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Belgian Alfa Romeo Barn Finds


There are Barn Finders and then there are Urban Explorers. The two are very different, but from time to time, they collide. Urban explorers like to go through old buildings and barns to take photos of the architecture and old items inside. Some are on the hunt for a specific type of item, but usually care more about the rush of exploration. The desire to rediscover lost pieces of history is the bridge between the two. When the two do collide, it typically leads to some very interesting finds. Reader Will C tipped us off to a find that was made by an urban explorer in a Belgium barn.

Dusty Alfa Romeos

Nearly every Alfista dreams of discovering a stash of old Alfas like this one. The explorer who made this discovery doesn’t know much about them and didn’t think to record the models that are housed in this barn. We count at least 5 cars, but there could easily be one or two more here.


It’s hard to know what kind of history these cars could have, this particular car appears to have some old rally or race stickers on it and could a very interesting story. We would love to see this barn in person, but these photos might make it look better than it really is.

Alfa Romeo 1300 Sprint

We don’t car whether this was uncovered by an urban explorer or a barn finder, we are just glad someone came across it and took these great photos of it! Too bad there aren’t more old brink barns out there full of cars like this one! Special thanks to Will for this tip and be sure to checkout the urban explorer’s flickr page!


  1. Jan

    These cars are actually in an old castle . The owners can no longer pay to keep the castle in shape, I believe there’s only one man still living in some rooms of the castle. He’s the one who used to race the Alfas when he was young in the sixties.he was featured in a documentary on eccentric people a few years ago.

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    • Dan

      Jan, do you have any information about Who What When Where or the name of the Documentary?

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      • Jan

        I looked around online but couldn’t find the documentary, did find out that the goverment took over the castle , no news on the cars
        The castle is called “kasteel van Heerst”

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  2. Dolphin Member

    Some of these photos looked very familiar but I couldn’t remember where I had seen them. After some searching I found these and other similar images online by doing a Google search on this phrase: ‘the lost alfas’

    It turns out that someone named Tim Knifton went to the castle in Belgium where these cars are located and confirmed that they were there. In one of the reports I found about his search it says this:

    “The cars in question look to be a pair of Giulia 1600 Spiders, a Giulietta 1300 SS Super Sprint and a 1300 Sprint. Since Knifton’s adventure, the castle has been permanently sealed, meaning the unfortunate yet oddly captivating Alfas might be entombed forever.”

    I hope the statement about the castle being sealed is mistaken but I couldn’t find anything that said that the Alfas have been taken out of the castle, so it looks like they are still there, unfortunately.

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  3. Jim-Bob

    I am no Alfa fan, but this seems like a real shame to me. The owner could probably sell these cars for $50,000+, as that Sprint Speciale is super rare and highly sought after. Plus, one of the other cars also has race history and someone would likely pay a premium for that. Then there’s the spare parts in the corner that have to be worth a fair chunk of change too. I fear that the owner’s descendants will just scrap the whole lot at some time in the future and these cars will be lost forever.

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  4. Brian

    I am usually all about the barn finds, but I have to say that there is really something kinda creepy and foreboding about the location in these pictures. I’m thinking I don’t want to go in there alone and I am not wanting to hang around very long either!

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  5. paul

    Oh my…. Extraordinary!

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  6. Dan

    Here is the link to “The Castle of the Lost Alfas” http://www.classicdriver.com/en/article/autos/long-term-parking-castle-lost-alfas

    Tim Knifton’s photo’s.

    Jan, do you have any information about Who What When Where or the name of the Documentary?

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  7. Horse Radish

    Best listing ever.
    And the photos are awesome.

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    • paul

      Yes H R, I was thinking the same thing, I could definitely have these hanging in my office.

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  8. patrick tacq

    you’ll find some more pics here; cars are located in the basement of the castle of Heers
    Apparently, the property and its belongings have been impounded by the Flemish government…

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  9. Cameron Krost

    Now I know I’m not alone in the world for combining my interest in urban exploration and old cars. Very cool!

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    • MikeH

      I think old buildings and old architecture go together with old cars. Those of use who keep our cars original love them for the experience of knowing what they were like to drive x number of years ago. The same with old buildings.

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  10. jim s

    look like photos from a movie set but there not. these need to be at speed not parked in a barn. great find

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  11. Catfish Phil

    There must be a whole lot of moisture and humidity down there…

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  12. T J


    Open to the public for viewing.

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    • KristofColumbus

      The Kasteel van Horst cited by TJ (located in the province of Vlaams-Brabant) is not the same as the Kasteel van Heers (located in the province of Limburg). The first one is indeed open to the public.

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  13. Rovinman

    Have a look at the “Spooky: Youtube video at :


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    • compuglobalhypermeganet

      ~ never seen an SS with sunroof.
      great still shots.

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  14. Elizabeth

    “the castle has been permanently sealed”

    Can anyone shed some light on how is this done? Is it truly permanent?

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  15. sunbeamdon

    If you haven’t do watch the youtube video – the music is almost as depressing as the visuals; I’m not particularly an Alpha fan, but these cars deserve better!

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  16. sunbeamdon

    OOPS – I realy proved I’m not an “Alfa” fan (my bad!??)

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    • Elizabeth

      My phone changes Alfa into Alpha :)

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  17. Mark E

    I’ve seen some of these pics on the net, or at least similar pics of the cars, for years and wondered about them. It’s nice to know the backstory. Only hope they will be restored and or sold to pay off the debts of the former owner…

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  18. dan

    I took these photos so if you have any questions let me know. The cars are sealed in but they were sealed in when I visited. They are bricked into a basement. My understanding is the owner was taken into care of the state. I don’t know him as I didnt have permission to take the shots. The house is more impressive than the cars below it

    I do have a list of the cars and there are a further 3 but they were covered with stuff and in a cramped room so dont have a shot of them

    hope this helps

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    • MikeH

      Wow! That house is magnificent. Like the cars, I hope it gets restored. Any shots of the outside? Where in Belgium is this place?

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  19. dan

    heres car list

    Giulia 1600 Spider hardtop (rosso) (’62),
    Giulia 1600 spider Hardtop (Blu) (’62),
    Alfa Romeo 1300 Sprint (’64) ,
    Alfa Giulietta 1300 SS Super Sprint (’61),

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  20. KristofColumbus

    The castle is for sale for 3 million Euro. But the broker writes that restoration will be 28 m €

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  21. Marsh Land

    The cars were sold at auction (there were 9 in total…) along with a couple of small racing boats:


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