BF Auction: 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Wagon

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  • Seller: David R obles
  • Location: Fullerton, California
  • Mileage: 809.9 Shown
  • Chassis #: 6K48C118122
  • Title Status: Clean

There are many factors to consider when choosing a classic to park in your garage. Practicality is at the top of the list for many people, and with the demise of domestic Station Wagon production in recent years, vehicles like this 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 step in to fill the void. This Wagon has hibernated since 2016, but returning it to active service would not be difficult. The buyer could preserve its survivor credentials, although restoring this gentle giant to its former glory should be straightforward. The owner wants it to head to a new home with someone who can enjoy all it offers. Therefore, he has listed it exclusively as a Barn Finds Auction.

Ford’s Fifth Generation Fairlane range hit showroom floors for the 1966 model year, with the latest offering featuring a radical restyle, giving it a more aggressive appearance. This Fairlane 500 is a first-year vehicle the original owner ordered in Antique Bronze. It has been part of the same family for decades, seeing regular service until its owner placed it in storage in 2016. The paint retains a warm shine, and any flaws or defects are minor. This Fairlane is a dry-climate survivor that has been protected from the worst that Mother Nature could potentially throw at it. Therefore, its arrow-straight panels and lack of significant rust are unsurprising. That offers the buyer options because preserving this classic is a viable alternative to performing a cosmetic restoration. The trim looks comfortably acceptable for a driver-grade classic, and the glass is in good order.

I have always liked Ford’s 289ci V8, which is why I find this Fairlane particularly attractive. Its motor sends 200hp and 282 ft/lbs of torque to the road via a three-speed automatic transmission. The first owner’s decision to tick the boxes on the Order Form, besides power assistance for the steering and brakes, should provide an effortless driving experience. The seller hasn’t painted this Ford as something it isn’t by bathing the engine bay in gallons of detailing spray. It is honest, but it would respond positively to careful cleaning. It recently emerged after eight years of hibernating. The engine turns over, and the transmission engages cleanly. It will need basic maintenance, brakes, tires, a fluid change, and a thorough inspection before the buyer can consider it roadworthy. However, that is a realistic short-term goal.

The Fairlane’s interior has some shortcomings but is undeniably serviceable. A deep clean would make an enormous difference to its overall presentation and would be a rewarding way to spend a few hours in a home workshop. However, there are no issues requiring immediate attention. Potential buyers wishing to make the interior “pop” could consider a retrim. A brief online search unearthed a kit featuring new seatcovers, door trims, carpet, and a headliner for under $1,500. That is not a vast sum, and installation is an easy and satisfying task the new owner could tackle. Life on the road would be pleasant, courtesy of the first owner’s decision to add air conditioning and an AM radio.

This 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 Station Wagon ticks many boxes that help it appeal to potential buyers. It is a rock-solid and unmolested survivor that could be restored or preserved. It is practical, and its revival would be straightforward. However, the cherry on top is undoubtedly the fact it is affordable. If you combine those factors, it is unquestionably worth a closer look.

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Sold for: $4,550
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Ended: Jun 24, 2024 11:02am MDT
Winner: It's mine
  • It's mine bid $4,550.00  2024-06-24 10:59:06
  • Merc Marauder Guy
    bid $4,300.00  2024-06-24 10:57:23
  • It's mine bid $4,000.00  2024-06-21 15:18:13
  • fueled by the grape bid $3,500.00  2024-06-18 15:52:27
  • It's mine
    bid $3,000.00  2024-06-18 09:44:01

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  1. Zen

    Neat car, worth redoing the interior, fixing what’s needed, get the A/C working, and enjoying it for what it is. I’d value that original paint, I can see myself waxing it. I wish I could buy it.

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    • stillrunners stillrunnersMember

      Agree….optioned pretty nice – if it stays a litlle below….it will be a nice one.

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  2. That AMC guy

    I had a ’66 Fairlane wagon in college, though mine had no A/C and the 289 V8 was backed up by a manual 3-on-the-tree transmission. No power steering either.

    That thing took everything a dumb college kid could dish out and then some, but just kept going.

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  3. MrBZ

    What a great wagon. I’m holding out for a 68 Satellite wagon myself, but this sweet Fairlane would be a ton of fun.

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  4. Troy

    I like it preserving it is the best option in my opinion enjoy it there are little things you can do to make it sound cool . even with stock exhaust it sounds better than those import things

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  5. ThisGuy

    Great car, hope the new owner loves it as much as the original did. Please don’t let some yayhoo ruin it.

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  6. David Cook

    My parents first new car was a 1966 Fairlane 500 4 door sedan. I can still remember going with them when they bought it. I was 9 at the time. I still have the original window sticker. A lot of car for $2,843.44!

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  7. Bunky

    What a great car! Very nicely equipped- and reasonably priced.
    Please allow me to digress, and address a pet peeve. When a car’s engine “turns over”, it means that it is spinning, being powered by the starter. It is sometimes used to describe an engine that is “free”, that is, not stuck or seized. “Turns over” does not mean that the engine runs. The above article states that the engine turns over, and the transmission “engages cleanly”. In order for an automatic transmission to engage the engine needs to be running- not merely turning over. I know that this may seem petty, but words have meanings. Using the wrong word or phrase often results in miscommunication and confusion. Clear descriptions are extremely important when decisions involving thousands of dollars, and sometimes thousands of miles, are based merely upon a communication. Ask me how I know…
    Thanks. Cool car, otherwise good article.

    Like 15
  8. Bunky

    My first comment was not published for some reason. 🤔 I’ll try again- more succinctly. Cool wagon. Nicely equipped.
    “Turns over” does not mean that an engine runs. Thank you

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    • Fred

      I thought the same thing. OK, so the engine’s free but does it run. I guess it means something different to different people.

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      • 370zpp 370zppMember

        Turns over?
        It fires?
        What’s that third pedal for?

        all questions from the same group.

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  9. Ffred

    I owned a ’66 Comet wagon light blue, straight 6/3 on-the-tree in the late 70s. It was a great car for 35 bucks. I drove it all through the blizzard of 1978 with bald tires and didn’t get stuck once. My big mistake was selling it.

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  10. Stu

    Although I’m a GM guy I admire the 289/302 Windsors. Great little bullets……

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  11. Goz

    I like it. Cool clean car to haul my bass gear around with AC to chill in. I’d want to put buckets and a floor shift in a console for comfortable miles to run and some nice period wheels and leave it at that.

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  12. Headturner

    I was 13 when my mom brought home a new 1967 Fairlane 500 wagon in a medium tan/bronze color. In less than 2 years she rear-ended cars twice. Traded it for a new 1968 Thunderbird. Both would be great cars to own now.

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  13. mr haney

    As far as I am concerned I don t agree with Bunky free, means engine turns is not stuck , turns over is cranks with battery . that is my 60 years of cars opinion and I had and have a lot of them now . started driving tractor, in grade school , was alley running at 13 driving any free clunker available ! Used as girl friend hillbilly motels, almost heaven peeps ,know what I am talking about !

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  14. Robt

    This might be sacrilege but with this wagon body I like the Falcon front clip much more than this Fairlane’s or the later 68 front nose.
    That being said this is a great car and I would love to have it in front of my house. These cars were so simple compared to what’s out there now. And this one looks to have aged well in storage.
    If it stays under 5k in the auction somebody will get a nice project.

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  15. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    I’m both a Ford and wagon tragic, so these appeals to me. I’d retrim the interior, but preserve the exterior as is.

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  16. Homer

    Driver side mirror is round, passenger side square. Is that stock?

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  17. Joshua MortensenStaff

    Bid increment reduced!

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    • fueled by the grapeMember

      Not helpful!

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  18. Robert West

    I cannot believe that a classic in this good of condition sold for less than 5 grand. Most prices these days start with five digits.

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