Pole Barn Find! 1972 AMC Javelin AMX

Dusty and downtrodden, this once-shiny American Motors Corporation Javelin AMX seeks a new owner here on eBay after what appears to be decades of wanton neglect. The opening bid of $3,000 has yet to be cast for this vehicular… more»

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Only 15k Miles? 1971 Pontiac Trans Am 455 H.O. 4-Speed

Attention:  Fans of Pontiac’s sporty and powerful Trans Am, especially those with a weak constitution, please take a comfortable seat and reconsider reading this article in its entirety. What you are about to see and read may cause unpleasant… more»

Known History! 1961 Corvette Cruiser

Contrary to alternate opinions, some cars improve through deviations from stock. Witness this 1961 Chevrolet Corvette in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During a lengthy tenure with its current owner, at least two major overhauls notably improved its performance. Anyone who… more»

Super Clean And Loaded: 1977 Mercury Cougar XR-7

Full-sized cars of the ’70s rarely get much attention, but this 1977 Mercury Cougar XR-7 in Bellbrook, Ohio demands a second look for multiple reasons. First, it’s got beautiful paint; look at the shine on this barn-find beauty! Second,… more»

Storied Vintage Racer! 1929 Ford Roadster

Vintage racing cars stimulate sensations and conversations that today’s 500+ HP techno-beasts can never approach. For every advance that adds comfort and safety to the driving experience, more visceral qualities of fast driving fade into history. This 1929 Ford… more»

Barely Enjoyed! 11,765 mile 1971 Chevy Malibu

This 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu near Berkeley Heights, New Jersey has barely been enjoyed! Paper and photographic evidence support the seller’s claim that it’s covered fewer than 12,000 miles in its lifetime. The question of why one or more… more»

Finish Your Way! 1969 Charger R/T 440 Project

It’s hard to beat a ’69 Charger for mass appeal. Here’s one in Sacramento, California, a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T with a non-original 440 cid (7.2L) V8 that runs from a gas can. What looks like rattle-can white overlays… more»

Original K code! 1964 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe

Drag racers rarely come with their original engine block, but this one does! Buy this 1964 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe in Islip Terrace, New York and you’ll get what remains from the car’s tenure as a eighth-mile contender. Do… more»

Pining for Restoration! 1957 Chevy “Post”

Calling out from a piney grave in Hensonville, New York, this 1957 Chevrolet two-door sedan or “post” car seeks a new owner with a listing here on eBay. Optimistically listed as a “restoration project,” only extraction from the forest… more»

Big Block C-10! Updated 1965 Chevy Pickup

This hot little C-10 blends the popular short-bed first-generation C-10 body with the power and technology of a 21st-century daily driver. Offered here on eBay, the 1965 Chevrolet C-10 features a 454 cid (7.4L) crate motor and four-speed overdrive… more»

Chicken Barn Find! 1939 Packard Six

If you don’t know much about the Packard Motor Car Company, challenge yourself to learn more! Packard represented a product from America, an upstart nation of trouble-makers with (at the time) fewer than two centuries of history under its… more»

Pierre Cardin Project: 1972 AMC Javelin SST

Nothing says “American Muscle” more than an Italian fashion designer. Wait, what? American Motors Corporation’s sporty Javelin appealed to drivers who didn’t mind being considered somewhat, uh, “different.” So, if fender peaks sticking above the hood line weren’t strange… more»

Worth Restoring? 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

Few cars count more fans than a big block Chevelle with a four-speed. This 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Lexington, North Carolina has neither of those things, but it used to! Who can blame the seller for trying to… more»

Parked In ’75! One-Owner 1969 Ford Torino 428CJ

UPDATE 11/18/2019 – This Cobra Jet Torino has resurfaced, this time as a no reserve auction and with different photos. It’s currently bid up to $8,200 and can be found here on eBay. FROM 2/07/2019 – The seller pulled… more»

Solid Gold Stroker! 1972 Chevelle Malibu

Epic car stories sometimes begin with someone’s lead-footed Grandma who ordered and babied her beloved hot rod. Later in life, the elderly driver passes the torch to a lucky drooling teenager who either (A.) Continues a tradition as the… more»

Sweet 389 Four-speed Pontiac! 1963 Grand Prix

Pontiac’s Grand Prix made a statement in ’63, and the sales brochure described it as having “an air of being able to cope with anything it might encounter.” This 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix in Tucson, Arizona features a listing… more»