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Beautiful Investment: 1956 Porsche 356A

1956 Porsche 356a Front Corner

You are probably assuming that this 1956 Porsche 356A is just another restored trailer queen. This 356 is actually all original and could be one the best surviving examples of this model still in existence. It looks almost as good as the day it rolled off the Zuffenhausen production line and has been well maintained its entire life with documentation to prove it. The price tag will deter most of us, but it is still worth a look just to see such a stunning survivor. This beauty is currently offered by Sloan Cars in New Haven, Connecticut.

1956 Porsche 356a Drivers Side

This car has obviously been garaged and well loved since birth. It has only accumulated 15,000 miles over its 56 year life span, that’s an incredibly low 270 miles per year! The original owner must have loved their Porsche, because they maintained it meticulously and even had correspondence with Dr. Porsche himself. Thankfully all this paperwork has been kept and will go with the car when sold. It would be hard to ask so much without it.

1956 Porsche 356a Engine

Not only is this the original engine, but it is still wearing all of its original oil tags. The 1600 cc engine only produces about 95 horsepower, but that is plenty of power to have some fun. Even though the engine has been well cared for, we would still want to have everything checked out before driving it because seals can become brittle from lack of use.

1956 Porsche 356a Interior

The interior in this 356 looks amazing and shows almost no wear. We wouldn’t be surprised if things still smell new in there. It would be hard to find another 356A in this condition that hasn’t already been restored. It would even be hard to restore a good car to this level, but then again you could could do a lot with the amount the seller is asking for this one. How about a respectable $195,000?

1956 Porsche 356a Rear Corner

While this Porsche is out of our price range and nothing more than a really good dream, we are glad to see that cars like this still exist. It isn’t every day that you find an unrestored 1956 Porsche 356A in this nick. Only downside we can think of here is that we would not feel comfortable driving it hard. No road rallies or hill climbs are in this car’s future and that is just a shame. Perhaps, after sitting in our warm garage for ten years, our return on investment would make up for it?


  1. Gary Fogg

    That should be in a MUSEUM ! What a BEAUTIFUL original car ! That piece of history should be preserved and shown for all to see !

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  2. Jeff V.

    In todays media inflated market this gem seems a genuine bargain for the well-heeled astute collector.

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  3. J. Pickett

    The problem with low mileage cars in that price range is no one will drive it.

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  4. Foxy

    this is a great well kept 356. The closest I ever came to driving one of these, was to sit it one and steer it while in tow. It was only a couple miles , but to a 13 year old it was an experience I’ll never forget. I got to ride in it when it was fixed but it wasn’t the same. Foxy

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  5. mikey

    Let’s see if I have this correct. One ’66 Shelby GT350 and a ’70 Boss 302 = a Porsche ’56 A coupe?………..really?

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  6. Chris H.

    While the Shelby and Boss are clearly technologically superior, well kept, unmodified examples are pretty much unobtanium, or simply don’t exist. The other side of the coin is that these are a design icon, and harken back to a simpler time, and exude a certain type of charm and class, much like a well worn bomber jacket, and really, they will continue to valuate. Fortunately, there are number of replicas on the market that are very close in many ways, and can be driven in daily traffic without guilt.

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  7. Jim

    An exemplary representation of a classic. Just beautiful.

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  8. J. Pickett

    Not particularly fast, but minimalist driving pleasure. More a historic peice. I drove one in 1971 That was in fact a Carrera, I would have bought it but it was more than a newer 911s, and the repair and maintenance costs scared me away.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    This ‘A’ is a beautiful and historic car, but the price is one more example of the way current prices of many different collector cars make no sense, unless you think of them as very expensive toys, or investments that you think will have a higher price next year than they do now.

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  10. Wagoner

    If it were returned to driver status, certain things would begin to wear quickly… Mainly the interior and the paint. Age is age. The mechanicals should be just fine with a thorough inspection, correcting faults, and a strict PM schedule. But this one is not going to see the road… it will probably just continue to be traded as a fixed art object.

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  11. Foxy

    about all this car will do is make the owner a lot of money, and make the drivers that are out there worth more.

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  12. Mark

    Calling the Simeone museum. They should buy this, he’s into original cars

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  13. Jeff V.

    Old Cars Weekly reports a ?ÇÄ1969 Boss 429 just sold for $240,000 before comission added by Russo & Steele. Now which would you rather have????????I’m “old school” American muscle at heart but would take this & pocket the 45K difference :)

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  14. J. Pickett

    The rich idiots who bid at those auctions should just get their peepees measured instead of driving up the prices on collector cars to impress the young floozy you always see hangin on their arms.

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  15. Gary Fogg

    @ J.Pickett, AMEN TO THAT ! In the 80’s they turned the 57 Chevy into a “Doctor, Lawyer, Chief” car no normal mortal working stiff could own, now they have done it with all the muscle cars. Whats next ?

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  16. J. Pickett

    They are starting on the full size cars, and family sedans. Owners see what a Challenger 440 goes for and want big money for a New Yorker with a 440.

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  17. Gary Fogg

    You’ve got that right ! I have tried to buy a couple of rotted out tanks with big blocks [ multiple brands ] and they think they have a Barrett Jackson piece there ! No, they have a rotted out old 4 door boat that happened to come through with a big non performance engine.

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  18. Stan

    superbe auto !!

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  19. Mike Fisher

    Nice driver level 356!

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  20. mike fisher

    Looks like a good starter platform for a nice car.

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