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UPDATE – The seller provided us a photo of their  Georgia Registration. Cars built on or before 1962 aren’t issued titles in Georgia. Cars built between ’63-’65 have the option to be titled, but arent required. Check with your local DMV to see what paperwork is required, but titling and registering this GTO shouldn’t be an issue.

UPDATE – There was a typo in the stated VIN number. The seller has provided the correct VIN and the listing has been updated.

If you compiled a list of the ten most desirable cars ever to roll off an American production line, the First Generation Pontiac GTO would be close to the top. It is acknowledged as the father of the muscle car, and they are considered more desirable today than they were when new. This 1965 model is an unfinished project but comes with its share of positive news. The current owner has returned it to a rust-free state, including most of the parts required to return it to its former glory. It still needs work before taking its rightful place on our roads, but the foundations are there for someone who wants to avoid the hassles of cutting and welding but wishes to be hands-on in their build. Its most pressing need is a new home, with the owner listing it exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

This GTO would have cut a stunning figure in its glory days. The original owner ordered it in Cameo White with a Capri Gold top, Soft-Ray tinted glass, and 14″ whitewalls on steel wheels fitted with hubcaps. Those days are far behind it, but recapturing that appearance is within reach for the winning bidder. The owner has worked through returning the car to a rust-free state, replacing sheet metal as required. Minor details and panel massaging are needed, but it seems the buyer’s grinder and welder can remain safely stowed away during the remainder of this build. Stripping away the remaining paint would be a wise move, and while this is time-consuming, the finished product should justify the effort. It appears that most of the trim is present, although there are a few missing pieces and others requiring restoration or replacement. The tinted glass looks in good order, with the removed parts sitting inside this classic.

The vital components required to return the interior to a factory-fresh state are present, giving the winning bidder a firm foundation from which to work. The seat frames are intact, and the only item missing from the dash appears to be the factory radio. The buyer must source a trim kit and a replacement console. While the investment of approximately $3,000 for a trim kit and $660 for a reproduction console sounds expensive, the potential value of this classic should justify the outlay. The original owner liked their comfort touches because apart from a radio, they ordered this GTO with air conditioning.

You only need to examine the original specifications of this GTO to understand why it was considered the father of the muscle car. It rolled off the line featuring the 389ci V8, and by choosing the Tri-Power option, the first owner had 360hp and 424 ft/lbs of torque at their disposal. The power fed to a 3.23 Posi rear end via a four-speed M20 manual transmission. The decision to include power assistance for the steering and brakes would have significantly reduced the physical effort of the driving experience. The seller indicates this GTO is PHS Documented, confirming its authenticity. The original motor has gone, but they include a date-correct 389, a complete Tri-Power setup, and other ancillary components required to get this classic up and running again. The only significant parts identified as absent are parts of the wiring harness and the radiator.

Some enthusiasts are unwilling to step into the breach to tackle an unfinished project, and I understand their hesitancy. It involves a leap of faith to do so, and some people have found that they have bitten off more than they can chew. I don’t believe that to be true with this 1965 Pontiac GTO. Its current state of disassembly leaves ample opportunity to confirm that it is all the seller claims, and the reality is that a high-end restoration should yield a classic with a potential value above $70,000 in the current market. With the GTO remaining a staple of the classic scene, that figure will likely climb before the winning bidder lays down the tools for the final time. That has to make it worth a closer look.

  • Location: Douglasville, Georgia
  • Mileage:  85,000 Miles Shown
  • Engine: 389ci V8
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
  • VIN: 237375P333512
  • Title Status: Sold on clean Georgia Registration

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Sold for: $11,800
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Ended: Jul 24, 2023 10:12am MDT
Winner: Maxwell Dehmer
  • Maxwell Dehmer bid $11,800.00  2023-07-24 10:09:38
  • Classics
    bid $11,600.00  2023-07-24 10:09:09
  • Maxwell Dehmer bid $11,500.00  2023-07-24 10:07:11
  • Classics bid $11,000.00  2023-07-24 10:05:51
  • Maxwell Dehmer
    bid $10,500.00  2023-07-24 10:03:46
  • Classics bid $10,200.00  2023-07-24 10:03:18
  • Maxwell Dehmer bid $9,500.00  2023-07-24 10:01:34
  • Classics
    bid $9,000.00  2023-07-24 10:01:19
  • Maxwell Dehmer bid $8,300.00  2023-07-24 09:59:34
  • Classics bid $8,000.00  2023-07-24 09:59:09
  • Maxwell Dehmer
    bid $6,700.00  2023-07-24 08:57:15
  • Hitower211 bid $6,600.00  2023-07-24 05:00:50
  • Maxwell Dehmer bid $6,500.00  2023-07-23 22:14:32
  • ESS
    bid $6,000.00  2023-07-23 21:43:35
  • Pooh bid $5,900.00  2023-07-23 21:02:14
  • ESS bid $5,800.00  2023-07-23 15:38:42
  • Pooh
    bid $5,700.00  2023-07-23 13:51:06
  • Warrior7 bid $5,600.00  2023-07-23 08:23:53
  • Classics bid $5,500.00  2023-07-23 08:07:25
  • ESS
    bid $5,000.00  2023-07-22 18:41:59
  • Classics bid $4,800.00  2023-07-22 10:20:55
  • Pooh bid $4,650.00  2023-07-20 21:15:43
  • Maxwell Dehmer
    bid $4,500.00  2023-07-20 06:58:36
  • Pooh bid $4,000.00  2023-07-19 16:31:19
  • Maxwell Dehmer bid $3,500.00  2023-07-18 15:25:55
  • KRStephens
    bid $1,500.00  2023-07-17 11:36:00
  • Eddie roberson bid $500.00  2023-07-15 09:24:03

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  1. Maggy

    If I was to dump a lot of time and big $ into a muscle car like this it becomes an investment in time and $ and if it’s not a numbers car I wouldn’t go the restore to original route I ‘d resto mod it imo.Cool car glwts.

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  2. jimjim

    When I turned 17, my Dad and I got my uncle’s one-owner 69 Charger. It was in a similar state, although had its original 383. Neither of us was too mechanically inclined, but tackled a lot of projects and got his motor-pool mechanic to get it running again. It was a rust bucket the whole time I had it in high school and college, but the 383 ran well. My friends called it “the bat outta hell” as it was black. I still love the memories of getting that car roadworthy. Way too much power for a 17 year old. This might fit the bill with my 10 year-old. Leave it looking like crap on the outside, but get it running well. Might be a fun project-its the journey, not the destination. Plus, its close to me in Georgia. May have to take a look. My wife is rolling her eyes as I type this. . .

    Like 10
    • eric22t

      jimjim just tell her it will keep you and the boy out from under foot on all those rainy days and days off, he says with a cheeky grin.

      sure looks like enough pieces to keep BOWTIE guy busy for awhile.

      good luck bidding jimjim

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  3. Marshall Belcher

    Give me a battery, 5 gallon bucket two headlight, can of gas an were ready to ride.

    Like 5
  4. Davey Boy

    Have to agree with Maggy on this one. Resto mod is a good way to go. People want something comfortable to drive and are paying all the money for the right build. Could be a sweet ride. Good luck to the next owner.

    Like 4
  5. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    One thing is for sure, with some time and money a guy can make it his own.

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  6. Jimmy Novak

    In actuality, the 1957 Rambler Rebel is recognized as the first high-performance muscle car.

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  7. Eric Rogers

    What comes with the car for ownership transfer if no title? Does it have a transferable registration. The bill of sale only thing doesn’t fly in NY anymore

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    • Don Harris

      It is registered in the state of Ga. and has a up to date tag with paper work.
      The vin was just a type o the car is registered in the state of Ga. with a 2023 tag.

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  8. Patrick Buehre

    How do I bid on this. I’m new to this ant suggestions would be appreciated thanks

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    • Don Harris

      Patrick you must be a member to bid. go to the top of the page click on membership to join.

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      You can click the Register To Bid button just above the photo gallery. Fill out the form to create your account and you will automatically be logged in and ready to bid!

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  9. Patrick Buehre

    I’m very willing to bid on this how do that? Ant advice will be greatly appreciated thank u

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  10. Jerry Bramlett

    What happened to my comment about the VIN in this listing being wrong? The seventh and eighth characters shown are impossible.

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  11. Don Harris

    It is registered in the state of Ga. and has a up to date tag with paper work.

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  12. Don Harris

    The VIN # IS 237375P333512

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  13. Jerry Bramlett

    My comments about the impossible VIN plate characters keep disappearing. What the hell is going on with this site?

    The eighth VIN character for a ’65 Pontiac can’t be a “3”.

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      My statement above is just wrong. The eighth VIN character for a ’65 GTO built in “P” (Pontiac, Michigan) can’t be an “8”, but it CAN be a “3”.

      Barn Finds has now corrected the VIN in this listing from 2373752883512 to 237375P333512. Good for them.

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  14. Don Harris

    Again for those of you who can’t read the comments.
    THE VIN 3 IS 237375P333512
    It is stated on the PHS and on the GTO vin tag.

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  15. Michael

    the last 6 digits are production numbers. starting at 600001 at all plants. For V8s production numbers started with 100001. pontiac did not build 300000 cars in 65. according to yearone.

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  16. Barzini BarziniMember

    With all the rust repairs done, I wonder why the bidding isn’t at least twice the $4800 highest bid. I’ve seen GTOs in far worse shape sell for much more.

    I wish I had the skill to take on a project like this.

    Like 1
    • Jerry Bramlett

      1. Unclear title history. If Georgia issues titles for post-1962 vehicles, why does this 1965 vehicle not have one?

      2. No clear photos showing the loose parts included, or what condition they’re in. You can see a pile of stuff in the trunk… and maybe that’s all there is. I dunno.

      3. No photos showing the engine compartment, drivetrain parts, PHS documentation, VIN plate, or trim tag.

      I suggested this stuff be added early in the auction comments, but that post was deleted by somebody. I guess my phrasing wasn’t polite enough, or maybe my request was considered an unacceptable “personal” attack on the seller. Again… I dunno.

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      • Joshua MortensenStaff

        Photos of the PHS have been added to the gallery.

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  17. Don

    The seller does not get to pick the pictures he just send so many in and they show the pictures they won’t to list. We do have the PHS on the GTO it is a real deal car. All the parts in the trunk are the parts that go with the car. The main parts that are missing are, radiator, console, and it needs a new wiring harness. If you don’t have a title on an old car the state of Ga. will not issue you one, all you can do is get a tag receipt from the state if you prove you have Ins on the car. The VIN tag is on the GTO as well as the trim plate which all match the PHS. There is no way as the seller I can post anything to this site other than comments.

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  18. Hitower211

    My first car was a 65 gto. my step dad and I rebuilt the engine with a chilton manual, we did all of the body work and i picked the paint. it was ontario orange. a corvette color. with a new black vinal top and 5 spoke et mags. I thought i had the best looking car around. i joined the army at 17, 5 days after graduation. when i went to florida while on delayed entry, I told mom to sell it. by the time i got out of basic , it was sold. One of my biggest regrets. it was one BA car.

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  19. Joshua MortensenStaff

    Congrats to Don and Maxwell!

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