2025 Motorcycle Cannonball Candidate: 1926 Indian Chief

As I write this, 77 intrepid riders are riding vintage motorcycles across the United States competing in the 2023 Motorcycle Cannonball.  This biannual event is limited to motorcycles manufactured up to 1933 with limited modifications for the two-week plus… more»

A Long Winter’s Project: 1948 Royal Enfield Model J2

Even though summer still has us in its red-hot clutches, the inevitability of time assures us that winter is just around the corner.  It is during that time that folks north of the snow belt migrate into their garages… more»

What Year Is This Chevrolet Corvair Estate Auction Car?

One thing we can count on here at Barn Finds is the incredible depth of knowledge of our readers.  Much like CIA photo analysts clustered around an image patiently digging for clues, our readers can correctly identify every possible… more»

Patina You Can’t Fake: 1945 Harley-Davidson

In years past, collectors would put a lot of time and effort into restoring nearly every collectible vehicle to showroom new condition as a matter of course.  Leaving a vehicle with faded and chipped paint, torn upholstery, and a… more»

Seldom Seen Honcho: 1979 Jeep J10 Pickup

When you think of full-size domestic pickup trucks, Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge are what you see in your head.  While there are now many options for a pickup, both foreign and domestic, for decades there was another made-in-America choice. … more»

Coveted and Complicated: 1937 Cord Beverly Sedan

In the hierarchy of collectible automobiles, few makes are more revered than Cord.  Part of the fabled Auburn Automobile Company, Cord was the automaker’s technology leader with such innovations as front-wheel drive and hidden headlights.  Decades later, every single… more»

Former Imperial Palace Rarity: 1915 Ford Coupelette

Believe it or not, folks used to need a break from gambling at a few of Nevada’s most famous casinos.  While the opportunities are varied and amazing now, guests at Harrah’s and The Imperial Palace back in the day… more»

Immaculate Original or Older Restoration? 1937 Plymouth Coupe

We are currently in the period of time where the eighties and nineties era automobile restorations are emerging from long slumbers and being advertised as original.  This is most likely not being done as a subterfuge.  Rather, a lot… more»

Straight Eight And Solid: 1949 Packard Super 8

The Packard Motor Car Company’s slogan was “Ask the man who owns one.”  While the last person to purchase a new Packard off the showroom floor has probably already left the building like Elvis, there is still a chance… more»

Lots of Car to Love: 1948 Chrysler New Yorker

Some people believe that form should always follow function.  Nobody in the auto industry believed that more than Kaufman Thuma Keller, the leader of the Chrysler Corporation in both the late prewar and early postwar era.  This 1948 Chrysler… more»

Collectible Yet? 1986 Ford F150 Pickup

Barn Finds is one of the few classic and collectible vehicle websites that features everything from sub $1,000 junkyard rejects to the occasional six-figure rarity.  This diversity makes for a lot of interesting write-ups, but it also raises the… more»

Milestone Car in Pieces: 1950 Jaguar XK120

Many of us remember a unique old car that showed up occasionally in our hometowns.  Specifically, something special that stood out among the same old cars on the road.  In my childhood, I would occasionally see a Porsche 356… more»

Boomers Got These Right: 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Across our great land, the “OK boomer” battle cry is the latest salvo in the culture war between baby boomers and later generations.  While this is not the time to take sides, nor is it the proper forum, I… more»

$3,990 New, $4,995 Now: 1988 Yugo GV

Those of us who lived through the eighties all remember the TV commercials for “the lowest-priced car in America.”  That car was the Yugo.  The Yugo was a Yugoslav copy of a Fiat 124 sedan, and its base price… more»

Rare Inline-Six Roadster: 1969 MG MGC

The Austin Healey 3000 was a beloved and beautiful roadster with legions of fans on both sides of the Atlantic.  One of its most admired features was the smooth inline six-cylinder engine under its hood.  When that car’s production… more»

Stored Fifty Years: 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

One of the most popular clothing stores in the nineties was Old Navy.  Somehow, they managed to position a postwar Chevrolet “Advanced Design” pickup in nearly every store.  All of them were painted navy blue with Old Navy emblazoned… more»