So Beautiful Yet So Different: 1936 Ford C10 Phaeton

There were many reasons why we broke away from England during the American Revolution.  One of these was the land itself.  America was so vast and geographically… more»

Handsome Bargain: 1939 Nash LaFayette

While we live in a world populated by a handful of automakers, that wasn’t always the case.  Inspired by the multiple divisions of General Motors, automakers who… more»

Coming Up Short: 1966 King Midget

Post World War II was an incredible time for America.  If you had an idea, and the courage to share it with the world, then chances are… more»

Only One Thing Wrong: 1969 Corvette Convertible

There are few automobiles more stunningly shaped than early C3 Corvettes.  Drawing heavily from the Mako Shark II show car’s styling, chrome bumper third generation Corvettes are… more»

Meant For A Metalworking Michelangelo: 1941 Willys Coupe

Look at any old school drag racing pictures and you are likely to see a few prewar Willys coupes.  Compact, lightweight, and good looking, these cars were… more»

Big Block Hauler: 1970 El Camino SS

Unfortunately for all of us who might like to purchase one, car based pickup trucks have gone the way of the ivory billed woodpecker here in America. … more»

29,999 Original Miles: 1940 Ford Standard Coupe

The amazing thing about the old car market is that great cars pop up all the time.  Just when you think all the solid, rust free cars… more»

Compromises and Financial Sacrifice: 1964 Porsche 356C

By any measure, Porsche 356s are iconic cars.  Their evolution, from the first roadsters  in 1948 to their eventual replacement by the 911 in 1965, spanned seventeen… more»

Bargains Are Still Out There: 1969 Corvette

Why is it that every time I am broke (all the time) and/or already waist deep in a project, a great car comes along for a bargain… more»

Learning To Love Brown: 1979 Camaro

It never ceases to amaze me when great cars miraculously appear in the want ads decades after they were produced.  Most cars are used up by their… more»

The Price Of Plain Originality: 1965 Mustang Coupe

We have all heard the overused statement that a car is original only once.  This is usually followed by a verbal overview of why this originality should… more»

Possible Start Of Another Bubble: 1958 Corvette

It is interesting to see how the collector car market will almost instantaneously create incredible demand for certain cars.  Take for example the Porsche 911 market.  A… more»

Slow Sales Stunner: 1980 Dodge Mirada

In 1980, personal luxury coupes were one of the major breadwinners in every manufacturer’s portfolio.  Of those manufacturers, the Chrysler Corporation needed loads of that bread to… more»