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Barn Fresh And Very Rusty 1967 Firebird


Like many of you, I love early Camaros and Firebirds and sure wish I could afford one today. This incredibly complete and original looking ’67 is really well equipped, sporting the 326 engine, a four speed, PosiTraction and even, according to the owner, the optional Sprint suspension. Other than that the seller offers very little description, so we don’t know how this car got into storage, for how long, how many miles are on it, etc. But maybe the loads of pictures make up for the lack of description, and pictures do tell a story of an incredibly badly stored vehicle with a huge amount of rust.


Check out that rear bumper – literally rusted away – and the scary looking engine. Admittedly, the car looks pretty complete, as the owner says, still has original plug wires and bias ply tires (but what good are they after all these years anyway?)


This car must have been stored in a concrete bunker as the moisture damage is severe.


The interior even looks wet in this picture. Seriously, look at the driver’s seat. Doesn’t that look like water to you? Maybe they washed it before taking the photos and didn’t roll the windows up.


Any buyer will doubtless be in for major body work and I can only imagine what the interior must smell like. Still, early Firebirds are in demand. It looks like the asking price was $8,000 but already lowered to $6,000 in the body of the ad. Is this worth that much? I doubt it myself, but given the craziness of muscle car prices these days, maybe someone will see this as a worthwhile starting point for an all out restoration of an essentially original 67 Firebird. The car is in or near Hartford, CT (we love salting our roads here, so even well cared for cars from the sixties rusted away fairly quickly) – here on craigslist.


  1. Avatar photo JW454

    David, I believe you’re right. It looks like the entire car is wet. The trunk pan as well as the inner fender wells up front appear to have moisture on them too. Sitting like that is a death nail to a car body. It may not be but, it sure looks wet to me.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse

      I just purchaced on thats in way worse shape for 2500. Has the inline six two speed power glide. Everthing but doors and rockers are being replaced.

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  2. Avatar photo JW

    That has got to be the ugliest Firebird I have ever seen and I’ve seen used ones when they were just daily drivers in the Midwest winters. PASS!!!

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  3. Avatar photo redwagon

    good lord that is a lot of rust. owned one of these in high school in the late 70s. the rust where the front quarters meet the front valance and that small piece just in front fo the tire is telling. i think that horizontal boundary was rusting when it left the factory.

    also the bottom front corner of the doors and the rails. both of those are typical too.

    what is missing is rust along the rear wheel wells and the rear quarters. typically these are among the first to go.

    concrete block storage is a good guess. based on what we see here i think we can assume it was put away in better than average shape but the cold damp climate has taken its toll.

    the interior? wow. it looks like someone hosed it down and put it away wet. the stock interior with no console. the lack of a console is refreshing to my eyes after all these years. the steering wheel looks to be at an odd angle. could this one have the tilt wheel option? if so it would be rare – esp on a ’67. the manual is a nice option but iirc there was more than one option. 3 speed or 4? did they offer a close and wide ratio manual for ’67? mine was an auto as my legs are too long for a manual in this car (or a first gen camaro for that matter).

    was it abused? check the front of the c pillar where it meets the body for cracks. if it was reved and dumped a lot the cracks show up there and they are hard to hide.

    poverty spec hubcaps but it ticks a lot of business boxes with the manual and suspension options. the side view in a photo always gives the impression of severe underbite at the front end but in person they look much, much better.

    rust repair will be extensive. sigh.

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    • Avatar photo Rob

      Rust is the worst to repair, as it never really goes away. I personally lived in Minnesota where a 60’s muscle car is live a vampire. They need to be buried in their home dirt. The salt bath is horrible on cars. Some would start to rust in the lot.

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  4. Avatar photo redwagon

    ok just reviewed the wording for the ad. it does day 4 speed (wide or close who knows?) and it does say tilt column! that’s a rarity. someon took some time when ordering this one. the ad says silver but it doesnt look like siver and i did not take the time to decode the plate. kudos for adding that picture. should be able to tell all the options from that picture alone.

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  5. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    The ‘wet’ is water for sure. This guy is one of those lazy ‘flippers’ (whom I detest) who knows nothing about his car, and couldn’t care less. Just pull it out of the nasty barn, turn a hose on it, and it’s resale-ready. Oh, and slap on a set of ugly later-model Pontiac hub caps – that’ll really give it some class.

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  6. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    67 Firebirds are definetely hard to come across, in any condition. A neighbor of mine ordered a 67 convertible with the OHC 6 and the 4 speed, some suspension upgrades and a posi rear end, as an after thought he added the AM/FM radio. really a sweet ride, especially with the OHC 6. it would really scoot and he could bark the tires in 3 gears with it. In the early 80s’ I picked up a 67 lemans 2 door post with the OHC 6 and a 3 speed on the column for $100.00. It was a really fun car to drive and did surprisingly good on fuel, even with me flogging it at times. Later on traded it off for a 65 Lemans Custom 2 door post with 326 and 3 speed. (Y’all catching my drift here? 64 Bonneville?)

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  7. Avatar photo methodjason Member

    At least this one isn’t a “Trans Am Prototype”…

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  8. Avatar photo piper62j

    This one was actually stored UNDER a swamp.. :)

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  9. Avatar photo Mark S

    Sometimes you just got let it go the big freeway in the sky.

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  10. Avatar photo Mike

    “roached” said enough

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  11. Avatar photo Alexander Member

    This makes me SO so sad. These mid-60s cars harken back to the early days of cherry picking muscle items off a list and waiting for your car to come off the transport!!. Between my father and me, we owned two 67’s, three 69’s, a 71, 2 76s and one 77 Esprit (that looked just like this in 2007). The tin worm has had it’s day on this car. I’ve seen rear bumpers rust from the inside out but usually on a car whose bumper is nudged up next to the rear bodywork. That Firebird bumper should have dried out after each car wash or salty drive. So, what we have here is a properly-accessorized F-bird that needs a donor body or maybe reskin using GM heritage bodyshell.

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  12. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    My guess is the guy took a hose to the interior knowing that floors are so rotted that it would “self drain”! What’s the point in “storage” if your stored vehicle comes out looking like this?!?!
    Sad sad sad

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