California Dreaming: 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe

At one time, California was the epicenter of everything cool.  Hollywood, Disneyland , hot rods, and surfing were all synonymous with the Golden State.  Nowadays, the news… more»

Motion Modified? Custom 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

When it came to custom Corvettes in the seventies, you had two options: all show or all go. Usually, it was all show. The independent rear Corvette… more»

Diamond In The Snow: 1937 Ford Pickup

Chances are that when this tale finds you, the latest snowmageddon will be working its way across our great land.  While most of us will be snuggled… more»

Hexed Hauler: 1952 Ford F3 Pickup

Ever have a project that just seemed like it had a hex on it?  Well, the seller of this 1952 Ford F3 pickup, found for us on… more»

Fork In The Road: 1940 Ford Deluxe Tudor

Once upon a time, a poet once threw some words together about encountering a fork in the road.  As the lines between hot rods and restored cars… more»

Battered Barn Find: 1934 Ford Five Window Coupe

For such a practical company, Ford certainly found a way to produce some of the most beautiful cars of the prewar era.  Even after these Fords ended… more»

Great Starter Classic: 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

If you have attended a car show lately, it is obvious that there are a lot more people looking at cars then there are people showing cars. … more»

Buried In The Garage: 1950 Ford F1 Pickup

If you are a car buff of any note, then you are aware that last week was auction week in Arizona. From the spectacle that is Barrett-Jackson… more»

Battling Hershey Mud: 1978 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

In a few previous stories, I have written about my grandparents and their Cadillacs.  Earlier this week, I wrote about their 1973 Coupe deVille and a number… more»

See The USA Part Two: 1940 Plymouth Coupe

If you read my previous story, See The USA Part One: 1935 Plymouth, then you are aware of my goofy idea to purchase a prewar coupe, complete… more»

Stored Since The 70s: 1935 Plymouth Coupe

Nobody is better at perusing classified ads for cars and dreaming up ways to squander what little money I have to purchase them.  To justify the (usually)… more»

My First Road Trip: 1973 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

A few weeks ago I wrote a story about a gorgeous 1950 Cadillac coupe and touched on how Cadillac had lost their way.  Well, I guess Cadillac’s… more»

Solid $2,900 Project: 1947 Ford Flatbed

2019 may well end up being the year of antique and classic vehicle bargains.  2018 saw falling process in a number of areas to the point that… more»

Standard Of The World: 1950 Cadillac Club Coupe

I am sad to report that another Cadillac general manager has been released from his duties and the brand is, yet again, adrift in the marketplace.  For… more»

Funny Face: 1941 Ford Tudor Sedan

While the 1940 Ford was a home run styling wise, the 1941 model was still a good looking car.  The problem is that it has always lived… more»

The Butcher’s Hot Rod: 1938 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup

Sadly, a lot of older cars for sale on the internet are the victims of well-intentioned butchers.  Yes, I said butchers.  Nothing about hot rodding a car… more»

Falling From The Sky: 1939 Crosley Convertible

One of the best lines in the epic movie “The Three Amigos” was El Guapo’s exasperated cry, “Are gringos falling from the sky?”  Well, it certainly seems… more»

Missing Peter Egan: 1978 Citroen 2CV Acadiane

Like many of our writers here at Barn Finds, I have Peter Egan to blame for part of my automotive obsession.  Egan, who recently retired from both… more»

$1,000 Running Classic: 1941 Oldsmobile Sedan

If you are like me, you often find yourself wandering around the want ads for old cars and dreaming of scooping up bargain classics.  It is funny… more»

World War II Sacrifices: 1939 Crosley

The somber yet beautiful funeral for former President George Herbert Walker Bush reminds us that the number of World War II veterans is rapidly diminishing.  This generation… more»

Big 10 For You: 1980 Chevrolet Big 10 Pickup

Everyone likes clean air.  The problem in the seventies was that the rather rapid implementation of clean air standards forced manufacturers to come up with complicated fixes… more»

Fluid Driving: 1947 Dodge Deluxe Sedan

The Chrysler Corporation had a reputation for engineering excellence that started at the company’s birth.  This reputation reached its zenith with the innovative Airflow, but the car’s… more»

Small Bargain: 1948 Crosley Convertible

Powell Crosley had the great idea of introducing economy cars to the American consumer on a large scale.  The only problem the appliance magnate had was that… more»

A Lotta Little Things: 1941 Mercury Sedan

As sad as it is to say, interest is waning among enthusiasts when it comes to prewar cars.  While a number of blue-chip collectibles are holding their… more»