World War II Sacrifices: 1939 Crosley

The somber yet beautiful funeral for former President George Herbert Walker Bush reminds us that the number of World War II veterans is rapidly diminishing.  This generation… more»

Big 10 For You: 1980 Chevrolet Big 10 Pickup

Everyone likes clean air.  The problem in the seventies was that the rather rapid implementation of clean air standards forced manufacturers to come up with complicated fixes… more»

Fluid Driving: 1947 Dodge Deluxe Sedan

The Chrysler Corporation had a reputation for engineering excellence that started at the company’s birth.  This reputation reached its zenith with the innovative Airflow, but the car’s… more»

Small Bargain: 1948 Crosley Convertible

Powell Crosley had the great idea of introducing economy cars to the American consumer on a large scale.  The only problem the appliance magnate had was that… more»

A Lotta Little Things: 1941 Mercury Sedan

As sad as it is to say, interest is waning among enthusiasts when it comes to prewar cars.  While a number of blue-chip collectibles are holding their… more»

Better Than Real: Beck 550 Spyder Recreation

Think of 1953 through 1956 automobiles.  Sporty is not a word you would use to describe 99% of them.  This was the time when sports cars began… more»

Adios Family Heirloom: 1939 Chevrolet Tudor

As older generations pass from the Earth, heirs are left to deal with their worldly possessions.  Sometimes they share the same values and likes, and heirlooms like… more»

Fixing Up An Investment: 1987 Trans Am GTA

We all wish we had a crystal ball to predict which cars will explode in value in the coming years.  If the past gives us any clues,… more»

Barn Find Archaeology: 1935 Ford 3-Window Coupe

Old barn find hot rods are our version of an archaeological dig.  Looking at the parts and pieces and the changes made can tell an educated eye… more»

Low Priced Pretty Project: 1946 Mercury

All of us want to own an expensive collector car that just knocks everyone out with its beauty and value.  However, there are an ever increasing number… more»

Tragedy Unfolded: 1939 Ford Convertible Sedan

Sometimes it is hard to do this job.  We see so many cars that have been abused and neglected that we kind of become numb to the… more»

The Definition Of Desirability: 1932 Ford Roadster

If you were to assemble a collection of the most influential cars in our history, a 1932 Ford should be included.  While the timeless good looks of… more»

52 Years Of Ownership: 1948 Mercury Coupe

Sometimes our possessions become intertwined with our lives.  We grow attached to some material object to the point we cannot let go.  With cars, these feelings make… more»

Woody On The Inside: 1932 Plymouth Coupe

One of the best kept secrets in the classic car world is just how wonderful a vintage four cylinder Plymouth is.  Built from 1928 through 1932, these… more»

Get A Tetanus Shot First: 50s Dodge Dually

Sometimes we are too stuffy when it comes to our projects.  Everything has to be perfect.  New parts here.  Over restored parts there.  We kep up until… more»

Defining Original: 1939 Ford DeLuxe Fordor

Of all the words used to describe collectible cars in ads, “original” comes up most. Original is a great term to use, but the definition of original… more»

Great Grand Daddy’s Barn Find: 1920 Dodge Touring

While it seems we cover our fair share of thirties era cars here on Barn Finds, rarely does a car from the twenties show up that isn’t… more»

Abandoned Project: 1963 Corvair Coupe

What more can you say about the Corvair?  General Motors American answer to the Volkswagen Beetle was a moderate success.  That is, until lawyer and political activist… more»

Model Year Mystery: 1942 (?) Mercury Convertible

An old car will occasionally present perspective buyers with a mystery.  Take for example this 1942 Mercury convertible, currently for sale on eBay in Stillwater, New Jersey. … more»

Rough Parts Of Town Car: 1935 Brewster Town Car

A person can spend their entire life researching the incredible number of failed automakers in America.  Most had good ideas to bring to market, but the realities… more»

38 Year Slumber: 1931 Ford Model A Town Sedan

It is hard not to love Model A Fords.  While the Model T was meant to be nothing more than basic transportation, the Model A was designed… more»

Barn Find Lizzie: 1926 Ford Model T

As visionary as Henry Ford was, we would still be driving Model T Fords if he had his way.  Perhaps, like Dr. Frankenstein’s realization that his creation… more»

Five Window Puzzle: 1934 Ford Five Window Coupe

Every restoration starts with disassembly.  This is sort of like having dessert before dinner.  It is fun to take things apart, and it doesn’t require a lot… more»

Pretty Plymouth: 1934 Plymouth Sedan

In the thirties, if you wanted a fast car without spending a fortune, then you picked up a Ford.  However, if you wanted an economical car with… more»