Basically A One Owner 1967 Chevelle SS 396

We always get a kick out of sellers that don’t seem to count themselves as one of the car’s owners. Yes people put a lot of value on one owner status, but is anyone going to avoid bidding on this Chevelle SS 396 simply because the seller is the second owner? We highly doubt it, but at least the seller basically admits that they are the second owner, unlike some of the seller’s we seen who seem to forget to count themselves in the ownership tally. Regardless of how many people have owned this Chevelle, it’s still desirable and needs to go to a good home. You can find it here on eBay in Olive Branch, Mississippi with a current bid of $15,100.

Chevrolet built about 400k Chevelles for the 1967 model year, which could explain why they are still so desirable today. Of those, about 63k were SS 396 cars and while that’s a small percentage of total production, that’s still an impressive number. The 396 was offered in three different power levels, ranging from 325 all the way up to 375 horsepower. This car received the 325 horse engine which is said to run. The seller states that other than aftermarket headers it’s all original.

Let’s have a look at the interior. The seller believes the mileage to be correct at 89,989 and based on the interior alone, we would have to agree. There’s plenty of issues here that will need to be address, but it’s complete. And is it just us or do those bucket seats look wrong? We haven’t seen many SS 396 cars that were optioned with buckets and no center console, so perhaps these are correct. Any Chevelle experts care to weigh in here?

This car has it’s problems, but it seems like a worthwhile project. The seller has some new parts for it, including replacement floors that come with it. You could probably fix it back up into a great driver without doing a complete restoration, but chances are the next owner will want to do a ground up restoration. Let’s just hope they get the tally correct on how many owners it’s had!


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  1. flmikey

    A 396 with a powerglide….you don’t see that everyday….

    • Bill

      I wouldn’t think a power glide would like that to much lol

      • gbvette62

        Actually, the Powerglide is a pretty strong trans. Chevy put them behind a lot of big blocks, including 396’s in Chevelles, 409/340’s, 396’s & 427’s in Impalas and 427’s in 66-67 Corvettes.

        Though it appears to have some rust issues, even with a Powerglide, this is a far better car than the 66 SS Chevelle, a little further down the page.

        I could actually see this car restored, with a modern overdrive automatic in it. I think Shiftworks might make a stock looking 67 auto shifter, to use with an overdrive trans in those cars.

  2. slickb

    perfect restoration project! should be fun when done

    • Jay

      The powerglide certainly wouldn’t give the offline of the 4 speed and maybe lack the midrange of the three speed auto but one can only imagine the speed before it shifted out of low.

      • Had Two

        “…imagine the speed before it shifted out of low.”

        Answer: That speed would be 58 mph as indicated on the stock speedometer.

      • rod

        Had one in my 66 Grande Parisienne. In regular driving 0-30 was low gear and everything higher was high gear. Not a speed demon off the line lol.

    • Sal Monelli

      Hard to see this as a “perfect restoration project”!!!
      Tons of rust and interior needs everything … not to mention electricals and who knows what secrets the motor and drivetrain hold!
      Nice drivers can be had in the $35,000 range, so if you invest $15K before restoration,you’ll quickly find yourself in deeper than the Titanic!!!

  3. Steve H.

    umm lots o’ rust on those floors. I would walk away…

  4. Mark H

    Quite the popular car back in it’s day. At my high school of 400 (class of 71) I had 4 classmates with SS396s (66 or 67) & 2 cousins with SS396s.

  5. Brian

    I’d grab it except for the fact I already own a 1970 chevelle convertible

  6. 68custom

    Powerglide are very strong. Could get a 66 Vette with 427/glide combo. My 68 SS/350 Nova would do 85 in low!

    • Jay

      Exactly, I had a Pontiac I would hold in low to 90 and sometimes it kick back and shript the tires.

  7. 86 Vette Convertible

    I would approach this one very carefully, I don’t think it’s an original SS396. I had a 67 Malibu and my cousin was married to a guy who along with his dad were the local Chevy dealers.

    Things noted: I don’t think you could get a SS396 with bench seats or without a console. Never saw a single one with a column shifter. Never saw an SS with a powerglide behind the 396, I think other than the 6 cylinder or 283 could you get the powerglide. All the bigger engines has the TH tranny. Where’s the chrome trim along the bottom of the body line? How come it’s got a Malibu grill on it?

    That’s the short list, I’m sure I could find a few more.

    • Paul Becerra

      As far as a bench seat…yes they came with one. I am second owner of a 67 chevelle. My dad bought it brand new in San Bernardino, ca. I was fortunate enough to have it signed over to me and it currently is sitting in my garage.

      • DanChester

        This car may have originally been a bench seat car or a no console car, hence the column shifter. In any case the seats look like ’66-67 GM buckets but they have been reupholstered with a plain vinyl that never was used on any factory car. Maybe that’s one reason they look strange. The center sections should have horizontal pleats in the upper back and forward bottoms, as I recall, plus a rectangular decoration button in the upper part of the seat back. The lack of black-out in the grille could be explained if it was replaced with the non-SS spec. part from GM stock or the junk yard. The rear taillight panel is not blacked out either, which could be explained by a non-expert respray at some point. Or maybe the car is really a Malibu with a 396 transplant and the hood, emblems and wheels off of an SS. Hey, it’s a 50 year old used car…

      • Alan

        Caught this post over a year later. I owned a 1967 Chevelle ss 396 in Las Vegas in 1978. Original. Untouched… Had factory column shifter and factory front bench seats. Car was incredibly fast but dangerous on fast turns.

    • gbvette62

      The 67-13817 on the trim tag, indicates that this car is a true SS396.

      Both the L-35 396/325 and the L-34 396/350 came standard with a floor shifted, heavy-duty 3 speed, but the 4 speed, Powerglide and TurboHydro were all optional. Neither automatic was available with the L-78 396/375.

      All 66-72 Chevelle SS’s came with the bench seat standard. Bucket seats were optional, but didn’t include the console, the console had to be ordered separately. A floor shift was included with the 3 and 4 speeds, but a column shift was included, when an automatic was ordered with a bench seat, or with buckets without a console.

      The Powerglide wasn’t dropped from the SS396 until 69. I had a buddy in high school, who had a 325 horse 68 SS396, with a bench seat and a column shift Powerglide.

      • Jeff

        When I read your comment, in my mind…the I was hearing Ms. Vito from My Cousin Vinny. “Precise & detailed”! Not harping on you…I like it, love that movie!

    • Andrew

      I noticed it doesn’t have the black out rear panel. Something all 1967 SS 396 should have.

    • BK

      I also had a ‘67 Malibu. I never saw an SS 396 without flat black paint between the tail lights and as noted by ‘68 Vette Convertible, that’s not an SS grille.

  8. Jim Turner

    Had a ‘66 SS 396-360 horse with powerglide, buckets, column shift ( no console ), ps, pb, ac. Also owned a ‘67 Camaro with powerglide and a well built 350, w 3.73 gears. With that powerglide it was the best street racer I ever had. About a 3500 converter and you could just nail it on the line. No spin. Outran a lot of faster cars just because of first 60 ft. A lot of racers use powerglides-tuff as nails.

  9. Thomas Steele

    I don’t know for sure about the 1967 but I had a 1969 Chevelle with bench seats and a Three Speed Transmition.

  10. Paul

    138 in VIN means true SS?

    • Rodent

      For 1964-68 Chevelles, yes. SS became an option package in 69, so no more 138 VINs.

  11. Troy s

    Nice car an everything but this seems to be a very low optioned car. The color is good but I just like the darker colors on muscle cars. 325 horse motor with a power glide? Just a fun cruiser. Any L79 Nova would’ve left it in the dust.

  12. Had Two

    Thank you for the clarification. Looks like a rather standard optioned
    Chevrolet that someone saw on the showroom and purchased for the practical bench seat and automatic transmission. Liked the color. “I’ll take it”

    • ACZ

      Price leader.

  13. Reid Hall

    One thing is for sure, l’m a chevelle guy all the way, it might be best to stay away from this may be hard to tell ,but l believe this car may have been in some type wreck, and or slight fender ,front-end, damage.For one thing look at the hood it’s buckled evenly on both sides, was this not fixed, and reused.Emblem placement on left front fender is wrong, and so is rear badge placement, and also looks like wrong year badge on rear panel.One thing is for sure this car was most likely a column shift car. This car probably needs to have a original style bench seat, as a good fix.Although this may be hard to find. But if you have to do floor pan work anyway, and want to measure twice cut once go ahead. Just make sure you have a good doner car ,and or kit from custom shift works,and or new old stock parts.Why was engine and bay painted satin black, and not cleaned very well, did it run hot,is this not true first engine for the car.Hard to say ,but engine looks more like a truck engine, and or chevy car full size car engine to me, h’mm maybe just the black paint. My hope is if this car is mostly original, and if it’s checked out for sure. If this is true Malibu 1500.00-5000.00k maybe. If this is true SS 1500.00-10,000.00 maybe.

  14. SquareLeft

    The 1967 Chevelle SS 396 came standard with a front bench seat.
    Bucket seats were option RPO-A51

    If you ordered either a bench or bucket seat car with an automatic transmission, the shifter was on the column unless you also ordered the “Front Compartment Floor Console”.
    The console was option RPO-D55

    Why do I know this? I own a ’72 Malibu with front bucket seats and a column shifter. My dad bought it new and I still have the window sticker. And, yeah, I had to look up the option number for the console.

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Gone now, real or not. Winning bid:US $15,100.00
    [ 5 bids ]

  16. Rob79Malibu

    I feel bad for the guy that just shelled out 15G for this car. There is a pic of the floor up above the exhaust and there is red paint up there??????? The hood is buckled. Leaks oil from every place possible. I certainly would not drive it. Anyone see the linkage for the carb? About falling apart! no bushing. If it is a 396 and runs. Which it looks like. I would part that car out and pray I would get my money back, or close to it. And Why the Malibu grille? That is a good question. As someone else pointed out and the badge placement is def off on the fenders. I think this car may have been wrecked hard, fixed poorly and dumped. This person figured that out and is trying to get their money back out of it.. To quote Monty Python on this one. Run Away! Run Away!!!!!

  17. Gregory Mason

    If he needs a 67 4 speed floor shift column I have a original black one. First year with collapsable column.

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