must have been one nice, dry pasture. They have it… more»

Rust-Free Estate Find: 1982 Jeep J10 4X4 4-Speed

I have mentioned before that the Pacific Northwest corner of the US is my favorite place to find rust-free vehicles. They typically don’t use salt on the roads there and if it’s far enough from the ocean, salt in… more»

1-Of-500: 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT Turbo!

It’s hard to believe that a car like this 1989 Dodge Shelby CSX-VNT was based on Chrysler’s ubiquitous K-car platform, but it was. I have only owned two K-car-based vehicles, a LeBaron Convertible and a Dodge Mini Ram Van,… more»

Up Country Package: 1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Jeep knows a thing or two about special editions and trim packages, maybe more than most vehicle makers. The Cherokee had no less than a dozen different factory trim levels or packages that a buyer could check on the… more»

One Owner 1986 Oldsmobile Firenza Wagon

This 1986 Oldsmobile Firenza wagon isn’t a muscle car or exotic… anything, really, but it’s a loved one-owner car and it appears to be in great condition. This 34-year-old wagon can be found here on eBay in West Warwick,… more»

Pampered Pop-Up: 1974 Toyota Hilux Chinook

The lure of the open road has never been more appealing for a lot of us than it is right now in this crazy year. Most of us thought that we would be content with staying close to home… more»

Crate Find: Never Opened 1986 Honda FourTrax!

The hair is standing up on the back of my neck looking at this 1986 Honda FourTrax ATV. It wouldn’t normally be but this one is still in the crate! And, in case you think that I’m way overreacting,… more»

Stored 20 Years: 1964 Buick Electra 225 Ragtop

The last year for the second-generation Buick Electra, this 1964 Buick Electra 225 convertible has been stored in a dry garage for the last two decades and it looks like a fun, drivable weekend project car. The seller has… more»

Power Wagon: 1981 Ford Fairmont EV Wagon

Those of you who are unfortunate enough to know me either personally or online, know that a car like this 1981 Ford Fairmont EV wagon really turns my crank, even though this one doesn’t have a crank. Or an… more»