BF Auction: 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T

Bid to: $30,500View Result

  • Seller: John M arshall
  • Location: Peabody, Massachusetts
  • Mileage: 110,000 Shown
  • Chassis #: WS23L77198744
  • Title Status: Clean

The 1960s muscle car war was in full swing by 1967, with Chrysler marques producing some of the most potent offerings available. This was graphically demonstrated by cars like this genuine 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T. It features the sector’s traditional V8 under the hood, but since it is a freshly rebuilt 440ci monster producing 375hp, it is no automotive wimp. This R/T presents beautifully, retaining its original drivetrain as a turnkey proposition. The owner has decided the time has come for the Coronet to find a new home, listing it with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

Dodge introduced its Fifth Generation Coronet range in 1965, with the final cars rolling off the lot in 1970. The company wanted to cash in on the developing muscle car sector, releasing the Coronet R/T in 1966. The original owner ordered our feature car in 1967, and finding anything worth criticizing is virtually impossible. The Code P Bright Red paint is dazzling, reflecting its surroundings like a mirror. There are no visible flaws or defects in the supplied photos, with the paint cloaking panels that are as straight as an arrow. The R/T appears to have been undercoated at some point, which is good news for potential buyers considering the car as a potential long-term investment. The lower exterior extremities are rust-free, while the underside shots in the gallery below confirm that this Coronet is as solid as the day it was born. The trim and badges look exceptional, the glass is spotless, and this R/T rolls on a set of sparkling Magnum 500s wrapped in tires from the good folks at BF Goodrich.

If the Coronet’s exterior makes a positive impression, its interior continues that theme. It features a selection of aftermarket gauges mounted under the dash as insurance to monitor the powerhouse under the hood. There is also a column-mounted tachometer, and while the changes won’t appeal to everyone, removal to achieve a “factory” appearance would be straightforward. The interior is trimmed in Black vinyl, with the original owner equipping this classic with bucket seats, a console, and an AM radio. These components are intact, and there is little to criticize about the appearance. If I were to mark it harshly, the wheel has some cracks. Restoration kits are available to address this problem for around $60, and the new owner could complete this task in a home workshop. Replacing the wheel is another option, as is fitting a wrap to prevent further deterioration and protect the interior’s originality. The upholstered surfaces show no signs of wear, abuse, or physical damage. The carpet and dash are spotless, the pad is crack-free, and there are no signs of broken or crumbling plastic.

As previously mentioned, the original owner ordered this R/T with the entry-level 440ci V8. As starters go, this was a beauty. It delivered 375hp and 480 ft/lbs of torque, making it difficult for most buyers to justify the expense of the optional 426ci Hemi. This car’s remaining drivetrain components include a three-speed TorqueFlite transmission and an 8¾” 3.23 Sure Grip rear end. This muscle car would have scorched through the ¼-mile in 14.4 seconds off the showroom floor, but recent work may allow it to improve on that figure. That numbers-matching V8 is freshly rebuilt, with the owner treating it to a camshaft upgrade, new valve covers (the originals are included) and a shiny new Edelbrock 750cfm carburetor. It exhales through a dual exhaust, while peripherals like the alternator, starter, voltage regulator, fuel pump, and lines are new. The braking system received a rebuild with all new parts to ensure this Coronet stops as effectively as it accelerates. The time and expense have been worthwhile because this R/T runs and drives exceptionally well. The winning bidder won’t need to spend a dime on this classic’s drivetrain because it is a turnkey proposition.

The automotive landscaping is changing more rapidly now than at any time in its history. Manufacturers are focused on developing lightweight but exceptionally strong metals, composite material technologies, and an almost inevitable shift toward hybrid and zero-emission vehicles. Will there be room for high-performance variants in their future model ranges? That is the $64,000 question. Even if there is, those cars will almost certainly be whisper-quiet, failing to set pulses racing courtesy of a roaring V8. That makes preserving cars like this 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T critical. The day will come when future generations will have no insight into what a genuine muscle car is. We can describe it or show them pictures, but few experiences can match seeing and hearing one of these classics firsthand. This is your chance to provide that opportunity for those who might otherwise miss out. The fact you can have some classic motoring fun until that day arrives is a happy byproduct that makes submitting a bid worthwhile.

Bid On This Vehicle

High Bid: $30,500 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Dec 5, 2023 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: Fran
  • Fran
    bid $30,500.00  2023-12-05 09:44:34
  • Jonnyk bid $30,000.00  2023-12-03 12:04:02
  • Bob B bid $23,000.00  2023-12-02 15:35:06
  • James
    bid $22,100.00  2023-12-02 14:28:58
  • Jonnyk bid $20,000.00  2023-12-02 11:43:45
  • Melvin Darst bid $17,500.00  2023-12-02 11:32:25
  • Bob B
    bid $17,000.00  2023-12-02 09:04:54
  • Jonnyk bid $15,000.00  2023-12-01 10:34:22
  • wade bid $11,000.00  2023-11-29 09:20:04
  • Doyle
    bid $10,500.00  2023-11-28 23:03:53
  • Jonnyk bid $10,000.00  2023-11-28 12:42:53
  • wade bid $5,600.00  2023-11-28 12:32:28
  • Bob
    bid $5,067.00  2023-11-28 10:58:56
  • Lyle bid $3,500.00  2023-11-28 10:01:31


  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevada1/2rack Member

    It’s apparent that the builder poured a lot of love into this sweetie. Beautiful machine! GLWTA

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    • Kego

      RT package and the 440 Magnum engine were NOT available until 1967. The top dog in 1966 was the Coronet 500 and the performance engine choices available were the 383 and/or the Hemi.

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      • Michael Berkemeier

        The Coronet R/T was released on September 1, 1966…the author is correct. You should read more carefully.

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      • Harry

        Michael, I must say Ive always been a fan of your snarky -biting comments directed at some of darelicked observations we suffer here. Always a good chuckle.

        And a Merry Christmas to all!

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  2. Joseph

    Very nice and tough looking muscle Mopar. The 1967 Coronet R/T 440 came with the “Magnum” engine because it had the one year only 915 (casting number) closed chamber cylinder heads. Very desirable. GLWTA.

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    • Roland

      Is the casting number 915 or 916? I have 916 heads on my 67 Charger. My only complaint with this car is the manual drum brakes, other than that it is gorgeous. I bought one of these as a teenager for $200 (non-matching engine and 4-speed conversion with a 1966 front clip). It was the car I learned that nothing sits on the top of the dash: dumping the clutch sent whatever was there into my face. Fun times.

      Like 5
      • Harry

        The 915s are the only big block head in 67. The Magnum had large valves than the standard 440 relegated to the non performance cars.

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    • john marshall

      Thank you.

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    • Clyde bobar

      I had a 66 Coronet 550 with a 318 motor when I was in high school bought it for $250 who would have known today

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      • Sgt.Walker

        I purchased a ‘66 Coronet 440 once😏; that was ‘75. The powerhouse was the 413 w/optional 4 on the floor & duals. Couldn’t keep 🛞 on that “asphalt burner”.

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    This is a copy of a 67 RT I own it’s waiting to get finished with paint, seeing this red one is inspiring! Great job!

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevada1/2rack Member

      Good luck with your project! Post some photos for us when you’re done-can’t get enough of a good thing.

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    • john marshall

      Thnk you. Gd luck w yr project.

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  4. Marques Dean

    I guarantee bidding will be brisk for that one. It’s in excellent shape,the rustproofing is a plus!GLWTA

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  5. carl latko

    any before pictures

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  6. James Martin

    I like this body style better than the 68- 70 cars. Seems everyone is all hot on the chargers and the cudas but I like these better. Awesome look8ng love the color

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  7. Georges Brodeur

    Funny story about those closed chamber heads. My buddy had a 68 Sport Satellite that he swapped the original 383 for a 440 he got from a wrecked 69 Polara police car. One day he had me help swap the heads for a set of 67 closed chamber heads. When I set the old head next to the new head, they were identical. Somehow the police engine had closed chamber heads and that examined why the Satellite was so fast. Needless to say, my buddy was not pleased for having taken the top half of his motor apart for nothing. This Coronet is a beauty. It makes me wish I could bid on it. Oh well, cheers to the winner.

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    • Ashtray

      Now, this is a great find. Absolutely beautiful.
      If I was really interested, I would go look at it in person. If it looks this good then, i think it is well worth a huge price.
      For this price range vehicle, it deserves another look before buying.
      Someone has obviously spent a lot of money on this car.
      The color is amazing. Red is always attractive on a vehicle, especially when it comes to selling.
      Just my oponion!

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Sorry, the police 440 did NOT have closed-chamber heads in 1969 (and, no, before you start with the “anything could be special-ordered” nonsense…they could not be special ordered, lol). So, someone swapped the heads or, you have a creative memory.

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      • Harry

        Cheers 🍻 Mike! So very true!

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  8. Jay Martell

    Cool Coronet.Seen one exactly like this recently at a show only it had a 383 with A/C practically the same color maybe oranger.Sharp 60’s Mopar Muscle!

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  9. Richard

    Very nice, and I’m sure it goes as well as it looks!

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  10. MGM

    Mopar have always been top dog in my book, and this bad boy is one beautiful piece of machinery. One of the nicest in BF in a while.

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    • john marshall

      Wow, really nice of you to say. Thnx.

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    • Liferyder

      My only complaint w/Chrysler products is the metal they use, to this very day, and the material used on the interior. They do not hold up as well as their competition. But they do make some very potent engines and drive trains.

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  11. Yblocker

    The last of a great Mopar body style, hard to beat that roofline, although I prefer a Plymouth of this year, but this Coronet’s a beauty. I had a 65 Coronet 500, 361, 4spd, not quite the performer, but a nice car, wish I still had it

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  12. Terrence

    I have my restomod currently for sale. I’ve seen this car for sale on other sites and have been hoping mine sells before it does. If mine sells, I’ll be purchasing this 100%.

    Exactly what I’ve been after.

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  13. Bad brad

    Nice comments ya all!! Car is gorgeous!! Wished i had room for this one. Lucky man who gets this machine!@

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    • Nic

      I have the room,
      but just not the money …

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  14. John

    Whew, had to look twice to see it didn’t meet its reserve. Amazing car, better luck next time!

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  15. MoparCity

    The rear bumper has no backup lights and is from a ’66 Coronet. The ’67 Coronet was the first year with backup lighting. We have a ’67. Be wary of high priced East coast cars; rust is a given.

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