BF Auction: 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero

Asking: $22,000Make Offer

  • Seller: Victor B ullock
  • Location: Chandler, Arizona
  • Mileage: 32,773 Shown
  • Chassis #: 7K47T211967
  • Title Status: Clean

The third generation of Ranchero production was somewhat unique, with cars built in 1966 featuring Falcon front sheet metal and sold as just Rancheros. For ’67, it was marketed as the Fairlane Ranchero and was equipped with the Fairlane’s front end and trim. So, technically, this is a one-year-only vehicle, and just 17k Rancheros were built in ’67. This example has been gone through and is ready to cruise! The seller is thinning out their collection and has listed this one here as a Barn Finds Auction.

When the Ranchero debuted, it was based on Ford’s Ranch Wagon, but it was switched to the Falcon platform, specifically the Sedan Delivery, for its second generation. With the merging of the Falcon and Fairlane onto the same platform, the Sedan Delivery was discontinued, and the Ranchero had to be revised. In early ’66, Rancheros used a mix of Falcon and Fairlane parts, but by late ’66, most of the Falcon parts had been swapped out. It really is quite unique and will make this one an interesting conversation piece.

This example started life with the 200 cui inline-six but has been swapped with a 302 V8. The engine was upgraded before being installed and is paired with a 5-speed manual, which should make it even more fun to drive. The list of work includes a competition camshaft, Elderbrook intake manifold, new Holly 4-barrel carburetor, Doug’s long tube headers, new aluminum radiator, and a 2-1/2 inch stainless exhaust system. To help slow it down, it is equipped with power brakes, and the front has been upgraded to discs. It’s riding on a new set of 16×8.5 Racing Line wheels and new tires.

The interior is in excellent shape throughout, with a clean dash, new floor coverings, and bench seat upholstery presents nicely. Additional gauges have been installed under the dash and a B&M shifter is mounted to the 5-speed.

This ute has been treated to a fresh coat of paint in its original yellow color. The front and rear bumpers have been replaced, and all the moldings have been refurbished.

This Ranchero is a ready-to-enjoy classic that should prove to be a fun driver. So, if you’d like to hit the streets in it, be sure to cast your bids below. If you have any questions for the seller, please leave them in the comments. And don’t forget to look closely at the BF Pro photos below!

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High Bid: $10,000 (Reserve Not Met)
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Ended: Apr 22, 2024 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: Bo's
  • Bo's bid $10,000.00  2024-04-22 09:45:22
  • EJBarger
    bid $9,000.00  2024-04-20 12:50:53
  • R Bye bid $8,500.00  2024-04-20 08:42:25
  • EJBarger bid $8,000.00  2024-04-20 08:13:48
  • R Bye
    bid $7,500.00  2024-04-18 15:58:43
  • Louis
    Louie bid $6,000.00  2024-04-17 20:17:15
  • ddh2153 bid $5,500.00  2024-04-17 16:11:50
  • Robdog
    bid $4,800.00  2024-04-17 14:16:41
  • ddh2153 bid $4,000.00  2024-04-16 16:46:14
  • racerjohn bid $2,500.00  2024-04-16 15:06:52
  • MitchR
    bid $2,000.00  2024-04-16 08:55:19
  • Arthur bid $200.00  2024-04-15 10:08:54

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  1. CCFisher

    I normally prefer El Caminos, but I can see myself behind the wheel of this Ranchero. Very nice!

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    • BrianT BrianTMember

      I don’t see many of these and I like this one. Great styling and really nice upgrades. I’d love to own it. GLWTS

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    • John

      I’m with you, I’ve always preferred El Caminos as well, but I do love the color on this Ranchero (my ’80 4×4 Toyota Hilux pickup was very close to this color actually) and I could definitely see me behind the wheel cruising around town. A local kid has an unrestored ’56 Fairlane survivor I’m thinking more and more about going back to the simplicity of these older cars and leaving all the gadgets and sensors behind.

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      • Peter Pasqualini

        Pretty Ranchero. Horrible wheels. Also all 66 Rancheros had Falcon front ends. This didn’t faze out. 67 saw the use of the Fairlane front end.

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    • BigDaddyBonz

      Zowee!! If I didn’t already have a Fairlane and a pickup, I’d be really tempted. Nice vehicle. Hope the new owner treats her good. Best wishes.

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  2. Michael Garner

    This could be a start of a nice project because it is drivable as it is, but, there is a bunch of work left to be done, or in some cases redone. I used to have a 64, and I loved that little ute, even with its inline 6.

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    • Jeff Swartz

      Wondering if everything works (?) I thought I noticed the windshield wiper arms missing. Good looking starter project for a father and son. Going to talk to my boy about us investing.

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  3. mike

    Very nice build owner.

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  4. Fred

    Very nice! I really like the look, the square shapes and color balance well in my opinion

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    • Michael Weber

      Any shipping options for this vehicle?

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    • MichaelMember

      Is it me or the pictures but it sure looks like a lot of bondo on the passenger side. Love the car and would love to have it. If I didn’t have a 66 c/10 in the works, i would bid on it.

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  5. John

    I like the color! Any pictures before the repaint? What metal has been replaced? Is the suspension stock original? Does the fuel gauge & heater work? Are there any leaks both under the car from lubricants or water leaks inside?

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  6. Marshall

    Does the lug nut match? Do all 4 tires have the correct air pressure.? Does the wiper work? F so is it full of fluid? Does the tire brands match. Oh well you get the picture.. John did cover what you missed. Hope so bud..

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    • John Jasper

      It also needs the bodywork on the tailgate to be re-done. But it is a nice ride.

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      • Doug Edwards

        The body work on the whole passenger side is wanky, not just the tailgate.

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  7. Billy

    Note to the owner:
    I like everything that you have done with your little “Ranchero”. Nice job.

    A high school friend used to drive his dads occasionally. Every time I got a ride my knees were the first thing to the glove box door when he hit the brakes.

    I lived in Chandler while stationed at Williams AFB. Tooooo hot for me.
    Good luck to all!

    Like 1
    • John

      I hear that. Last I read the average time someone stays is around seven years, but I manged to stay with it for ten in east Mesa before I finally had to move. I remember the day my wife and I flew into Sky Harbor from MD in ’89 the temp was around 122. It felt like walking around in an oven.. “but it’s a dry heat”. =:-0)

      Like 3
      • Billy

        Yeah John,
        I got to the Arizona desert in 74 from Thailand. Heat was the same humidity was the difference.
        During my time in Arizona we used to say that there are 4 enjoyable months to the year. February, April, November and December.
        No wonder I have skin cancer.
        There are plenty of things to explore in Arizona.
        I don’t really understand why there are so many players on this site that are knocking the mans project, but there are many things I am not privy to about our friends who frequent this site.
        I know one thing. It sure as hell is worth more than the high bid at this time.

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  8. Bunky

    Nice rig. Not a very exciting color combo, but not bad.
    As for the Falcon Rancheros being built on the sedan delivery chassis- if you remove the screws securing the front portion of the bed floor, you will find the “foot well” for rear seat passengers in the station wagon. Of course, Sedan Deliverys had no rear seat…

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  9. 19sixty5Member

    It initially presents well, but the paint and body work are horrible… overspray is everywhere, runs in the paint, etc. But, it does look to be a fun cruiser with some fun upgrades. The El camino’s also have the station wagon floor pan, and that area with the removable cover is often referred to as a smuggler’s box.

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    • Johnny

      Looking down the passenger side, I’m wondering how much bondo was used? From the pictures, I’d have to guess alot, and done by an inept amateur to boot. Good luck to the “Lucky?” winner of this one.

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  10. Robt

    No a fan of that color in the least. Paint looks like it could be hiding some sketchy body work. Full sunshine does not hide anything, and as mentioned above lots of overspray. A sub par restoration in my opinion. At a minimum dash pad and seats need to be redone. No windshield wipers, broken antenna … and those wheels have to go.
    Looks solid enough underneath from what can be seen in the pictures. But you’d definitely want an in person viewing if your going to bid any higher than the 4k bid now.

    Hopefully I don’t sound too heavy handed but ugh. For the money spent this one does nothing for me. And I love these mid 60’s Fords.

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    • Billy

      So, don’t buy it.

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  11. SirLurxalot

    Is it just me or are the bed/rear window enclosure a different shade of yellow than the rest of the car?

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  12. BoatmanMember

    1966 steering wheel?

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  13. Kuzspike

    Not a bad starting point for the money based on the pictures. I’d be interested to see if a magnet sticks anywhere along the passenger side lower front fender or door. I hope that is just dirt on the windshield and not a scratch in the glass.

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  14. Salem Graham

    I don’t know why people are beating it up so bad. I think it’s a cool little rig. And the seller provided detailed pictures so that you can see the imperfections. And the bidding is still way below the value of the car just as it sits. At the current bid you have plenty of budget to do the paint or you can drive it as it is. I bet the people picking it apart are riding a moped or using Mommy’s car. To the seller: I like it.

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  15. Johnny

    Looking down the passenger side, I’m wondering how much bondo was used? From the pictures, I’d have to guess alot, and done by an inept amateur to boot. Good luck to the “Lucky?” winner of this one.

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    • Tirefriar

      Question regarding bondo/inferior quality body & paint work is a valid one. It may be hiding severe substrate damage from impact, rust or both. Almost feels like the body work and paint were done in a hurry to make this car look like a 25 footer and push it over the curb. Suppose it can be driven as is until the bondo starts to shrink and crack due to its thickness and the paint to peel due to bad prep.

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  16. Tony O

    Love the truck but those wheels have got to go ,it needs the wheels from Steve McQueen s mustang or look alike

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  17. Tirefriar

    Definitely would hep the auction results if the seller would address the questions listed in the comment section.

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  18. kirk Wiggins

    1969 ranchero with a 428 and 4 speed. Now that is a ranchero to find. Very rare vehicle…

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