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Project builds can stall for various reasons, leaving owners with little choice but to part with their prized classic. One of the most heartbreaking is when an owner passes away before they enjoy the fruits of their labor, leaving family members to send the vehicle to a buyer who can fulfill the dreams of the original builder. Such is the case with this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Concours Estate. The seller is the widow of the man who was tackling the build, and she wants it to go to someone willing and able to complete the process. With the hard work completed, the winning bidder can add the finishing touches to place their mark on this gem. The Chevelle, plus a mountain of spare parts, is listed exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

Mulsanne Blue and Hugger Orange are two paint shades that seem to define Chevrolets from this era. This Chevelle rolled off the line sporting the former but received a color change to the second as part of the build. Adding White SS decals to the big-block hood creates a stunning appearance that will turn heads. The paint shines beautifully, cloaking panels as straight as an arrow. Rust is not a concern for the winning bidder, with this Wagon remaining clean and rock-solid. The chrome and trim sparkle nicely, while the tinted glass is flawless. Different wheels are fitted at either end of this Wagon, but bolting a matching pair on the front to those on the rear would create a classy finishing touch.

The car comes with a large number of spare parts, which the seller states will actually all fit nicely in the back of the wagon (minus the hood), which will make shipping much simpler. If the winner wants the extra hood, they will have to make arrangements to get it shipped seperately. You can find the complete list of included parts below.

1 Collector License Plate 047-PEY
2 Disc brake pads
1 Bumper Jack
1 luggage carrier/roof rack
1 long piece of trim (I think for the rear center window)
1 piece of hood trim
4 pieces of metal grille moulding (appears used; not in any packaging)
4 pieces of grille moulding outer (appears used; not in any packaging)
1 8-piece Corvex CV07-G03SB grille molding kit (factory sealed in plastic packaging) for 1970 SS
1 spare rear center window
1 rubber tube with a spring inside it. Labeled “U29B4AA”
1 set of sheepskin covers for the front seat
1 Throttle Cable GM#3973862 factory sealed in plastic
2 (TWO) Bendix Brakes Global Brake Drums #PDR0454. New/sealed in factory plastic and original Bendix boxes.
1 sway bar
6 pieces of rusty metal I have been told are bumper brackets.
1 spare padded dashboard (blue color)
1 brand new 54″x36″ roll of Year One Inc. brand bright blue Madrid vinyl (for the restoration of the interior)
1 set of brand new (Year One Inc. brand) front seat blue seat covers
1 set of brand new (Year One Inc. brand) back seat blue seat covers
2 spare sun visors
1 spare grill (with some pieces painted orange to match the car)
1 original radio.
1 spare air conditioning/heater control
1 W/L motor (GM/Delco #22048329). Door and End Gate Electrical motor in Delco box.
1 Tailgate window motor in Delco box.
1 factory sealed 70-73 PVC & EVAP canister hose assembly kit.
2 (TWO) two-packs Chevelle 68-69/EL CAM 68-72 Outer Door handles. (There are a total of 4 handles since each box contains two). #521035A.
2 (TWO) boxes of Steadyrider Gas Shock Absorbers. SearsBest #2898870.
1 new-in-box OEM windshield wiper motor. Autozone #40142
1 new-in-box Corvex outside mirror.
1 factory-sealed Paint Gasket Set for 1970 Chevelle/El Camino/Monte Carlo. Soft Seal #52001.
1 Champion J-7 spark plug. Factory sealed.
2 (TWO) heat/air vents. #3963757.
3 (THREE) vent hoses of different sizes.
1 V-Belt. Automotive Associates Inc. #44515. In original box.
1 box Miscellaneous trim parts (Chevrolet emblem, screws/nuts, red light panel, switch)
11 spare window crank handles
1 70-72 Chevelle El Camino Fan Switch Ay. GM #6273383. New in box.
1 Purolater F10119 Fuel Filter. New in box/factory sealed.
1 C 525 64/72 A/T disc brake pad. Factory-sealed in original plastic. California Classic Chevy Parts brand.
1 1970 Chevelle “Bowtie” Grille Emblem. Trim Parts #A 106100.
1 “SS” emblem. Factory-sealed in original plastic.
3 (THREE) metal panels.
1 Firestone Belted Champion tire. (This tire is in addition to the spare tire pictured in the back of the vehicle).
5 rally wheel center caps
4 rally wheel trim rings
1 service record booklet indicating:

  • Dates of fuel-ups and mileage from 09/24/84 – 11/10/96
  • Regular rear tires were put in on May 8th, 1985
  • Oil and filter changes were done 09/24/84 at 23,600 miles; 10/28/85 at 30000 miles;
  • Tire rotation occurred 10/28/85 at 30000 miles.
  • A new alternator and voltage regulator were put in on 01/06/86 at 31300 miles.
  • New spark plugs, ignition leads, and dist cap were put in on 01/31/86 at 31,832 miles
  • New rear coil springs were put in on 04/19/86 at 32,966 miles.
  • 07/06/86: New points + cond + rotor. Set timing.
  • 01/25/87: New water pump.

Lifting the Chevelle’s hood reveals an air cleaner sporting a “400” decal. However, the engine is a small-block, and I believe it is a 350ci unit. Its specifications are unclear, but the driver should have at least 250hp at their disposal. Extracting additional ponies is cheap and easy, with parts plentiful and affordable. Bolted to the small-block is a three-speed automatic transmission that feeds power to the 12-bolt rear end. Those who prefer an effortless driving experience will welcome the power assistance for the steering and front disc brakes. The seller indicates that although the Wagon runs and drives, it has some typical older car issues. These include a few fluid leaks, but addressing them would be a rewarding activity the buyer could tackle in a home workshop. If they happen to have a spare big-block lurking in a dark corner of their garage, bolting that in would make an enormous difference to this classic. The odometer shows 52,522 miles, and the Service Book suggests the reading could be genuine. Identified maintenance work performed by the previous owner includes replacing the alternator in 1986 with the odometer reading 31,300 miles and installing new springs later that year at 32,966 miles. There are also comprehensive records on fuel usage from 1984 until 1996 that trace the odometer readings.

One aspect of this Chevelle needing love is its interior. The seat upholstery has split and torn, the carpet has some wear and fading, and many will find the Blue trim and painted surfaces clash with the exterior Hugger Orange. A retrim would seem the obvious answer using a $2,500 interior trim kit, but alternatives exist for those wishing to stick to a budget. Replacement seat covers in a more appropriate color retail for around $700, while a carpet set would cost approximately $300. That would improve things dramatically, but that leaves the question of what to do with the remaining Blue trim. Companies like VHT make excellent penetrating vinyl dyes in various colors, and I have seen these used successfully. Refinishing the door trims, dash pad, and other plastic surfaces in a color like Satin Black could help the interior to pop without spending a fortune. It depends on how much the new owner is prepared to spend as to what approach they take. The buyer must address some functional issues, including a non-operational shifter quadrant and a stubborn rear window motor. However, the included replacement parts are a huge bonus that will help the next owner get this car back on the street! Comfort items include air conditioning and a factory radio requiring installation, but are also a huge bonus to have.

The story behind this 1970 Chevelle Concours Estate is sad, but a ray of light could emerge from it. I hope that someone takes this Wagon and completes what its creator commenced. It would be a fitting tribute to that man and his dream. In the end, whatever route the next owner goes with, they could have a stunning and practical classic that would draw attention wherever it goes. I can’t think of any better reasons to submit a bid to secure this straightforward and unique project.

  • Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Mileage:  52,522, TMU
  • Engine: 350ci V8
  • Transmission: Three-Speed Hydramatic
  • VIN: 136360R239667
  • Title Status: Clean

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    bid $11,000.00  2023-06-15 14:43:07
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    bid $7,246.00  2023-06-14 15:42:36
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  • 2manyvettes bid $3,000.00  2023-06-10 17:46:57
  • Mike MacKenzie bid $2,500.00  2023-06-10 15:44:04
  • Kevin813
    bid $2,000.00  2023-06-10 15:20:55
  • 2manyvettes bid $1,750.00  2023-06-10 13:53:56
  • Mike MacKenzie bid $200.00  2023-06-10 10:15:42

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  1. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. Other than 1964 and 65, my favourite years for the Chevelle have always been 1970 and 71. My condolences to the family of the owner. I imagine he would’ve loved to see what the car had become. Given its condition, I’d pay close to $5,000 and have the car restored/upgraded as much as can be done. The only appearance upgrade would be to install an SS on the front grille and maybe one on the tailgate. I hope whoever buys this gem and enjoys it.

    Like 7
    • Joey Green

      Don’t know how to comment but can reply! Look at the bidding history Iceman bidded against himself!!!!Seems suspicious to me!!! Beautiful wagon though

      Like 0
      • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

        It’s not suspicious. Like every other auction house besides eBay, we do not do proxy bidding. The number you enter is your bid amount and if you can enter a higher bid if you like. I hope that makes sense.

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  2. Maggy

    I don’t get the blue interior and hugger orange exterior especially when their are items to restore the blue interior on the parts list.Maybe whomever was going to go back to a blue exterior? I’d go white interior and leave the orange.I’d do the SS clone route even though there were no ss wagons in 70.Use the 70 ss wheels.Maybe even buckets and a console.My buddy did it in a 66 bel air wagon.Looks cool.Ditch the exhaust unless you never want to open the tailgate window while driving. The nox will asphyxiate you.Nice car though and the orange is cool.sorry for the sellers loss.I’d say a 10 -15k car imo from what I see here.glwts.

    Like 7
    • Hawk

      Cool car. My first car was a 1970 Malibu. It had a lot of cool SS Options. Console shift, factory tac and more. I bought it beat up in 1994. Loved that car!! Sold it because I was going to be a dad at the ripe old age of 21. Used the money for a down payment. 4400 dollars lol. Can’t raise family in car. I like this wagon but don’t really like the hugger orange. I would leave the interior and paint it blue. Add some corvette rallies and drive the snot out of it

      Like 2
    • A.b.

      As of now it is over priced for what it is and the amount of work needed to complete the project. If it were a 70 Cheverly 2 door couple aND not a wrong I would go 8 – 10K but nothing higher since it is not an SS with matching numbers. I do hope the widow gets a fair price for the car.

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  3. Bill Horton

    The writer of this article evidently has never heard of the Chevy 400 C. I. small block!

    Like 11
    • S

      Beat me to it.

      Like 3
  4. Robt

    Love wagons. Even midsized chevys. But ditch the orange.
    Get it back in the road and put it to use. Doesn’t look like it would take much to be a runner. Wagons like this are great. Work horses, family cars and hot rods.

    Like 1
  5. maggy

    The 400 small block was never offered in any Chevelle or Malibu in 1970. Whomever put a possibly 265hp 400 sbc in it or the 2bbl 400 sbc air cleaner on a 350 2 bbl you wouldn’t know unless you run the #’s..It couild be any size small block with a Rochester 2gc.You can’t just go by an air cleaner decal.I bet he put a 400 sbc in it though if I had to guess. One of my favorite engines. Keep em cool and they’re happy and they are torque monsters even stock.If a 70 Malibu had Malibu 400 callouts it was a 402.under the hood.Fun fact the 2gc’s paired to 400 sbc’s had more flow because of larger venturis.

    Like 3
  6. bone

    “This Chevelle rolled off the line sporting the former but received a color change to the second as part of the build”

    why not say ” The car was blue but its been repainted” ?

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  7. Kenneth L Gaar

    “kabota orange”?…. Terrible color for this style of vehicle! Could be made to look cool as a retro SUV from yesteryears but exterior color has to go and no vinyl seats! Might be fun to do something interesting and unique.

    Like 1
  8. Yblocker

    Well, the car is in Colorado, maybe the guy was a Bronco fan, hence, the blue and orange. Just a theory, just not a great color combo for most folks, just a theory. RIP to the owner.

    Like 2
  9. thomas h edwards

    can the car be so transport can pickup , id have to have a transport pick up.. im intrested in car.. tks tom

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