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Reader Dan G has known this Ford Fairlane for a long time, as a matter of fact, his parents purchased it as a second car to use when they visited Florida to escape those harsh Alaskan winters. Upon their return to Fairbanks, the car was left with Dan’s sister to maintain and drive. After inheriting it, she drove it for a month or so but the lack of power steering simply made it too difficult for her to drive and so it was parked. Eventually, Dan’s brother took possession of the car and took it apart for restoration, but never got around to finishing it. It was about to head to the scrapyard, but Dan asked if he could have it. He started putting it back together, but health problems kept him from finishing it. It’s rough, but he would hate to see it get crushed, so he’s offering it here in hopes of finding someone that can do something with it!

Photo of the engine during the rebuild

This Sport Coupe left the factory with a 289 V8, which Dan’s brother took apart. When he got the car, Dan bought a 302 rebuild kit and got the engine back together and reinstalled into the car. At that time, it was running and driving but still needed some work. That was 10 years ago, so it may need work again to be a runner. He knows for sure that the brakes need to be rebuilt to be driven.

His brother had also pulled most of the interior out, so Dan found a set of bucket seats out of a Falcon. Much of the interior was gone when he got the car, but the backseat is currently in his barn’s rafters and comes with the car. Other than that, what you see is what you get.

It’s rough and Dan knows it, but he really does hope someone can save it or make use of it somehow. Restoring it will be a huge, but not impossible task. Being a Sport Coupe, it is somewhat desirable, so hopefully, someone will save it! He’s set a very low reserve, so it’s definitely worth considering even just as a parts car. So, if you’d like to give this Ford a new home, you can find it in Melbourne, Florida. Be sure to bid and leave any questions in the comments below!

  • Location: Melbourne, Florida
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 5K47C239310

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    1. Dusty Rider

      Sorry, it’s a parts car.

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    2. Bill

      How in the name of Zeus can Barn Finds run a readers ad with such bad pictures after the daily comments by Barn Finds writers concerning the lack of quality and composition of the classified ads they comment on. SMH.

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      • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

        Well, we can only work with what sellers give us Bill. If we could afford to fly around and take photos of every car, we would for sure!

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    3. sir mike

      Florida was not kind to this poor car.

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      • Howard Kerr

        I have seen 1 or 2 of these Sport Coupes “in the metal” and they aren’t bad cars, just some of Ford’s least attractive cars. They actually weren’t all that unpopular when new, selling at about the same rate as the 63 and 64.
        From the pictures this would POSSIBLY be a parts cars.

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      • Jordan

        not at all! neither is Virginia to the classics all around. Just keep it maintained at it will be fine though!

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    4. bobhess bobhessMember

      Alaska is worse. Only way you expose the car to more salt than Alaska you have to toss it into the Atlantic. Not a lot to get excited about here.

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      • Josh MortensenStaff

        The car didn’t live in Alaska. Dan’s parents bought and drove it in Florida when they were there during the winter.

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      • TCOPPS TCOPPSMember

        Bob–I dont think they use salt on roads in Alaska. The temps are too cold for it to be effective so I believe they use sand & gravel. I’ve seen many good-bodied classics come from Alaska.

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    5. Bob C.

      These were without a doubt the forgotten Fairlanes of the decade. Pretty much a final reworking of the 1962 platform. Compared to a Chevelle, they looked rather dated.

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    6. TimM

      The pictures are pretty bad no side shots, no shots of the trunk or floors!! Can’t even see a complete picture of the look of the car!! No pictures under the hood!! The seller needs to be told!! I might be a player if I actually could see something!!

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    7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

      Unfortunately, just a parts car. Not the most desirable Fairlane, probably the least attractive of the ’62-’65 models. The 289 engine and trans do have value, especially if the 289 is the 4-barrel version. It would be a nice upgrade for someone looking for more performance out of their six cylinder Mustang. Parting out the car will get you some of your money back if you can find someone restoring a ’65. Nor sure what the car is worth as is but probably not much. The seller isn’t helping his cause with these pictures, they could have been better.

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    8. Chuck

      The cylinder head shown in the picture is not off a small block Ford! It looks more like a small block Chevy head! Of the 62-65 Fairlanes, the ’65 was the most ugly! This car is either a parts car or a junk yard car!

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      • Ramone

        Yep. SBC. Not a Ford engine.

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    9. Little_Cars

      I always liked the headlight bezels on this year, when painted body color the front end is very 21st century for a 20th century design. I’ve looked at cars exposed to the elements in Melbourne, Florida. Rust and corrosion is the norm, in places you wouldn’t think! I had to pass on a super-rare Corvair turbo powered kit car that had been left exposed to the sea air, and also as luck would have it the rear engine cover was left cracked open under a dripping rain gutter!

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    10. James Turner

      Around 15 years ago I almost bought a 1965 Ford Fairlane. Thank God before I bought it I ask around about parts availability. It seems the 1965 Fairlane’s were one of those years, As some model cars are, Very hard to find parts for. Most of this years paint color seems to be this silver color. In my area there is a 1965 Fairlane 4 door, Same color, that the guy drives to the classic ???, LOL, auto shows and a daily driver . It is in really good shape but this is a rarity for these cars.

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    11. Jordan

      that should be the next Roadkill project car!
      It would be PERFECT!
      P.S.Do the painting and the dog come with it? haha

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