Two Car Deal! 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle and SS396

There’s no faster way to become a ’66 Chevelle collector that buying two at the same time! This pair of aces in Rushville, New York could enrich the hand of the gambler willing to take on two cars for… more»

Blank Canvas: Uncut 1968 Ford Bronco

Rivaling “Mopar Madness” in recent years, “Bronco Madness” certainly has every first-generation Bronco on the planet finding its way to the market. Popular versions range from factory perfection to fully-modernized magnificence, either appreciating with more vigor than the Dow… more»

High Tech Driver! Injected 1971 Volvo P1800E

Enthusiasts feeling demoted from “Driver” to “Destination Selector” by new car technology might consider this dark green pill as the ultimate antidote. The 1971 Volvo P1800E in Canterbury, Connecticut comes with some uncommonly modern technology for its day, including… more»

Four-Speed GTO! 1964 Pontiac Hardtop

This red-primered 1964 Pontiac GTO in Washingtonville, New York requires no introduction. Enthusiasts will spot the “GTO” badges on all sides from a mile away, and most know that’s Italian for Gran Turismo Omologato.  If you see potential, check… more»

Farm Truck! 1968 Chevrolet C-10

Perfectly faded, dented, and showing some surface rust, this RWD 1968 Chevrolet C-10 in Upland, Indiana shows the honest lumps and scars of a quintessential American workhorse. You don’t get a dent like that left rear without having some… more»

Mark of Cool: 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

At the end of a long day, there’s no better medicine that stepping out to the parking lot knowing you’re the high-rolling owner of a fine ride like this. Open the nine-foot long door, slip onto the mammoth leather… more»

20 Years In The Barn: 1955 Willys CJ-5 Jeep

With a production run from 1955 to 1983, the Willys (later Jeep) CJ-5’s tenure on the new-car market is hard to beat. This 1955 Willy CJ-5 in Fort Collins, Colorado seeks a new owner here on Facebook Marketplace, where… more»

Red Over Orange? 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

For the final year of its popular second-generation Charger, Dodge left well-enough alone, changing little other than the grille, going with this full chrome surround. This purported genuine R/T, a 1970 Dodge Charger in Ivanhoe, North Carolina, wears a… more»

Todd’s Garage: 1972 BMW 2002 tii Project

Before the birth of the iconic 3-series, BMW’s 2002 defined the now-popular class of two-door sports sedans. Parked since at least 2007, this 1972 BMW 2002 tii found a home in my garage after a friend decided it needed… more»

Original Muscle Car: 1964 Pontiac GTO

The muscle car starts here. Many credit Pontiac’s 1964 GTO with igniting the classic muscle car craze, a formula defined as a sport-minded model built primarily by jamming the motor from a full-sized car into a mid-sized body. This… more»

Restorable?! 1970 Plymouth Road Runner 383

Any car is “restorable” if cost and effort is no barrier. Reviewing the eBay listing for this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, its relative completeness stands out as truly remarkable. It’s rare to find a N96 “Air… more»

1967 Ford Mustang “Eleanor” Movie Car For Sale!

What’s the big deal about a ’67 Mustang with a crate motor? Well, OK, this one, Eleanor, did appear in the 2000 Nicolas Cage movie Gone in 60 Seconds which did single-handedly spawn a cottage industry making Elanor clones…. more»

1 of 7: 1966 Plymouth Belvedere 440 4-Speed Wagon

Wagons from the 1960s with giant motors are not highly unusual, as the wagon made a supreme tow vehicle for family vacations with travel trailers of various sizes. Thrifty-minded wagon owners would often choose the three-speed column-shifted manual transmission… more»

5th Wheel Hauler! 1987 Ford E350 Cabriolet

Tailor-made for hauling fifth-wheel trailers in style, this professionally-modified 1987 Ford E350 Cabriolet van in Quincy, Illinois comes to market with plenty of miles left to cover. Customized directly from the factory by Cabriolet conversions in Constantine, Michigan, the… more»

South-African Beauty! 1964 GSM Flamingo

And now, for something completely different, a lovely yellow 1964 GSM Flamingo! This elegant lightweight mini-GT car began life in South Africa where GSM (Glass Sport Motors) built two models, the Dart then the Flamingo, from 1958 until 1964…. more»

No Reserve! 1981 Imperial with EFI

The flagship 1981 Imperial mixed retro styling cues with groundbreaking technology. This low-mileage specimen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida comes to market here on eBay in a No Reserve auction that’s enticed at least eight bidders to bump the price… more»